Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Girlfriend Folk Town Vibes

Happy mid week to all, as I type this post it is officially Wednesday which means we have reached the half way point of the week. Happy to be half way to the weekend and having an amazing start to my week. Good vibes have been on point this week and just been feeling all around super happy. It's amazing when you ignore negativity how you can have such an amazing outlook all together. Never allow negativity especially brought on by people that don't know you or reasons that you can't control and that have no relevancy in your life. I'm such a laid back person and always try to remain positive but I sometimes allow things to get to me because I'm sensitive to things, I'm human and I don't know anyone who will find it okay for someone to be spreading lies and gossiping out them. Honestly after dealing with it for a while I have become numb in a sense to it but it really has taught me so many things. One how strong I am, two how happy I am and content in my life, that the insecurities I may have had in my younger years aren't there anymore. My confidence has really grown, now by no means am I cocky or full of myself, but I'm confident in knowing that I have done nothing wrong and that everything I do is with good intentions. That I'm always true to myself and those around me. 

Being a blogger is something I have been doing for a long time now, it is something I truly enjoy. I don't consider myself to be some high profile blogger but I love blogging. I never wanted to be someone that would be in the spot light and I don't ever blog to compete with anyone I blog for fun, to inspire others, share my creativity, passions and dreams as well as to share my love for fashion, beauty, and decor with others. I enjoy sharing my finds, favorite fashion and styles, products I love, deals and bargains I find, my love for travel, nature and passion for photography with others. This blog isn't just about fashion, I love to share new things I find, help promote brands I love and stand behind, share my stories of struggles and triumphs, dreams and goals, love, family, health, achievements and a little of everything. 

I have had people ask me what type of blog do you have, I never like to say I'm a fashion blogger but since I have been working with or in fashion the last couple of years and fashion is a huge part of my everyday life yes I am a fashion blogger but I have to say I like to refer to my blog as being an eclectic mix of home decor, fashion, accessories, recipes, health and beauty reviews, tips and products, hair, makeup, fitness, health and of course travel. More of a life and style blog, I hope everyone enjoys my posts and once you visit my blog you leave with a better understanding of me, what I enjoy, new inspiration for style and fashion, new stores and products you maybe never have seen or wondered where you could find certain things or products, and also get some information on things like my Botox injections that changed my life and struggles with horrible migraines, health and fitness tips for the ladies in pre menopause, approaching 40 and struggling with the changes to your body that we have no control over, or those who are fighting an illness like my own. I enjoy sharing whatever I can and do my best especially right now when my life is just chaotic to always post something daily. I have so much always going on with my kids schedules and my own schedule and with a hubby who is working all the time. No matter what I hope everyone who visits my blog and follows me on social media knows that I will always support and empower everyone no matter if you're a brand, designer or shop that needs help promoting your product or site, or someone dealing with cyber bullying or stalking, moms who need another mom to talk to, or even a friend when you need help or someone to vent to. I'm always here. 

I have a strong values,  kindness is key, you treat others how you want to be treated, never judge anyone, always wish the best and send good vibes even to people who set out to harm you because they must be in a bad place in their lives to be putting so much energy from their own lives into trying to harm people,  those are the people who need the most Kindness and help. I believe that everyone deserves Kindness no matter what period. 

Enjoy my outfit of the day from Tuesday. I hope everyone has had an amazing week and that you end your week on a fabulous note. Here's to an amazing hump day to all, and an even better end of the week. Xoxo 

Folk town graphic tee by Spell designs, jeans are girlfriend jeans by Silver Jeans Co, and floral kimono was purchased from Fashion Junkee. 

My gorgeous rose quartz hand made earrings, crescent tusk necklace with bling, African turquoise and black agate beaded bracelets are all handmade creations by Whiskey + Bone on Etsy. I love all of her handmade, unique designs.  You can use the code WANDERLUSTBABE for 10% off your purchase from her Etsy shop. These earrings are so beautiful and love the shape. 

I'm also wearing a few new Alex and Ani fall bracelets mixed in with some older styles all in gold finish. The Aztec wrap has silver and gold beads, then the Calavera skull charm is also part of the new fall collection. My feather bracelet and God speed bracelets are from passed collections but both are still available on their site I believe. For sure the God speed one is and you can even get a ring or necklace to match. Loving their entire new spring collection. 

Have been having a lot of fun with my hair. I have been purple many times from underneath, to low and high lights mixed in, ombré, ends or tips and then the entire head. This mix of violet, purple, indigo and silver is a favorite. Olaplex has been my go to life saver for protecting and restoring my hair after stripping then coloring. I use Pravana dye and to keep my color vibrant I was as little as I can and use a few drops of purple Pravana dye from Amazon in my conditioning cleanser, I don't use shampoo ever unless it's a clarifying shampoo or for dry scalp, and I have a hair mask that also has a drop of purple dye to leave a deposit even when conditioning or rinsing. I use my flat iron on a lower setting because heat will cause immediate fading of color. My hair was white prior to coloring and when I say white it was Snow White, I was silver prior to being purple and you have to remove all color for silver to take so my hair had been lifted multiple times to remove my red, which caused a lot of damage and loss of 13" inches of my hair, then I did purple with silver, silver and then the rainbow metallic before finally getting it white enough for the all over silver to take. I used Pravana silver with white conditioner to maintain the silver hair over the summer then let my hair have a rest the last month of summer before finally going purple on the roots with mixed high and low lights of violet, vivid purple and indigo, the silver hair is my white blonde hair that grabbed some off the purple dye and changed on its own to silver. Excited cause these colors are always so fun and change every wash and as it fades or bleeds. 

A little peek at some of my finds the passed couple of weeks that are slowly starting to trickle in through the mail. 

Yesterday I celebrated my 18 year wedding anniversary with my amazing husband and best friend for 22 years. We spent the day together and took our girls out to celebrate dinner with us. Marriage is always work no one has the perfect relationship it doesn't exist but I think I got pretty close to it with my amazing man and father to my girls. He surprises me all the time and is my biggest supporter. Family is so important and I'm blessed to have an amazing husband, and two healthy, happy, smart and loving daughters that I couldn't be prouder of. Every day they amaze me and I just am so thankful for them. Being a mom is the best gift I have experienced in life with being a wife a very close second. I wish that same love and happiness to all. 

Thank you again for stopping by and can't wait to share some vintage spell items, new oracle spell pieces, graphic tees and tanks I was sent from some amazing online shops, fall jewelry and accessories along with some fun new makeup. Working hard to post daily and tomorrow going to do a post to share the brands I'm currently working with along with all their links, promo codes and I will share my favorite products by each brand for you to be able to have everything in one post, be sure to check my tab with brand ambassador and rep information, affiliate tab and of course in my side bar I have links to all my favorite shops and any shops I have promo codes for can be found there also next to the link. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me with my Sand Cloud towels (WANDERLUST25 for 25% off), Wanderer bracelets (MELISSA20 for 20% off), Sashka company glass beaded bracelets ( WANDERLUST25 for 25% off) and more details on other shops tomorrow. Good night, peace love and light always xoxo 

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