Monday, September 12, 2016

Spell & the Gypsy release their newest Oracle collection

The much anticipated release of the newest collection by Spell & the gypsy is due to hit the sites this week. I have seen a few pieces through work and of course leaks online. Tonight the had a snapchat preview and then a few items have been released early online. Here is a little collage I threw together for all you other Spell fanatics and lovers like myself. Tempted to order early but kind of want to wait for the entire line to be released because I have to have some graphic tees, then I'm ordering the purple skirt and tank style blouse for sure. 

I love the tank mid length dresses but really excited for the graphic tees and tanks since I love to collect graphic tops. I really adore the tunics blue dress, matching blouse and shorts. The mini skirt and long sleeve blouse in blue shades is gorgeous too. Who do I think I'm kidding it's all beautiful and I want it all but I'm going to be a good girl, I don't use credit cards because I'm anti debt only thing I like to finance is our home and maybe a car if we have to otherwise I'm all about saving up cash to pay upfront. I had credit card debt in my teens and early twenties since then it took me years to payoff and recover my credit now I have cards but for emergency only then maybe Christmas shopping early on. I will never go crazy making purchases unless I have the extra cash or been saving up. 

The purple skirt and tank style blouse are first two pieces I have had added along with the Gypsy Dreamer singlet and the first photo to the left top, blue tank and skirt. Waiting now to see the other items in the collection. I have seen a few other pieces on some of the groups I joined and then snuck a peak at the snapchat preview. I really want to order from the US site because the items arrive a little faster and it is easier to exchange if I need to. 

I was looking at the sizing for the purple tank blouse and a M is 41" across so that might work but I want it to fit baggy like the look with the skirt, maybe a large going to have to double check measurements. Off to bed just wanted to quickly share my couple screen shots I grabbed while I was peeking. If anyone else is ordering early or preorder before the official launch I would love to hear what styles you picked or liked the most. Also if anyone knows of any promo codes help a woman out lol. I always share all my links and promo codes whenever I can. I'm happy they have free shipping that is always a plus. Also the pricing isn't bad. The oracle boho skirt is 149 AUD which is 114 USD and the matching oracle sleeveless blouse is 129 AUD that is 98.71 USD. Say around $200 for the set. The dress on the top left in blue is the Oracle indigo boho skirt is same price as the purple so imaging the tank is same price also. Again only seen a handful of items but I do know there are few new graphic tops I will want then once I see those will pick two skirts and I want a tank blouse. Have wanted a blouse but don't like long sleeves usually since it's so warm and humid here all year. I'm off to bed, it's officially my 18 year wedding anniversary and excited to celebrate tomorrow. Happy shopping and sneak peek hunting. Peace love and light to all, xoxo 

Update- this morning I went ahead and ordered the Oracle boho sleeveless blouse and skirt in purple. Loved it so much couldn't resist. 

Photos from they are not mine and not taking any credit the photos are being used to show styles and promote brand. Thank you 

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