Friday, September 16, 2016

Spell Designs Lilac Oracle

Happy almost Friday, I'm so ready for the weekend as always. Even more so this week since I'm under the weather and we don't have any games this weekend. My little one has a bye week and no cheer camp, then UM isn't playing at home this week so no tailgating all day lol. It is so much fun but needed a break after back to back weekends of nonstop activities. 

Today was another great mail day, I love when I have ordered a bunch of stuff or have a lot of goodies coming from designers and shops, its like Christmas or my birthday everyday. Today I was super excited because last night I got an email to notify me that my new Spell & the Gypsy Oracle lilac sleeveless blouse and boho skirt were going to arrive today. With most of my job away for NY fashion week the office has been busy with loads of new photos from everyone coming daily, new styles and trend alerts are amazing love getting to see all the new styles right off the runway. I was sad to pass up the trip to NYC this year but my little ones birthday party is Saturday. We had to plan it this weekend because of the football games and her cheer stuff. I felt bad having her wait a couple of weekends for her party but we had a party at home the day of and weekend of with friends and family. Saturday's party is for her friends from school and cheer. I would love to enjoy fashion week but at the same time the pressure of packing the perfect wardrobe and getting all done up daily along with meeting all the many people I speak with weekly over the phone in person and then just the overwhelming feeling leaving my family for a week was just to hard for me. Yes, a part of me was kicking myself when I saw photos from two of my friends that got some amazing goodies at some of the events but I did hear that they were putting together some items for me for when they come back. 

Now back to Spell and the new Oracle collection. When I first saw this collection in photos online I didn't really have many items scream out to me like I usually do. I have to say the last few collections Spell released I had multiple skirts, dresses, kimonos and of course graphic tops I wanted so badly. I usually don't get into ordering their blouses because I'm larger busted and usually have to order a L-XL and then they just look huge everywhere except across the chest, but I have wanted many. I still love the Wild Flowers purple off the shoulder and long sleeve blouse actually have the off the shoulder top in my cart right now lol. I picked this set because I love purple and with my hair purple I thought it would be perfect for me. 

All I have to say is the online photos do not represent the beauty of the fabric and colors for this collection. After I placed my order I started seeing photos from my FB Spell groups and the ladies in Australia that went to stores and purchased the pieces the day of the release. I was a little upset I didn't get more colors and styles but no worries lol I was able to get the Oracle Maple gypsy dancer skirt, and I plan to order a sage dress then been wanting to order some of the intimates for sometime so if they have any XL bralettes in stock I will order a set next payday. I'm looking forward to the next release with the graphic tops which is set for the end of the month or start of October. 

I was worried about this top, and when it arrived I was still worried cause it looked a little small across the chest. Once I tried it on it just fits me. It's always so hard to tell because the models usually have no chest and the tops all look baggy with that bohochic look but I have to say even with it being fitted across the chest the ties make it adjustable. You do need to wear something under it because the material is light and sheer plus it has that white open stitching right around the breast area. 

The skirt is perfection with the trim on the bottom being two different fabrics that accent and look so god with the main print. I love mixing patterns to add dimension and break up the look of the skirt. I ordered a medium in the skirt. With these style skirts that have the elastic waist a S works for me but I like my skirts to have a little more fabric to have a nice flow to them. I'm a size 28/29 in jeans usually and since it has an elastic waist with tie string either a small or medium will work fine. 

Here I didn't tuck the shirt in so you can see the shape of the shirt. I ordered a L and I'm a 34/36 DD/DDD usually. Again the chest area fits perfectly if I was a 1/2 an inch wider it wouldn't work at all. Love this top tucked in and left untucked. Tried it on with some bell bottom flare style Silver Jeans and looks amazing, has that total vintage 70's vibe I love. Also looks amazing with a denim skirt, white jeans and white skirts. I wish now I had ordered the blue skirt but at the time the color didn't blow me away or pattern but now that everyone is getting their pieces all the patterns are amazing. I love the silver thread reminds me of my other brown spell skirt with peach and pink flowers I believe it was part of the desert rose collection and it had the gold thread. It adds a sparkle to the skirt and looks so good with the purple tones, some Sea foam green shades in the pattern with the white. I also have seen close ups of the Sage and Maple patterns amazing. I ordered the maple skirt because it has the similar style as the Jagger skirts which my blue one should arrive any day now, and I really love that style. 

