Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fall boot trends for less

Hey y'all got one of my original style blog posts from back when I started this blog when I was working as a teachers aid and starting my own business as an interior designer, event party planner/ decor and cakes. I had champagne taste on a beer budget and my passion for fashion was just like it is now. I wanted all the latest trends and styles I was seeing online, worn by celebs, bloggers, in all the magazines, on the runways, on my favorite online shops or designer sites. I love accessories and like anything in fashion I always invest in a few staple pieces for each season that are designer, brand name or high end labels, but then I have such a huge passion for fashion I always want multiple styles, colors and so on. That's when I hunt for looks for less so I have all the colors, materials, and styles I love. I only wear them a few times a week, the staple expensive pieces I wear as often as I can sometimes daily.  Also keep in mind I have a teen daughter and we wear same size in shoes and even most clothing. 

I love accessories if it's purses, I love to have small, medium and large bags. Different colors, materials, leather, suede, fringe, buckles, studs, cross body, bucket, totes, you name it. I have an amazing purse collection thanks to my hubby, he always buys me designer bags for gifts, I have splurged and bought myself some but usually my hubby buys me the more expensive stuff because I tend to always feel guilty spending on myself. I don't mind carrying a purse or hand bag from Forever 21, Old Navy, Wet Seal, Jessica Buurman, Asos and other similar stores. Lots of shops carry look a likes that are hard to tell the difference at a glance and I have to have different styles, multiple colors sometimes, and sizes. It's a lot easier when you are buying a bag to wear with a few looks for under $50 or sometimes even as low as $5-8 versus investing 250-3500 on just one bag. I carry my everyday bag which right now my everyday bag is a black medium Celine tote. I have Michael Kors, Coach all leather bags, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Spell and the Gypsy, Miscellaneous totes, clutches and wristlets by lots of brands or from online shops and my recent bag was a gift and will be here soon, it's a Gucci purse with a floral print. Of course the color I wanted was in stock in stores. I got it as my 18 year wedding anniversary gift and I didn't ask for it, I showed my hubby a similar bag I liked a couple months ago minus the floral, then a friend recently got a small version of the bag and I showed it to him, he didn't like the first striped bag from months ago but he did like the floral bag. He surprised me with a photo and gift receipt for the bag and is expected September 28 - October 10. I will post when it arrives till then here are the ones I was trying to decide on. Not going to say which one he got me or if even the same print, color, size or style
Is even in the photo, okay maybe it is. Lol. 

All photos from Gucci look books and online Google search. 

Onto a brand of shoes I discovered last winter, I saw a pair of strappy ankle boots at Free People and was saving when I decided to check eBay, Mercari, online shops and boutiques then Poshmark. I found them all over eBay that looked almost identical, colors weren't as vintage looking and of course not real leather but I have so many boots and shoes. Once I found the brand it took me some time searching for my size and then couldn't find the brown I wanted but got a dark grey almost brown shade at Sophie May's boutique. The Free People pair were around $200 give or take a few bucks these were around $29.99-39.99 depending on color and site. 

I settled for the dark grey but loved them so much, I kept an eye on some on eBay and once they had brown I ordered them. I don't really need boots, I live in Florida where it is hot and summer like year round, but I own over 20 pairs of ankle boots, mid boots, tall boots, cowboy boots, leather, suede, perforated, peep toe, fringe & rain boots. Then have taupe, grey, tan, brown, black, grey, rust, navy and army green. 

Then when I saw these boots I had been wanting a pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots. My favorite boot designers/brands are Freebird by Steve Madden, Spell Designs, Free People always has many styles I love, Frye, Hunter boots, Steve Edelman and of course Jeffrey Campbell. I was thrilled to see the Jeffrey Campbell style minus the silver toe accent and almost bought them multiple times. Imagine my surprise when I found some even better matches.

Above are the Jeffrey Campbell's Cromwell. Photo is from google search Nordstrom.

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Same brand as my strappy sandals above Mi.iM and only $45. They are almost exact and waiting paid off they have the silver tip toe I love. These are my style for sure. Perfect for my edgy rocker look with torn jeans and graphic or band tee shirts, then with my boho chic skirts with tees, off the shoulder or peasant style tops  and dresses. Like the purses I mentioned above, as long as it is not an exact replica with logo I love a great look alike.  I have also seen blush have them in my cart but these black ones will arrive Monday. Can't wait, and found some other gems on the collage below. Ordered 3 pairs total and of course new FreeBird boots by Madden. 

Other styles by Mi.iM I love and for the record I splurged for fall/winter on new Hunters and my daughter purchased some stylish combat boots after destroying the black ones I got on clearance at TJ Maxx last year. Love the pair she got this year better. Benefits we wear same size. Double the accessories for us both. Love that for sure. 

These are all my faves. As you can see the black silver pointed toe, open ankle boots are also in blush. More cool styles, I love straps, buckles, studs, fringe and lots of boho chic or edgy rocker details or embellishments. 

Okay I lost my first post I started at two am when my phone died and usually Jr. will save as a draft but it didn't. I spent a a lot of time writing that post, was more detailed and all. Was super upset but now save the post every paragraph lol. It's 4 am here and I need sleep I'm sick then just run down from a long few weeks. Tomorrow is a bum day for me. Did all my laundry between party, company and football. Sad FSU lost but we will still be ranked not #2 but fingers crossed in top 10 in the polls. 

Everyone enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday Sunday, hope your weekend has been amazing. We have had a fabulous weekend here other then being sick. Bless you all. Peace, love and light xoxo  

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