Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Gypsy Yummy Colorful Style

Gypsy Colorful Soul

My outfit of the day by Spell & the Gyspy and Pam & Gela 

Happy Wednesday, mid week and feeling so happy today. Not sure if it's just my mood since the week is flying by or if it's my beautiful outfit of the day today. Clothes make me feel so good and it's one of the many reasons I love fashion so much. An outfit can really make you feel so good, confident and ready to take on the day. It's amazing what the right clothes can do for a woman. I love helping other women find their style or look, so many women struggle with being able to express their inner creative and bring out their true vibes through their clothing. A lot of women buy whatever the latest trends are and wear whatever they see everyone else wearing but for me I like finding clothing that really expresses my inner gypsy soul, eclectic creative side and pieces that make me feel confident about myself. You don't have to be a size 1 or have an unlimited budget to dress to impress, and you should never dress to impress others you should always dress to impress you. Whatever makes you feel beautiful and confident should be what you are wearing who cares what anyone else  thinks, we are all unique and have our own style sense or opinions on how things look. I work with people who wear all high end designer fashions and they don't look confident or happy, they look uncomfortable or stuffy. Dress for you and only you. Wear what you love and don't be afraid to mix basics or graphic tees that you would normally pair with jeans, but mix them with pencil skirts, maxi skirts and maybe a blazer for a work look, or a kimono for a more bohemian feel.

Today I had to wear my new Pandora skirt and chambray top by Spell & the Gypsy. It is such a gorgeous pattern and the colors are yummy. 

I paired my skirt and chambray button down top with another designer I love, Pam & Gela. I love their clothes, especially their graphics tees. They have some amazing designs and love the little added extra bling, or embellishments they throw on the tees and tanks to make the graphic print really stand out. This ice cream cone tank had just the right colors to mix with my skirt without being to matchy.

Next up is accessorizing, for me accessories are like the icing on the cake. You make this yummy perfectly layered cake then you need to finish it off with some icing and sprinkles, I like to add lots of bling or layers of jewelry. My tassel necklace and one of my bracelets, the coconut shell and rose quartz one, are by 31ements. This amazing artisan has a shop on Etsy and has some great styles that can be mixed and matched with lots of styles.

My arm candy today is a little mix of some of my faves, from left to right, rose quartz and coconut shell bracelet by 31ements, white beaded with turquoise color stone charm by Lacey Ryan, beautiful blue and white beaded Buddha bracelet by Gypsy Haven Jewels, and then an ivory and pink tassel bracelet by Fawning in Love also on Etsy. All these shops links will be here in this post and also can be found in my favorite shops on the side bar of my blog.

Love my Pandora skirt by Spell & the gypsy. Spell Designs has some of my favorite pieces and each collection just blows me away with all the amazing patterns, graphics and designs. They have some of the most amazing fabrics and textures. This skirt has a button front with slit down the front from around the knee. It has extra fabric gathered on the sides to give that romantic bohemian look, and the chambray top has a matching floral print.

The chambray top has pearl snap buttons, and love the frayed unfinished ends of the top. Perfect for layering or for fall/winter when you need some extra warmth.

Hope you enjoyed my outfit of the day for Wednesday. I will add some links for whet to buy, just so you know this skirt and top I found pre loved, it was sold out online but it may still be available on the Spell Designs Australian site or I will check some other stores that carry the Spell collections. I know I have seen the dress on Revolve or Free People site not long ago. The Pam & Gela tee is on sale now in their huge warehouse clearance sale. Grab one quick because the sale has been going on for some time and this will sell out soon. 

Here's to a great start to the week and to the weekend which is almost here. Peace love and light to everyone. Thank you for your support, kind comments and love. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @Cr8tivewanderlust and on Twitter @Gypseawanderer. Xoxo 

Where to Shop:

Fawning in Love on Etsy

Gypsy Haven Jewel on Etsy

Pam & Gela Ice-cream cone Tank Sale $32 retailed for $134

Shop Style Collective where to Shop:  Similar pieces that you can mix n match for gypsy/bohochic looks


  1. One of my favorite outfit be Spell this skirt and top combo is perfection then do you have the blouse? I need to email you have a bunch of pieces I ordered in two sizes and going to sell instead of return I will hook you up. Sent you an extra top and a bra to match with your skirt. It's going to match your purple hair amazing. Can't wait to see it on you. You are gorgeous my friend and so happy we met.

    1. Thank you so much, so excited for my package to arrive now. Have an amazing weekend and thanks for your kind words. I'm also so happy we met. Love and peace always xoxo