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Valentine's day ideas

Make sure you have some amazing wine, one of my new favorites that can be found at any grocery store or places like Target and Walmart is Cupcake wine. Love the Pinot Grigio and the Red Velvet. 
Roses and Desserts are a must along with some little items to decorate your home to get into the spirit of Valentine's Day. 

I bake so every year I am filling orders for old and new customers, I always make sure to make some extras for my friends and family then stop off to leave them at their home or work. 

Above is a favorite dress I found at Fashion Junkee online, would love to wear something like this with gold heels and jewelry. Super sexy and love to wear red on Valentine's day 

Fashion Junkee is having a promo if you use code Love15 now till 2/14 you will receive 10% off your order. Be sure to let them know you got the code from my blog.  

I am putting together a list of special gift ideas, romantic evening at home ideas, from not just present ideas, but decor, dinner ideas, desserts, wine suggestions and more of my favorites. Also have a Pinterest board together with cute outfit ideas and diy sweet treats or gifts. 

I know a lot of people claim valentine's day is one of those holidays created by the greeting card companies to make money, but for me being a woman that has been married over 16 years I like to think of it as a night to spark some romance and show my man how much I love him and appreciate everything he does. 

He usually plans our dinner, somewhere I love or a style of food I really love. He gets me flowers, usually some jewelry or something I have wanted for awhile, I am very lucky because he is a romantic kind of guy and puts thought into the gift, card and evening. We have had many years we were strapped for money and haven't been able to afford an expensive dinner or gifts but always have had a memorable night. Also due to his job we have had many years we didn't get to celebrate on Valentine's night and had to celebrate either before or after, we have actually grown to like going out on a night before or after versus the night of due to the crowds, and now try to plan a evening at home with our daughters or have my oldest babysit and do something more low key the night of then celebrate with a fancy dinner or other plans another night. 

In the passed I have gotten a new wedding ring, a anniversary ring, diamond earrings, personalized diamond heart charm locket, tickets to Cirque de soleil, a mini getaway, spa day packages and lingerie. He always gets me the most amazing flowers whether delivered from a co workers partners shop, which are always amazing and beyond huge. The guy he works with knows me well, he loves my decor style and we have had many decor and fashion talks so my arrangements are always over the top large with willow branches and crystals, hydrangeas or orchids with roses. Just my favorites, I don't like baby breath and I don't like certain flowers so he knows my style for sure. I love exotic and really creative arrangements so he usually impresses me. When he doesn't order them he always goes to the flower shop to put together an amazing arrangement where he picks the flowers out himself. He actually took a floral arranging class in school and is really good. From when we first met he always gotten me flowers and still brings home flowers on a random day because he is so sweet. 

Some of my passed gifts have been concert tickets, lingerie, cologne, couples massages, hotel room, romantic dinner at a hotel, catered dinner at home, home made desserts made by me, and my favorite was the pin up style photo shoot I did for him a few years ago. I went to this amazing photographer Jan Valentine she owns Terribly girly photography, they specialize in pin up style photos and she had an amazing studio in Wynwood miami area. The package included full make up and hair, fake lashes, pin up style make up, hair and wardrobe. I brought some of my own outfits and shoes then they had choices also. It was so much fun and myself along with several girlfriends went. Three of us took pics and others came for fun. We had some drinks and got dolled up, was a fun experience. Not to mention my photos were amazing. I got a 8x10 then edited prints on a disc which I printed and made a album for him. He use to have the 8x10 I had mounted in a frame hanging on his side of the bed but was a personal photo, even though I am clothed it is still revealing and private so now he has the frame in the closet on his side hanging inside a shelf, with some other smaller framed photos around it of us from dating stage, engagement, wedding, pregnant and family photos over the years. It's so cute like a little shrine of our family and love. 

I will continue to add and update this over the week/weekend with some craft ideas, romantic handmade gifts, suggestions for store bought gifts for all types of guys from sports lovers, adventurous, travelers, beer lovers, and more. Outfit ideas and inspiration for that special date night, along with some of my favorite wines and things to pair them with from cheese, desserts and other goodies, some dessert recipes, sexy meals, oysters of course will be included, some fun adult gifts to spice up the night and some lingerie fun. Stayed tuned. 

