Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rocksbox Free Monthly Trial, best monthly subscription box

Unlimited Monthly Jewelry Rental Box

Use code MELISSASBFF10 for your FREE month

I have been receiving Rocksbox for a while now and it is my favorite monthly box.  You can use my promo code to receive a free month with no strings attached, MELISSASBFF10.  I love the unlimited Jewelry rentals each month, the amazing selection of designer Jewelry, discounted prices on the items you decide to purchase/keep from your box, my stylist has gotten my style down and I get amazing pieces every month and I love that I can get more then one box each month. After the free month it's only $19 each month and you get a $10 shine credit to use towards your purchases for the month which makes the items even less then they are already priced. I have kept several items now including the Kendra Scott rose gold drusy bracelet and necklace from my most recent box. I checked the retail prices and saved around $30-49 for  the set so I couldn't pass it up. I also have kept a turquoise ring and necklace that I got in other boxes. There have been many pieces I wanted to keep but had a great time styling them into my wardrobe for the time I kept them. You can keep the 3 items they send for the entire month or you can keep them for a week and send back in the postage paid envelope for another amazing set.

Use my code MELISSASBFF10 for your free trial month no strings attached. Take the style survey and set up your account then start adding designer jewelry to your Wishlist on their site or go to their Instagram feed @rocksbox and simply hashtag #Wishlist on any items you find in their feed you love. If you don't like earrings like me you can leave feedback for your stylist and they will make a note on your account but you can still add a pair if you see some you love then let them know that you found a pair that you love they will then add them to your list. You do get some items not on your Wishlist but they are always amazing oh pieces that style great with the other 3 items they send. 

Here are some of the boxes I have received. 

My most recent box with the Kendra Scott rose gold drusy necklace and bangle bracelet I kept, then the Gorjana necklace which was great for layering. 

Kendra Scott silver Druzy ring that was a fun stacking piece, this gorgeous Slate statement necklace and arrow House of Harlow bangle in silver. Loved these styles and had fun wearing them. 

Another favorite box with the House of Harlow crescent necklace, silver bangle and a ring I kept with 3 turquoise stones. The ring is gorgeous and goes with a lot of my own jewelry I already own. Considered keeping this necklace but have some similar styles. 

House of Harlow arrowhead pendant, Kendra Scott iridescent hand chain which I loved the clasp on this was not hard to fasten like most it has an adjustable pull style closure that made it easy to wear. This simple gold hammered find was a fun accent piece I loved wearing and also considered keeping. 

This set the necklace was a piece that I got so many compliments about I had to keep, the earrings by Gorjana were a fun style and the criss cross ring is a popular trend right now. Every box really has gotten better and I see more of my own style coming through. I posted the most recent boxes first with these being some of the first boxes I received. 

This was a favorite box, I loved all three pieces and had a blast layering the necklaces together and this double ring by House of Harlow was really an awesome piece. Every time I wear my Rocksbox jewelry someone compliments one or all of the pieces and my husband always jokes this is a dangerous monthly box because now I'm getting access to jewelry I wouldn't normally see, I only go to the jewelry store for special events or holidays to purchase gifts or when I purchase new Alex and Ani styles which happens monthly lol, and we don't have the luxury of having an Alex and Ani store close to my house so I go out local family owned and operated jewelry store that has a large selection of designer jewelry. I would only go a few times a year to really look at jewelry other then my Alex and Ani or maybe some styles I see online or in magazines, now with Rocksbox I have unlimited access to high end jewelry monthly. 

This was my first box and was so exited about the necklaces in this set. Loved the Slate collar necklace, the Kendra Scott long fringe pendant layering necklace, and my triangle silver bangle by House of Harlow 1960. As you can see just from a few of my boxes I features there are so many amazing designers like House of Harlow 1960, Kendra Scott, Slate, Gorjana, Jenny Bird, Ettika, and that's just to name a few. You get to customize your account and pick your favorite styles to add to your wish list plus you can leave feedback with each set for your stylist letting them know what you loved, liked or disliked as well as what you would like to see more of. Use my code MELISSASBFF10 now and try the box for one month and if you don't love it like me your cancel anytime that month but I would wait till your billing cycle for the month is about to end, then you get that entire month of unlimited jewelry rental for free. What do you have to lose? Nothing at all, you get to sample amazing jewelry for free for a month. You can get 2-3 boxes in that time which is 6-9 pieces of amazing designer jewelry to style into your daily looks. 

Thank you for visiting my post and hope you will give Rocksbox a try. If you do use my code please let me know either by leaving a comment below, emailing me or sending me a DM on Instagram. I love to see who is taking advantage of my promo codes and also love to hear your feedback on what you think. I don't like to promote any products or brands I don't 100% stand behind their quality and always only recommend or review items here that I love. 

Hope you had an amazing and happy international peace day. Peace, love and light always xoxo 

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