Thursday, September 1, 2016

New Pam & Gela happy mail today

I got hooked up for my birthday by my husband and mom, took advantage of Pam & Gela's huge warehouse sale and placed several orders. I shared my first order and then a few items from the other ones in between but today I was doing the happy mail dance. 

Always love to receive these packages in the mail. This was my final order and actually went to pick out one new tee using my fall coupon code but happened to check before paying to see if the lace up sweatshirt to match the pants I got in my first order was in stock, originally they only had P sizes and those sold out quick. When I looked that last time it was meant to be because they stocked a L and as soon as I ordered it was sold out again. 

I have wanted this set for some time, have the cream pants and then some tencel track style in army green with same lace up backs. This suit is going to be worn a lot fall and winter. Did I mention I paid 75% less then original retail. It's hard to not be able to order what you really want when you see it but in the end works out even better to get the pieces for way less. 

Had a hard time deciding because all their new graphic tees and tanks are fabulous like always. Love the parties over, kiss this, trust no one, and red lip with bling tees but wanted a black tree. May end up ordering the trust no one tank since I have been dealing with some real untrusting people. Luckily my day was made between yesterday and today all my photos were restored after false DMCA claims were filed by someone who has been copying me, cyber stalking and bullying then turning strangers against me by sending lies or stories telling them about stuff she is doing to me but saying I do it to her. I'm just happy the truth prevailed and in the end Karma always comes back around. 

Bomber jacket styled with the Pam & Gela jumper I shared from my first order. It was a little too hot we have had a lot of rain so wanted some sleeves but went with ... 

My O'Neill women's kimono with tassels. 

Super comfy and stylish alone but wanted some sleeves for warmth as well as keeping dry. This is the time of year I always end up sick so wanted to keep dry. 

All jewelry minus my new Alex and Ani Cavalera gold skull charm bracelet are Whiskey & Bones new collection. Love my smokey Quartz crystal bullet pendant necklace, the African turquoise and black agate beaded bracelets. Really excited to be collaborating with this talented artisan. 

You know me true to my authentic style and taste rocking some vibrant multi dimensional purple with silver hair. Pravana vivids indigo and violet with silver. Olaplex treated as always and some fusio dose by keratesse for helping rebuild the damage I caused trying a new stylist and going red in December. Love my hair. 

One last pic so I don't over do it for this post, tomorrow going to have many more designs and brands to share from my birthday gifts. Here is a closeup of my Whiskey and Bone African turquoise and black agate beaded handmade bracelets, then my Alex and Ani Cavalera skull bracelet. Will have a promo code coming soon for Whiskey and Bone along with more of her pieces from her fall 2016 line. You can now use the code WANDERLUSTBABE for 10% Whiskey + Bone on Etsy. Remember I'm affiliated with Alex and Ani just click one of my links in my fave shops, bottom bar, or side bar, even some of my posts have the link. Right now free shipping promotion going on great time to order some of their new designs. I have seen a lot of the newest styles and you are going to love them. I got one of the Aztec silver and gold beaded wraps also.

Lots of Spell & the gypsy stuff coming. Scored big on eBay and won my skirt I wanted, a dress, two other skirts, chambray shirt, two graphic tees and a tank. Also have some boots coming. Lots of amazing goodies. 

Peace love and light always xoxo, 

Happy Labor Day, long weekend to everyone make sure to be safe. Thank you all for your support and will be emailing my winners from my contest tomorrow. A lot of people didn't do what the entire required so made it hard but did pick 2 winners instead of 3. Package will be shipped out next week I'm waiting on some stuff I want to add for the amazing winners. Good night all. 

Where to shop: Beaded bracelets and smokey quartz bullet necklace use WANDERLUSTBABE for 10% off  Cavalera Skull Bracelet

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  1. Your hair is gorgeous been wanting to comment just had time, hoping to get the same or close to color myself.