Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spring trends for 2015

Last night super late I was inpsired to post a article about Spring and Summer fashion trends for 2015, it was late and I was posting from my iphone, I appologize for typos and rambling.  I blog for fun, because I love fashion, am passionate about finding trends for less, and I love to share my finds with others.  To note quickly I am not a writer nor have I ever claimed to be one, I am a stay at home mom who has a lot of passions, creativty and enjoys sharing things with others.  On that note, let me retype this article for you, I can not promise there won't be any typos because my iphone and ipad have a mind of their own but I almost always read over my posts before I publish them, or if late at night the following day.  Thank you all for your patience and kindness.

I was reading some articles and online posts about the passed runway shows for Spring 2015.  I was so excited to see so many styles, trends and pieces I either own or love for the upcoming season that I was inpsired to put together this post.  I have a fondness for bohemian style trends and this Spring bohemian style is huge.  From bohemian prints, fringe, tassels, kimonos, layers, suedes, denims and more.  I recently have added a few new pieces that I think are on point for the upcoming season.  Below I am sharing a few of my favorite pieces and will have some posts coming up with these pieces styled into my personal wardrobe.


This super cute tunic, babydoll dress is popular online right now.  It is available in several prints, colors amd styles.  I have two myself, the above black and cream with tassel tie neck line, I purchased off Ebay, along with a cream and brown tone one from Fashion Junkee.  You can find a link to their online store in my sidebar under favorite shops. These retail for $27-45 each and are super cute worn as a dress with tall boots or gladiator style sandals, as well as with cropped leggings as a top or tunic with strappy sandals.

Crochet or lace detail cardigans and kimonos are hot. This Umgee cardigan is available on eBay. 

Floral long bohemian style dresses are super hot for spring and found this one below inexpensive on eBay. 

Looks like it would cost a lot but is actually selling for $7.99 plus $7.99 for shipping. Amazing price. You can wear a light weight tank or cami under this with even some cropped leggings. Super cute and an awesome dress for your spring closet. 

Crochet detail again for that bohemian feel. This item is from Fashion Junkee at

Mixed prints and solids are hot for spring. This long maxi wrap dress has a solid top, chevron skirt with printed bottom. I have found mixing textures and patterns to be a lot of fun, great for layering or for distracting the eye to keep focus off one area of the body for those of us who are self conscious of certain problem areas. This cute dress above was found on eBay and priced at $34.95. I will be posting some photos of myself in some of these pieces as I wear them. If you don't already follow me on Instagram check out my IG page I try to post ootd's and wiw now shots whenever I remember. 

Super cute black and white striped tunic with floral detail. From Mindy Mae's Market. Love tunics because you can wear them as a short spring dress or as a shirt with leggings and even skinny jeans. This is a super cute shop and you can find a link in my sidebar or go to 

Lace and fringe 

Lace and crochet tops are hot this spring 

Fringe and suede both rocked the runways of many high end designers. 
I love long necklaces with feathers and different earthy style charms, from ivory style horns, shells pieces and stones. 

Long fringed detail dress off the runway. Photo from an online spring fashion review by Vogue. Wanted to show how many of the pieces this spring off the runways are rocking fringe or tassel  details which are all very popular with the bohemian style of dressing. 

Simple ivory cardigan with lace detail found on eBay for under $10. I have many kimonos and cardigans to layer over tanks, tees and dresses. One can never have to many great layering pieces. 

Gingham and denim tops or dresses/tunics 

Gingham is another hot item this season whether a dress, top or skirt. 

These are from Mindy Mae's market online and they have light pink and dark pink 

Along with my personal favorite gold gingham, also from Mindy Mae's Market I am excited to order a couple of these for an upcoming post. 

Fashion Junkee denim two tone tunic dress with tassel belt. Denim is huge this spring from vests, jackets, tops, skirts and of course dresses. Another hot style is the button dress shirt. Looks like your man's favorite button down but add a belt or sash then you have a cute stylish dress. Again for those who don't like to wear super short styles you throw on a pair of leggings or even skinny jeans you still have a super cute, trendy look for spring. 

Sticking with the dress shirt style tunic here is another hot item from Fashion Junkee. They also have a lot of hot kimonos, cardigans, tops and dresses that are all trendy for spring/summer 2015. Be sure to tell them you saw their site on my blog. If you have IG follow them @fashionjunkeedotcom. 

Another fringed floral kimono, I don't think one can have to many cardigans or kimonos for any season as I mentioned above and this floral number is amazing over stylish tee shirts or tanks. Even as a cover up to the beach this summer with cut off shorts. 

Suede was huge on the runways for spring, and  fringe as I mentioned above this skirt I found on eBay with fringe bottom detail would be perfect for the season.  

Hope you enjoyed some of my late night finds. A lot of these items are items I have on my wishlist from several shops or in my cart or watch list on eBay, I have ordered many of them already or will be ordering them soon. I will be posting some of the pieces in upcoming posts also you can see a lot of them on my Instagram if you follow me. My IG name is @cr8tivemamarazzi. Please be sure to look over some of my older posts which I have posted many of my favorite tee shirts and styles that I have worn, I may have some similar pieces already posted here. Enjoy and happy spring shopping.

