Sunday, February 8, 2015

My to do list for around the home is almost complete

II am so thankful to say that my very long to do list that I started to write last year after the holidays is almost complete. I have had a lot of obsticales come my way, but that is life. We never know when something unexpected will come our way, or when our health or that of our loved one can take a turn, but I am a happy to say after many ups and downs, negatives but turned I to positives, things are good. 

I love to make lists, whether a weekly list, a wish list, a plan for my future goals list and then I always have a to do list for things we need to do around the home. That list continues to grow through out the year since owning a home is a never ending list of things to be repaired or done.   I am in full spring cleaning spree now, I have been working on my closet for awhile and my garage sale I originally planned for summer time but decided to spend my summer traveling or spending quality time with my kids. Once school started I had my health to take care of and then my husband fell ill and had to have an unexpected surgery. Once he returned to work a lot of things came up and we have the holidays quickly approaching. I set several goals for my new year, one was figuring out what was wrong with myself and my health, which I finally got answers, I am well on my way to recovering and being treated by some amazing specialists. Then to finish projects I started but never had time or money to finish. Purging and getting in every room, closet, drawer and storage area to go through stuff we have accumulated and start donating items to those who can use them, along with selling things to get what we needed new or used to complete rooms. Then my final step will be a garage sale to make some money for our spring break trip and to recoop some cash from work we have done. 

I always start my bedroom and never finish but it is well on it's way to being complete. Just a few more things needed for decor accents, and finishing my closet will be complete. Then painting my bathroom and building a cabinet I purchased with a Target giftcard I won. I got a lot done so far and have only put it on hold to work on the kids rooms, which I always do, that's why it's always last to be done or left incomplete but I promised myself I would finally finish it for me. I am always doing a lot for everyone else and really want to complete my space. 

This weekend we sold a lot of items we had on craigslist and felt so good to help out a nice lady who relocated from out of the country to furnish her home and new office space. I sold my daughter's old bed and still have the dresser and nightstand listed. Got her a new dresser that we love and mirror, painted her room, the guest bath and can't wait to put together the bathroom with all the nice stuff I got at Targer. My little one got her new wingback, tufted bed from Target yesterday and looks amazing. Plan to paint two walls gray and grab a rug. My oldest still needs curtains and a night stand which tomorrow I will knock out. Then paint the hallway and my bathroom.

I am proud of my hard work and our family working together as a team to stay on budget and do everything together. I have some exciting things to come for the blog. Teaming up with a couple shops to offer some amazing deals and discounts. Will feature a couple of amazing brands and shops with some photos of items I have purchased then will show several options for dressing up and casual tee shirts and other items, then after featuring the shops or brands info and what inspired them to start their brand or shop, showing some amazing items from them I will have a discount for my readers to purchase your own items to try out and wear. 

Also don't forget my mini contest for the julep polish for valentine's day and to read my article I am updating every other day with ideas for valentine's day. Excited with the direction of the blog and just wanted to take a moment to share my personal progress with my home. 

I know some readers read for my home decor tips and photos, other for fashion and shop references, bargains and deals I find and some for health and fitness. What ever you enjoy I have a lot to come. I will be focusing a lot on fashion in the upcoming weeks, new brands, and interior decor tips and ways to fix up your space with a budget. Ideas for recreating I high end look on a low end budget. Because I am all about budgets. 

Ty again to everyone, my blog has really grown a lot this passed year and I feel blessed to see my views growing along with getting more and more readers. I have been told that people can not follow my blog and have reported this to blogspot hoping to have my own domain in the weeks to come. Ty for checking back and following me on Pinterest or ig. 

I promise you will love the changes I am making, below a few photos of the rooms, new paint colors, furniture and will have much more the week once I am done. I am so appreciate and thankful for everyone who reads or follows along it means more to me than you will ever know. I love to see that others are interested in what I am doing and love my tips along with my fashion finds. Bless you all and hope you had an amazing weekend. Xoxo

Here's to an amazing and successful productive weekend. A little photo of my am view when the sun rises daily. Will add some details on each photo tomorrow off to bed busy week ahead. 

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  1. Amazing design work and thank you for sharing your photography. I requested to follow you on Instagram and love your fashion and design stuff but your photography is a bonus. Amazing work and eye you have. Congrats on everything and wish you nothing but success. Didn't know you are a Moderator on some of my favorite Instagram pages also, I love all the splendid pages and TGIF, you have an amazing eye and so much talent. Go girl