Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Bohemian Outfit and Accessories

Happy Friday, we all survived another week. Congrats and have a fabulous weekend to everyone. Going to wrap up my weekly posts with an outfit of the day from today. Went with some older pieces in my closet today that I have not worn for a while but love. 

Started out playing with some makeup, I can't wear foundation I have never been a hug makeup girl, I pretty much only wore makeup for photos or special events but my daughter who is a makeup addict and pro has really gotten me into it. She started loving makeup young and then when she was a teen she wore it daily but last year I had a friend who works as professional makeup artist come teach her some tricks along with showing her what to look for when buying her makeup. She left me with a list of brushes, tools and products she should have then between her birthday and Christmas I spent a lot of money getting her stocked up on the best brushes, tools and makeup products in the colors she loved. I got her a huge clear makeup tote to store everything in from Morphe along with some amazing brushed by Morphe, MAC and a few less expensive ones that she didn't need a fancy brush for because she doesn't use them as often from Elf. 

I have always used a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, translucent or loose powder, gloss, eyeliner, brow pencil and shadow. Since hooking my daughter up I have also gotten myself some amazing products I love that I use often. My morning routine is hectic with two kids one in high school the other in elementary school so I wake at 5:30 start with dropping my oldest at the bus around 6:20 then home to wake the youngest make breakfast, pack our lunches and get both of us ready. My youngest has begun doing a lot on her own now so it helps me some but I only have an hour maybe after I get her up and eating to get dressed so I don't apply makeup every day. Some days I wait till I get to work and will apply some makeup before meeting with clients or working with professionals. On days when I don't have to really see anyone and I'm more on the phone, online or scheduling stuff for the week I won't apply anything. I'm still a simple low maintenance woman at heart but I have to say I love prepping myself with some makeup especially when my hair is dyed because I can really have fun with the colors and do more daring stuff. 

I always stuck to neutral or earth tones since I have brown eyes, the only colors I owned were purple and maybe a burgundy or dark green for an accent crease color but now I have lots of colors. For anyone who doesn't know purple is a great shade for brown eyes to make your eye color really pop. After applying a light tinted moisturizer or BB cream I then apply Laura Mercier or Bare Minerals translucent powder, my daughter watches endless makeup tutorials and is big into certain artists and vloggers so she got me into the Laura Mercier powder back last year after her birthday. I use it under my eyes before applying my eye makeup to help as a guide for one on the sides and to keep the under eye area clean of any falling eyeshadow. I also like to let the powder set and bake a little so when I brush off the loose powder at the end I have a nice white glowing area on my forehead, chin and under my eyes. I refuse to use foundation or concealer because that just cakes into any fine lines I do have, which luckily I don't have many, but will make them more visible. I avoid any and all liquid or cream style products under or around my eyes all I use is the Laura Mercier powder. I then apply my eyeshadow, curl my lashes, apply liner, pencil in my brows, and lately I have broken away from my normal NYX ash brown pencil to using grey, silver and purple because it accents my hair color well and also blends with my eye shadows. Now back to my routine, some days I will apply some contour powder to my cheekbone and nose then maybe around the jaw line but this is not a daily thing. Daily it's the basics. Throw on some mascara, fake lashes are another thing I wear only for special occasions or photos, normally you see my real lashes which I am blessed to have full long naturally curled lashes but I still use a lag curler to add a little extra shape to them. Being blonde my eyebrows, lashes and any hair I have is so light it's almost transparent so I need to pencil in the brows and wear mascara to accentuate my natural beauty. After I finish applying my eye makeup I brush away the loose powder under my eyesX on my forehead and chin. I then will use a lip pencil to line my lips and then apply my gloss or lip color then I'm ready for the day. 

My look for today is another bohochic vintage inspired look. My top is from PacSun and made by LA Hearts. It is a burgundy shade crochet neckline, cropped blouse. It goes nicely with the embroidering on my skirt waist area. The skirt is a gauze material in a taupe shade with a high waist and side slits. The waist area has amazing embroidered design and the fabric is gathered all the way around allowing it to fall with a nice bohemian look. The slits aren't too high and the fabric is so thick then with the gathered design you almost don't see the slits unless I am moving around or the wind blows the skirt. I purchased this skirt a while back from Marshall's I believe  I know I have two that look a lot a like one I got at a thrift store and is vintage but it's a navy blue shade with floral embroidering then I am pretty sure this one came from Marshall's. I paid $14.99 for it and it is made by Japna. The tag looks a lot like the Spell tags, today when I checked the brand before putting it on I almost that it was a Spell piece cause the tag is the same exact style and has the made with ❤️ on back. It for sure reminds me of something they would design. 

I wore gladiator tall sandals in black underneath, the embroidering on the skirt had burgundy, black, peach, and green threads so the black matched nicely then used my large fringe purse from Bohemian Vibe Boutique I scored when they had their Christmas in July sale a long time ago for $30. Love that bag and I have posted it many times before on this blog along with social media. My jewelry, which is one of my favorite parts once I'm dressed, I love accessorizing and maybe that's because I do a lot of accessorizing for work and because I love bags, shoes, jackets, scarfs, hair pieces, jewelry, you name it. It's the simple things that really put together a look and that you can really add your own little flare to your outfits. Back to my jewelry my choker is a triple layer, thick serpentine style chain choker, it is from Forever 21, and was only $5. It has a magnetic closure on the back and love the thick chains and triple layers. Once I picked gold as my metal for this outfit I decided I needed a little something extra so I add this bronze chain, black agate pendant necklace made by Whiskey and Bone then added the custom bangle she made me with Wanderlust stamped on the front and my girls initials with a heart on the inside of the band. Love her collection and style, use the code WANDERLUSTBABE for 10% off your order. I added some of my favorite Alex and Ani bracelets. Since my choker is thicker I went with some of the thicker Alex and Ani bracelets, the wraps are always good since they are usually wider then the regular charm bracelets. I love my gold plume feather, feather wrap, Aztec wrap, and then I have a thick rope like wrap that looks nice with the choker. Then poof I was ready to walk out the door. 

The only items not pictured are my gold Druzy stud earrings by Whiskey and bone, Mia tall gladiator sandals in black, and my black fringe leather tote from Bohemian Vibe Boutique. I also have a purse clip made with a black leather strap, feather charm and black tassel which was a gift but you can find some cool ones with tassels and a bullet on Whiskey and Bone's Etsy page that are almost identical, I have a tan one and it's become a favorite. 

Hope you enjoyed my outfit of the day. I will have some more reviews and products to share this weekend but probably not until Sunday. Tomorrow having a party for my youngest and will be busy in the earlier part of the day till mid afternoon with her and then my oldest has cheer stunt camp all day so in the evening will be picking her up. Sunday I will be sure to share some more mail that has arrived and new items as well as some more fun reviews on products. If you have any questions or if you are a designer, boutique or have a product you would like me to feature please feel free to email me at and I will look over your email then get back to you right away. I'm looking for new brands, designers, shops and products to share here on my blog as well as on my social media accounts. I have rate cards if you are looking to advertise and then a portfolio and kit for my blog, styling work, look books I have curated and references for other brands, designers and boutiques/shops I have collaborated with in the passed as well as many brands I'm working with currently that I have been working with for some time. I'm a brand rep/ambassador for a few amazing brands and I work as an affiliate for many labels and brands also. 

Hope everyone has an amazing and safe weakened. Cheers to y'all, peace love and light always, xoxo 

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