This is the same style bohemian tunic from above but in a brown shade with button details. Has a little tribal feel with the red and colorful section on the top front and back portion. 

Had a couple people tell me they would like to see more photos of myself wearing the clothes versus photos from the shops or online, I don't own every style I select or I haven't worn them all yet. I try to post my outfit of the day or what I am wearing now on my Instagram, along with adding shots weekly here. I would link my Instagram but have photos of my kids and other things that don't have anything to do with the blog topics. Thank you all for you kind words and support. Hope that this article is better then my late night post. Again I don't have my laptop currently and I am using I am my iPhone and the mobile blogging site but I will do my best to read over my posts before publishing for future typos. Have a great weekend. Xoxo, 


  1. Amazing post and just continue to be you, do what you enjoy and what makes you happy. I have my own blog and have many typos, no one is perfect. I enjoy your posts, photos you share, styles you find for the most amazing deals and prices, and I enjoy that your blog is laid back. I have never read one post by you and been, " Oh wow she has so many typos!" everyone has typos even the high end money making blogs. Be you and the original post was good, but this one is even better. I like how you don't just post photos of youself and a brief comment, I enjoy how you go into detail, along with how you share where we can find the same look or style for less. Thank you again for great, fun, fashion forward advice and don't change your style please.

    1. Thank you so much and no worries I am not offended at all by the comment left before, I posted that at 2 am and honestly shouldn't have lol, I didn't have my glasses on and was sitting outside reading fashion posts then was inspired to post that. It only had a few misspelled words but I didn't write it very good the flow was bad, but I threw it together quick. I like to have feed back from my readers and am grateful for those who take the time to leave comments. I went ahead and rewrote the entire post and hope it is easier to follow. Will have a lot of pieces to post this weekend and next week, my orders are all scheduled to arrive from yesterday to next Friday. Can't wait to share more of my cute eBay and online finds. Ty again and be yourself, I don't let anyone discourage me only makes me try harder to do better.

  2. I agree with anonymous above, you continue to do what you love. You never know who is leaving these comments, could be one of the ladies that is jealous of you or has issues with you having any good happen. Love your blog and didn't read your previous post before you wrote it over but I love this post. The photos, and information are all great and you write fine. I have read many blogs and you are right there. Take care and thank you for all your help always with my businesses, along with your continuos support. I would love to have you represent my business any day, I would be proud to see a post about my store. Hint hint lol.

    1. Thank you so much and I didn't take it personal in any way, I enjoy all feed back from readers. I don't feel any of my posts are really that bad, I do have typos but like you stated who doesn't even the most professional blogs and columns only have typos no one is perfect. I know once I woke up this morning I would have gone over and edited the post and most likely rewritten it like I did. Hopefully now it is easier to follow. Ty for your support and I am always here to support anyone and everyone. Xoxo

  3. I read a lot of blogs when I am working and I think your blog is great. Not only is it great for sources and tips for dressing in the latest styles and trends but also love your reviews, life stories and more. Sure it may not be perfect but like mentioned above we all are guilty of misspelling and typos. I think this post is great but only seeing this updated version. Thank you for taking the time to share your style finds and for sharing where we can find these items for less. I posted on another post a second ago and you have turned me on to eBay for clothes. I have used eBay because my man uses it to sell items and for buying electronic stuff, but I spent two hours on eBay after reading your article earlier about the bohemian coin necklace I have been wanting and couldn't find for under $20. I got two necklaces and a bracelet for under $20 along with some dresses and tops all priced amazing. Ty Ty Ty you are awesome!!

    1. Awe thank you so much. I am so happy to read your comment it warms my heart that others stumble upon my blog and enjoy it. I do this for fun and when someone like yourself leaves me a comment about finding my posts helpful or enjoying my blog it makes my day. Love to read comments and really appreciate you taking the time to post one. Have a great weekend and happy you found some amazing deals. I know when I score a style for an amazing price I get excited too. Enjoy. Xoxo

  4. This spring fashion 2015 article is amazing. Great post and so many cute fun styles. I am going to eBay now to look for some new pieces for my warobe and bookmarked your favorite shops. Visited the Fashion Junkee page already and have several items on my wishlist. Do you know by any chance how the crochet bohemian dress fits? Congrats on winning the giftcards! Saw you won both contests that is awesome. Can't wait to see what you pick out. I have enjoyed reading your blog.

  5. Great post and enjoyed your gladiator sandals must have shoes for spring post also. Love your blog with all your photos and information thank you

  6. Hello I have a brand of tee shirts and a small boutique online, I have been reading your blog for some time and would love to have you feature some of my products on your blog and Instagram account. I think you have an amazing and informative blog that seems to get a lot of traffic and comments. My name is Elise and I am emailing you now my boutique is Southern Charmed and hope we can work together soon. Continue to do what you enjoy and post informative articles with amazing products from small companies like mine and new brands. Without bloggers like yourself we wouldn't get the exposure and business we do get. Keep it up and I hope you continue to get the praise you deserve