Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring Break family vacation

  1. Every year we plan a few trips for the family. One is always during Spring break, then a couple over the summer and a winter trip. In the past we have gone to St. Augustine, Disney, Sanibel/Captiva Island, North Carolina and The Keys. We have also done summer trips to Jamaica, Virgin Islands, Orlando, Tampa, Tennessee and Georgia. This year we hoped to take a cruise but when we went to book they had no rooms with balconies and I have major phobia of being closed in with no opening windows, so we have delayed this hoping for the summer. My best friend got married in Dec and is planning a reception ceremony with friends this summer so we may be doing a trip to Kentucky which would mean we would likely visit Tennessee again because we loved it there. Then I have my 15 year wedding anniversary, we are talking a small vow renewal and we would love to plan a trip to Paris but we are just now saving, so the trip may happen next year. Since the cruise had to wait we tossed around ideas, thinking of the Carolina's again, or even Tennessee, but decided to do something different. We discussed New Orleans, but decided to wait a little longer till our youngest is a little older. I have another best friend who moved to PA and would love to visit her and her daughter but the girls have different spring break vacation dates so wouldn't be fun to go when her daughter is in school. Up north where I was born is freezing still and we really love to have family bonding. I also love site seeing. We want to do Washington DC but also waiting for our youngest to get a little older. After lots of thoughts we finally booked and planned our trip. We will be gone friday-sunday which is a nice long ten day getaway. We are starting with a favorite spot of mine, Peace River in Arcadia, Florida for some camping. We are doing the wilderness camping which is a tent in the florida woods right along the river. No running water or electricity so it is as close to roughing it as you get in south florida lol. Then we plan to go to Tampa to hit Busch Gardens and visit my brother inlaw. Then off to St. Petersburg which is just over the bridge from Tampa and has gorgeous beaches and lots to do. My favorite spot there is the Salvador Dali Museum. It is amazing a I recommend visiting to everyone. He is by far my favorite artist and I love all his work, plus the museum itself it art. Gorgeous. We were going to end the trip with 4-5 days in Sanibel but I personally don't like the beaches on the west coast. The water is dark and the sand is broken shells that hurt the feet. I like powder beaches and blue water. Sanibel is great for relaxing and shell hunting but we ended up deciding since we have been so many times to go to Daytona instead. Daytona Beach is gorgeous and there is a lot in a short driving distance to see. There is the space center, some old historic buildings and history along with lots of relaxing and sunbathing. I can't wait. Below are some photos I got from trip advisor while we were looking into booking hotels, and for things to do. We have a lot planned and a few days of just sun bathing and relaxing, fingers crossed we have warm, sunny weather. I will have lots of photos when I come back from my camera, can't wait. What are you planning for spring break this year or what have you done in the passed. I recommend family trips and more then just Disney. This is making memories your kids will remember for a lifetime and hopefully one day they will do the same with their own kids. I know growing up I loved family summer trips and have so many amazing memories. We have done the same with our girls and have already so many amazing memories. My youngest is five and all she talks about is St. Augustine and Tennessee then my oldest loved Peace River and many of our other small or long family getaways. Have a wonderful weekend all. xoxo Melissa

Peace River, Arcadia Florida


Busch Gardens Florida

St. Petersburg, Florida

Salvador Dali Museum

Daytona Beach, Florida

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