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Beauty Stones Green Tea Facial Mask Review

Beauty Stones

Green Tea Facial Mask

Revitalize Your Skin With Natural Green Tea Extract
Jade Series - Anti-Acne

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My video to show how easy and mess free application it is, I truly love this product and highly recommend to women and men of all ages.  It not only helps reduce acne, but has reduced the size of my pores, redness and acne scars.  This is my favorite new product and is now part of my weekly face cleansing and care.

Hello everyone I am doing this review for my mom, she received these masks and tried it herself, loved it, then told me that she had been told that it worked amazing for acne.  Being a teen I have the skin type that has me battling with acne especially since I love to wear makeup daily.  I have used this mask 4 times now and made this video my first time using the product.  I love it and have seen a huge change in my skin.   It has cleared up old red marks or scars, changed my pore size and even cut down the amount of break outs I have a lot.  I have used two a week for two weeks and seen drastic results, I am hoping to be able to continue to use this product and show you some before and after pictures in my next post in two weeks.  

Ingredients:  Deionized water, Carbomer, Glycerin, Green tea extract, Hyaluronic acid, Lubrajel oil, Collagen, and Peptide Complex.

Quick thing I would like to mention is I inherited very sensitive skin from my mom and I have had no irritation or allergic reaction to this mask.  It is very easy to apply, I love that you don't have to apply a cream like most masks.  It is really cool that the mask is all on this pre cut mask that you easily apply.  After I apply the mask and allow it time to sit I then massage 
in the remaining product which leaves my face feeling so refreshed and soft.

Directions:  Thoroughly clean and dry face before using mask.
Tear open mask packaging and gently unfold the mask and place it on face.
Adjust the mask over eyes ( I had to cut tear the eye holes slightly to make the larger, but I have larger eyes ) nose and mouth to get a smooth fit.
Relax for 15-20 minutes to allow serum to be absorbed.
Remove the facial mask gently and discard.
Massage remaining serum until completely absorbed or rinse and pat dry.  As mentioned above I like to massage the remaining serum into my face and then let it air dry, I feel that this gives me the best results.

Helpful tip: 
Apply facial moisturizer or cream after the mask treatment to lock in the nourishment skin just received.
Recommend using the mask at least 2-3 times a week as part of skincare routine to keep skin looking & feeling great.

I highly recommend using it at least twice a week, I would use it 3-4 times a week if I had more product.  I have used it twice a week for two weeks and can't tell you how much I love the results I have seen and feel.

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To order your own mask go to: 
You will receive 6 masks for only $24.50

Hope you enjoy my video I put together and review.  I will have before and after photos in two weeks and hope to be able to continue to review and share my results with you in the future.  Use the code DLITE15 for a 15% discount on your order.

Have a great night,

Smells amazing, feels so good while waiting to remove, you can feel the serum penetrating you skin and going into your pores. After removing the mask I gently massage in the remains serum and leave on to air dry. One of my favorite products for my face I have used. Thank you Beauty Stones. 

Hey there everyone, I used two of the masks and also love this product.  It is so easy to apply and after you remove it your face feels so amazing.  I also massage in the remaining amount after removing and discarding the mask, then after I allow it time to air dry I apply my nightly moisturizer and when I wake up my face feels so soft and smooth.  I have only used twice because I really wanted to allow my teen daughter who has more issues with break outs then me, I don't really break out often but I do however have some scarring from my teens and early twenties.  I use to get the cyst style zits on my chin area around that time of the month and had a lot of red marks on my chin, after using this product only twice I have noticed a drastic reduction in the red marks to where they are now barely even visible.  This is a product we plan to continue to use and I also am going to try out a few of there other products.  Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook, then head over to their website, Beauty Stones, and check out the wide variety of skin care and beauty products they carry. Don't forget to use my code DLITE15 for 15% off your order.  They offer free shipping on all orders over $50 also.  Here's to beautiful skin and finding another amazing product.  I am happy to be able to share some amazing new products with you and I know my daughter really loves these masks.  She has already been begging me to order more so she can continue her weekly beauty and skin care routine.  Have a great night and if you order or have sampled this product would love to hear what you think below in the comments.  Good night to everyone and have a dliteful week.

Peace, love and light always xoxo.

** I was sent this product to sample and review, the free sample did not influence my opinion or review on the product sent.  I had my 16 year old daughter with problematic skin, acne prone skin type to review the product with me for two weeks and both of us loved the results.

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  1. Amazing review and your daughter looks just like you. Gorgeous girl. I can see why you are always talking about how proud you are of your girls. Bless her and happy the product is helping, my son is 14 and has just begun to have issues with acne, we have tried numerous products from clearasil, pro active and neutrogina they all make his skin very dry or red. Thanks for this post going to order this for him to try. Tell your daughter great job on the video and that I can't wait to see some of her makeup tips and posts you been talking about. Have a good night