May be a little late for pin up photos but you can always have one of your close friends snap some photos for you, grab a sexy outfit, doesn't have to be nudes or lingerie, maybe your man has a job where they wear a uniform, being a photographer I have done several shoots where we took the hubby or boyfriends uniform or something similar and made it sexy and cute. Just find a friend you trust and now a days the iPhone camera is even amazing, dress yourself up sexy add a little make up and take some personal shots, send them to one hour and get a nice little album at target or even homegoods or Marshall's, they always have the cutest albums. Trust me men love photos of sexy ladies and what is better then having some of their lady. 

Strapped for time, run to the store and get some chocolate covered strawberries, inexpensive bottle of white wine, some massage oil, a cute dress or lingerie set, some mood music and a empty house. Make him a cute home made card or some coupons for favors later on down the road, some lotions. I know I have a candle from a party I went to that the wax is edible, and can be used as a massage oil also. There are so many ideas. 

My girls usually make a collage frame or card with photos from recent of them and some drawings they make, cut it all out and either make a card or place inside one of those collage style frames to give him. My hubby has a few on his nightstand and in the closet on his memory shelf. 

I love handmade gifts and always try to make something whether a album, framed shots, paintings, poem, card, coupon book just something from the heart. Stay tuned to this post and I will post some Pinterest ideas, some things I have made before, along with my gift for this year, more ideas and photos of items then my favorites lists, from foods, wines, colognes, perfumes and more.  Also some cute outfit ideas for us ladies for that special date night. Everything valentines day from sexy and all for him, to sweet and creative, handmade and store bought. The Dliteful trends, cr8tivemamarzzi's guide to valentines day.

 Love these cute hand cut strawberries made to look like roses are easy to make and you can find the full details over at Pinterest on my board, Cr8tivmamarazzi.

Diy paper flowers, another idea off of Pinterest. I have pinned these and many other items on my Pinterest boards. I have one for Fashion Junkee and then have one for just Valentine's day. There are a lot of ideas for decor and more. 

May be R rated lol, just kidding but for sure will have some sugar and spice, naughty and nice lol. 💕🌸

Get ready and start planning a valentine's day on any budget. 

Below I have some cute finds from one of my new favorite online shops, Fashion Junkee, I have posted a couple cute tops I have from them and can't begin to tell you how many super cute styles they have, amazing prices and from my experience their customer service is amazing. 

Love this gorgeous statement necklace from Fashion Junkee for accessorizing with a red or even black dress
This red clutch is perfect to slip a card for your special man and your essential items, to carry lightly on that special night. 

Who doesn't need a pair of sequin leggings, red are hot for Valentine's day but they also have gold and silver. Trust me Fashion Junkee will have many items you want for not just Valentine's day. I have a two page wish list lol. 

I would wear this super cute over sized shirt style dress to school for my daughter's class party with some cute sandals. Added this to my must have wish list. 

If you are a regular reader of my blog or follow me on IG or Pinterest then you know how much I love Kimonos and cardigans. I am always cold going in and out of the A/C here in south Florida so I always carry a light weight cardigan in my bag, for me the kimonos are not just my style, which is a very bohemian taste, but also they dress up the look more then just a plain cardigan. Fashion Junkee has a couple cute Kimonos have this one and a floral one on my wish list now. 

This is a super cute lace dress for that special night. 

Long off the shoulder dress, super sexy and fancy for a nice dinner date. 
Love these gold rhinestone heels and yes these are also from Fashion Junkee, they have everything you need for putting together the perfect outfit and for any budget. 

These are also a favorite of mine, I like to wear gold and silver heels then match my jewelry to them or even my handbag. 

Get on over to to check out there site. You can also follow them on Pinterest at myfashionjunkee, on Instagram at fashionjunkeedotcom and FB at 

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