Wednesday, September 21, 2016

New Sand Cloud Tapestries and products

Sand Cloud Towels

Wall Tapestries, Aloe Mandala Towel, Whale tail Wristlet & Necklace CR8TIVEWANDERLUST25 25% off

Happy mid week to all, hope the week has been good for all. I'm battling a cold and finally getting towards the end of it with the worst parts being yesterday running a fever all day and having a hard time sleeping for a couple of nights which led to being exhausted. 

Tonight I wanted to share some of the newest products released by Sand Cloud, one of the brands I'm an ambassador for. I'm truly honored to be an ambassador for this amazing brand. They donate 10% of proceeds from each purchase to protecting and saving marine life. I love companies that don't just have an amazing line of products and styles but also is doing something to make a difference. 

First up was the Rainbow Swirl tapestry released back a few weeks ago. I shared some photos here when my tapestry arrived but wanted to show you again in case some of you may have missed out.

I love their wanderlust tie dye towel, it is one of my favorites still. I have two or three of the pocket style towels in my house between myself and my girls, a XL wanderlust beach towel/blanket and then the roundie in the rainbow tie dye. Naturally I had to buy the wall tapestry also, I don't have a lot of wall space left in our home so I wasn't sure what I would use it for but as soon as it arrived I could see it being used for concerts and the beach as well as for a throw or cover on my bed. 

As you can see I have it folded in half at the foot of my bed, matches nicely in my room with my KDS Dreamcatcher that has recycled tie dyed tee shirts for the strings on it. Love her designs. I have a code also to save on her amazing creations in my favorite shops in side bar and will post link with code below in where to shop section of this post. This wall tapestry is large enough to cover my king size bed, so it is huge. It is made of a thinner material then the Turkish style towels, more like a large sheet but very soft. The colors are vibrant and the tie dye is amazing like all their tie dye towels. They also have the Luna, pacific and indigo tie dye towels, bag and then the acid wash in black still, I have the strawberry pink color also. Not sure if they plan to bring that color back I know several people have asked me and I will be sure to ask them my next email. 

Here is the Seabreeze tapestry which I went ahead and ordered because blue is my favorite color, it always was purple but over the passed five years all shades of blue have become my favorite. I think of blue as a happy and calming shade. I also got the whale wristlet for my beach bag or to carry to concert or football games. It is perfect for holding my ID, keys and small essentials. 

As soon as we opened the tapestry my oldest daughter asked to see if it fit in her bed. She changed her room last year to grey walls with yellow, black and white with some blue accents, and she uses a duvet cover like me, she has been shopping around for a cover with more blue for when she washes her yellow accented covers and this worked amazing. She loves it and then my mom saw it so I had to order her one also. I also got another for myself because it looks great on the dining table and my sofa since I have aqua and teal blue accent walls with all shades of blue curtains and pillows between my dining room and living room. With an open floor plan it all flows nicely. This tapestry is slightly smaller then the rainbow swirl but fits a full and queen bed perfectly then my dining table is a six to eight setting table that it looks amazing on, will post photos once my next one arrives since this one has been taken over lol. 

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Sand Cloud also added the Rose gold whale tail necklace and then the Aloe mandala towel that is a lot like my blue iris one in a pretty pastel Sea foam green shade. Remember when you order to use my code CR8TIVEWANDERLUST25 to get 25% off and free shipping is available also on your order. 

Happy shopping and would love to see how you style or use your Sand Cloud wall tapestry and towels. Peace love and light always, xoxo 

Where to shop: CR8TIVEWANDERLUST25 for 25% off your order

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