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I was sent these amazing hair ties to try out and let me tell you these are one of my favorite items I have ever been sent to try out. If you are like me and flat iron or spend a lot of time straightening your hair then you know how annoying it is when you get hot or need to hold your hair back, then use a normal hair tie only to have that crease or lump left behind. Also I hate when hair ties break or tangle my hair leaving damage or split ends, with the Hairslinky I don't have to worry about that anymore.  Also it has a no slip grip which is great for ladies with fine or really straight hair that usually deal with your hair ties falling out, with the hair slinky it stays put and is perfect for using to put your hair in a bun.

Even my daughters both love the hair slinky. My little one normally says that when I use normal hair ties to put her hair back or do a bun she ends up with a headache but with the Hairslinky it doesn't have to be as tight to keep the hair back or up in a bun. The curled cord like hair tie actually is the best for buns it holds all the hairs in place and makes what would be a messy him look more polished and clean. 

I have been excited to share these with everyone. I posted some photos of them on my Instagram and Twitter when they arrived but like with all samples I am sent I like to use them for a few weeks before writing a review or post just to try them out and make sure they work or are as good as I first thought. The Hairslinky has proven itself over and over, from a full day of being at my daughter's early Saturday morning game with the sun blasting to leaving her game after 3-4 hours to hit the stadium for 4 to 6 hours of tailgating then a 3 hour football game all while sweating with my hair back and forth between a ponytail, a bun and down. I had just gotten my color done the first weekend and it was perfectly flat to my surprise after a full day it was crease or bump free. My daughter also takes a hair slinky to school with her after I blow dry her hair and flat iron it for gym or cheer practice or just running around between classes and told me I needed to get more because it is the only hair tie she likes. She also agreed with me that it is perfect for using for a bun because the spiral cord style holder grabs and holds all the hairs perfectly. 

They come in a larger size and a smaller size depending on how thick your hair is and the smaller ones work good for thick hair too, I just tend to like them more for a half up style pony or to wrap around once just to hold my hair out of my fave. I think the smaller ones are good for younger kids and ladies with thinner hair also. I have used it as you see in the clear one above for a pony tail wrapped twice and it does hold amazing. I prefer the larger size for my bun and normally for my ponytail but my oldest daughter stole the large black one from me and I have not seen it since. She wears it daily. 

I have very thick normally curly/wavy hair but even when blown out and flat ironed it's still a heavy thick head of hair and as you can see here I have one of the smaller Hairslinkys in clear on in this photo. It forms to the hair and doesn't leave a line or bump in the hair.  Plus Hairslinky has a no slip grip that keeps that hair put without having to tighten it or twist it around super tight causing creasing, breakage and headaches.

Here I have on the larger Hairslinky in blue, I need to order some more colors so I have a few extras. Again my daughter stole my solid black one which was my favorite but have been looking they have so many colors in both the sizes, I'm hoping to get a purple one since my hair turns everything purple anyway lol, plus it will blend in nicely. This is the size I love for my pony tail when I put all my hair up, or for a bun. 

These are great for kids with really curly hair that usually gets tangled. My little one has Shirley Temple curls and her hair usually gets tangled in her normal elastic ties and I end up breaking her hair or have even had to cut it a few times to remove a hair tie that was badly tangled. With Hairslinky your hair never gets tangled and you don't get damage from breakage like most hair ties. I highly recommend this product to everyone especially if you have long hair or kids. 

Be sure to follow them on social media @Hairslinky and visit their website for ordering. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a message below and I will do my best to answer them or contact HairSlinky direct for answers. Again I try to never review or feature a product unless I truly love it and stand behind it. I always make sure to allow myself 3-4 weeks to properly try out all products and I have my girls ages 16 and 9 along with my friend who is 30 try the products out also, everyone who has tried these loves them and anyone who has seen me wearing them has asked and found them to be very cool or a great idea. Its like a phone cord but used as a hair tie. Some people have asked me if they get stretched out, I only wrap mine twice and when I remove it I usually twist it back into shape and it goes back to the same size it was before hand. Once when I had been at the beach all day my clear one did seem stretched but I just washed it in cold water and it went right back to its normal shape and size. 

I was excited to bring you this review and wanted to share it sooner that is why I have posted photos and you have seen them on my wrist in ootd posts because I literally carry two everywhere I go. Hands down an amazing creation and if you like to have flat straight hair but are tired of the marks left by traditional hair ties this is for you for sure. Hope you try them out and let my know what you think of them. Have a great evening. Peace, love and light always. Xoxo

My hair is Pravana vivids purple, violet and indigo with some silver streaks where the purple touched my white blonde hair. Was cleaning my pool when I took these photos but wanted to show the Hairslinky in action. Xoxo 

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