One last shot poolside in the shade. I couldn't be happier about my choice. Looks good on, mixes nicely with other styles, brands and Spell pieces I own. 

Before I end this post wanted to throw in some more mail from today. I wanted this reversible bomber since spring and was always sold out in the larger sizes. I gave up and the one night I was looking at a green bomber jacket I saw on Pretty little liars with a cactus embroidered and after I found that bomber and for only $14.99 I was ordering when I saw this bomber below in recommended items. I was hesitant ordering it because I didn't see any review on it and didn't want to end up with a junky jacket I would never wear also sometimes when ordering items from China the sizing is so small. I room a leap of faith thinking if it ran small my daughters would wear it, I ordered a my green bomber from Forever21 in a L and ran so small my 9 year old took it over, she loves it. This was only $25 and when it arrived today I was amazed how much it looks like the real one that was $200 more. The embroidering is amazing, the satin is very nice, vibrant colors, and the sizing is perfect. I ordered a XL and have plenty of room all over. Love the zipper on the jacket also, has a larger zipper that can be turned to go with the jacket when you reverse it. I love the bright blue side with white/silver tone sleeves then of course black is always nice to match with everything. 

The back of the blue side and the embroidering is really nice. Very detailed and doesn't have any flaws or strings.

View of the front blue side and as you can see it isn't quilted but I honestly like it without the quilting. 

Wanted to show the black side also, just a reverse of the blue side then has the tiger on the back. 

My Rocksbox arrived today also, every box is amazing. I have done so many monthly boxes and this is the first one I'm hooked on. This box I got these gorgeous Kendra Scott Rose gold Druzy pieces from her current collection. Keeping them because I had looked at these at the jewelry store and the necklace was $65 and the bracelet $70 I will end up saving around $40-50 purchasing them from Rocksbox. I have a promo code for first time members where you can get a free trial month using the code MELISSASBFF10 after the first month of unlimited jewelry rental, meaning you can wear your 3 pieces a few days then return in the prepaid envelope and they will ship your next set within days. I usually will return it and have my next boxes within 4-6 business days. After your free month ends you can cancel with no strings or continue with the monthly boxes for only $19 a month. Each month you get a shine credit of $10 you can use if you decide to keep a piece from your box and purchase at discounted price.  I can't say enough positive things about this box. You do an online survey and then add items to your wish list, then each box is styled using your style survey, and wish list. After my first two boxes they started nailing my style and I am always so excited to see what they send me next. 

Some of my newest additions to my Wanderer Bracelets collection. As you know I'm a brand rep/ambassador for this amazing brand. I love all the work they do to support and empower local Bali artisans using fair trade sustainable materials. Each bracelet is hand made and carved in Bali, the designs are so detailed and there is a style or design for everyone. You can use my code MELISSA20 for 20% off your order. Check out my prior posts and of course social media for more photos of different styles and designs, then check out their website for all the latest in stock styles. 

Time to wrap up this post with my outfit from tonight. Once I got home I showers and got into my comfy clothes. Pam & Gela always is a favorite for sweats and comfy chic chilling clothes. My graphic heart eye tank and striped track style sweats are so soft and cozy. Scored the tank from their warehouse sale and the sweats from eBay. Both items were under $35 each I believe I paid $29 for the bottoms and $29-32 for the tank. 

If you look closely you can see my new Kendra Scott rose gold Druzy necklace and cuff bracelet. I stacked my bracelet with my rose gold and then white with gold glass beaded Sashka Co bracelets. Another amazing brand I rep for and if you go to their site now you can get a free gift bracelet, no promo code needed just add the free bracelet from the home screen to your cart, then pick your favorites to order and use my code WANDERLUST25 to save 25% off your order. Another awesome company providing jobs for local Nepali artisans empowering them with sustainable fair trade work that helps them provide for their families. I really love these brands that give back or are helping in some way. 

I'm off to bed and ready to end this week then start the weekend. My daughter is busy in her spare time making makeup tutorial videos and step by step photos of different brands, styles and more. Can't wait to start posting once a week makeup tips and product reviews. I like to bring amazing fashions and accessories, health and fitness posts, new products, product reviews and style inspiration. I still love to share my fashion funds for less like my bomber above and deals I find, new online shops with lots of cool pieces and eclectic styles. Okay I'm super tired and rambling now lol, everyone have a great night and happy Friday. Cannot wait to see what mail arrives tomorrow. Peace, love and light always, xoxo 

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