Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday Boho Chic by Spell and the Gypsies

Spell & the Gypsy Collective

Love when the week starts on Tuesday and we are just a day closer to Friday. Last night was amazing watching FSU win their game against Ole Miss to start off the season. Hoping this is a sign of what's to come for the remainder of the season. 

I decided to start off this rainy gloomy Tuesday feeling confident and beautiful in my Spell and the Gypsy or also known as Spell designs, Folk town mid length dress. This floral print light weight dress is so comfy, made of a light weight gorgeous floral material with tassel neck closures, and 3/4" sleeves is perfect for a day like today. I felt bright and colorful along with feeling very confident ready to take on anything that was thrown my way. 

I paired this dress with a white sports bra since it is lower cut, a cream with turquoise embellished accents, and my new Deer Head Statement necklace I won from a local Artisan Gina Black Art you can find her shop on Etsy, and also you can follow her on IG @Ginablack_art. She has some gorgeous handmade pieces, I first saw her work at a local artisan show in down town Ft. Lauderdale where I met my hubby 22 years ago, she had these amazing butterfly wing pendants that caught my daughter's eye and then we were drawn in by her decor and creations. 

My purple hair turned out exactly like I wanted, with purple vivid roots, then high and lowlights of violet and indigo Pravana that left my blonde pieces silver once the purple touched what was left. Love my multi dimensional purple and silver hair. Color is Pravana, my stylist uses Olaplex when lifting my roots, and in the dye as well as I use step 3 at home for the first two to three shampoos. I try not to wash it right away, this helps prevent fading or bleeding, I also use cold water only to rinse and sulfate free products only. I do not use shampoo I use Matrix conditioning rinse which is similar to Wen and it cleans while conditioning all in one. This prevents stripping color or the hairs natural oils. I use dry shampoo between washing and I have mixed my own conditioner using several masks and deep conditioners I like then mixing a drop or two of Pravana violet to the conditioner, this helps deposit color every washing so what ever may be stripped out when washing can be added back a little. Usually the Pravana colors last a long time but be prepared if you are considering this for dark towels, bedding and clothing for the first few weeks to a month because the color will and does rub off. 

Closer look at the beautiful statement necklace I won by they talented Gina Black Art from South Florida. This gorgeous bronze antiqued gold deer head is an awesome statement piece, especially if you love antlers, cattle skulls and deer heads as much as me. I think this piece looks beautiful with this vintage bohemian vibe floral dress. 

My Spell dress is mid length but here I have a belt on so I have it untucked for a skirt and blouse look, you can wear it without the belt or even with the belt but not billowed out like a tucked in blouse. 

Since I typed up this post my mail arrived late today and got this gorgeous Spell box and that turquoise cattle skull necklace. All eBay and Poshmark scores. 

Addicted to the Spell and the Gypsy Collective line, since they launched he US site I have purchased more items then ever then been really seeking out a few styles I loved that I missed out on. Can't wait for my Jagger skirt to arrive and obsessed with the Pandora skirt and chambray matching floral print button down top with frayed edge. It is gorgeous and have a white Spell cami with lace and tie bottom I ordered along with some other Free People and Urban Outfitter Boho chic tops to wear with this skirt when I don't wear the chambray shirt. Excited to share all my items as they arrive. 

Here's to the start of an amazing week and tomorrow already being hump day, so ready for the weekend already lol. Long weekends do that to you, plus I was home Friday for my youngest daughter's birthday so it was hard to wake up early this am. 

Peace, love and light always xoxo 

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  1. You have the most gorgeous hair, and this dress is amazing on you.

    1. Thank you for all the kind words, and I am so happy you stopped by my blog. Have an amazing weekend. Peace love and light always xoxox

  2. Your hair is just fabulous! Love it so much. You can rock any color like no one else love that. Wish I could get away with colors like this. Love all your blog posts this week and have seen such an amazing change this year with your blog. I think having a copycat stalker has paid off it has motivated you which is what they all say, haters are motivators lol. Hope this girl gets what she has coming to her and the girl who started it all will get it times ten. Sad that they are grown women and mothers but bully and trash someone for kicks. I saw this girl came back to social media and has copied you almost every post! It's sad, and so obvious. Even more now. You always have my support and many others support you also. You rock

    1. Thank you so much I'm so happy you enjoy my blog and like my new purple shade. It is all sad and you don't even know the half of it. I have blocked these people and multiple fake accounts but they can just log out or make other accounts I don't know about to continue to view my content. I agree with you and wish I would stop. It's all good this recent issue has kind of resolved itself cause the person basically has proven they are stalking and copying me, especially with recent activities and things they have done. I don't ever look at their social media or blog because I have no interest in seeing anything negative or that will upset me but trust me a leopard always shows its spots and this person's spots have shown a lot lately. A big giveaway was starting to work with multiple brands I was working with way prior to them or was contacted to work with and had not posted as of recent. I have turned down multiple offers cause of the same person working with a brand or quit programs once they joined. It must be really fun to spend your day refreshing my feeds and spending all your cash on buying multiple items to post the same content. I know I wouldn't ever buy something or waste my money or time on stuff like this person does. Either way I don't like to bad mouth anyone I hope this person the best and hope both people can get the peace they need to leave me alone. Have an amazing weekend and thank you for your support and kind words xoxo. Peace love and light always xoxo