Friday, February 6, 2015

My style: Boho Chic

If you had to ask me what my style is I would have to say a mix of rocker, boho and gypsy style. I love tee shirts, tank tops, ripped jeans, sandals, bling, skirts, vests, kimonos, bohemian jewelry, Buddhas and more. Here are some examples below of some of my favorite finds lately, from jewelry to clothes.

I love sandals with jewels or bling, or just strappy flat sandals. Got an amazing pair of talk gladiator sandals at Marshall's on sale over the fall that I can't wait to wear this spring. Posted on my IG back months ago. Also found a lot of Kimonos on eBay from 6-9 bucks, all my boho Turkish jewelry I have gotten off eBay for under $10 most were actually under $5, only thing is you have to wait for international shipping very patiently lol. 

I love long skirts and flowy vests, or the draping flowy tops with crochet details. I have posted a couple posts mentioning Fashion Junkee and they have some cute tops and kimonos that are so my style. Check out the below photos and I will add details later on where to find and prices. Have had a migraine for a week now and can't wait for my Botox treatment. 

Found this Kimono which at the time was selling for $28-40 online, on eBay for $8-9 and it's amazing.  Fashion Junkee has one I want in white with floral design that is similar on sale now. Hoping to get one next week if they have any left. 

This super cute top will be in my cart for next week ordering from Fashion Junkee, they have a cute dress and another top similar I have in my cart also. Love this shop can't get enough. 

This cute kimono style lace crochet detail is $12 on eBay. Ordering for sure for my spring wardrobe.

Ordered this almost a month ago and should arrive any day now from eBay. Was $6.50. Looks just like one I saw on Anthropologie website for way less. Can't wait to pair with some denim capris and olive green and brown tops. I have the perfect sandals for these in brown with gold and turquoise beading. 

Got this cute top off eBay also $10 with shipping and should have any day now. 

My LeMotto tee and gypsy bohemian skirt I have had for many years, so many I can't even remember where I got it. Super cute and has silver round coin looking details that dangle all over it. Love this look and a great example of dressing up tee shirts with a skirt. 

Above are some of my bohemian, Turkish style necklace I have found on eBay. Below are some similar on eBay now or that I recently have ordered to add to my collection. 

I ordered this one for $6.99 last week similar to the one I have already but like the center detail. 

I got this one a year ago off eBay for $5.99 and love it have seen similar ones sell for three to four times that. 

My favorite kind of arm party is a bohemian one. I have loved this type of jewelry since I was a teen. It's funny cause the new tattoo chocker necklaces that are plastic I see my teen wearing, I wore when I was her age, and pieces like this I was wearing around 16-20. Still have some of my older pieces. Including a anklet that jingles. We go to the renaissance festival every year and I wear my gear, usually dress up like a gypsy or bohemian style maiden. 

Love these wide bangles. They look amazing solo or with some coin or simple Turkish style bracelets. 
Love these feather bracelets, my mom got me my first Alex and Ani bangle for Christmas, which is the Buddha one.  I had to check them out right away online because I loved it so much and my next purchase was the solid feather, a hamsa and evil eye.  They look great with the bohemian style bracelets also. 

This is my Alex and Ani feather bangle, they also have one with a feather charm. My next tattoo will be a feather. Love the feather design. 

I won the above skirt at a party I went to many years ago for a gym opening for a friend of mine. They had pole dancing classes, yoga, belly dancing and other types of workout classes, I won the bellydancer package that came with this skirt, Turkish coin necklace, bracelet, anklet and the finger cymbals. Super cool. I also have a blue scarf or skirt like this I got my oldest daughter at one of the renaissance festivals to wear. Super cute, can be worn as a scarf, shawl, or skirt. I wear mine around my waste or shoulders over a long skirt and top, that's my renaissance costume. My kids now have their own and are usually gypsies or pirates. Lol. 

More jewelry layered, got this shot from eBay and one of the items I just ordered a couple weeks ago. Got the turquoise and silver bracelet to match my others for $6 amazing prices. 

My bangle in antiqued silver, paid $4 with free shipping a few months ago and is amazing quality. 

Love turquoise pieces and this one is gorgeous. 

Remember if you love these pieces you can find them on my websites but check out eBay if you have an account, they have a lot you can bid on and buy it now choices also. Almost always free shipping but patience is key cause the shipping can take 1-3 weeks specially on these smaller pieces. 

Enjoy and hope you love my stellar finds for the boho chic style. More rocker chic looks coming soon. 


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