Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Update on home decorating

Wanted to throw in a quick update since last I posted I was neck high in spring cleaning and preparing for a garage sale, donation drop. I am still working hard. I got paint for the areas I didn't have any for that I decided to paint and then rollers , pans and other tools needs. I have filled holes and taken stuff down ready to start later this week or weekend. 

My closet is coming along slowly but nicely, taking a lot longer then I though or planned. When I started last week on Monday I figured I would be done but I am easily tired and sore so after five or six hours of cleaning and organizing I am done. Also I am easily distracted by my kids having to run then around, hubby when he is off of work and wanting to hang out, my mom on her days off wanting to go shopping or run errands, and other cleaning around the house. I still have a few stacks of clothes I have to go through and decide what is staying or going. Then have to fold some stuff for the shelves or drawers. Everything is pretty much cleaned out and so nicely organized it makes gettingb dressed a breeze. Below are a few shots of the closet while I have been cleaning and my dresjbg area which was a mess. The counter was filled the jewelry and accesories along with perfume and cologne bottles. Then under the counter I had a curtain to hide the shelf with tons of nail polish and jewelry making or beading supplies. Another hubby of mine I enjoy when I have time. I make bracelets, earrings and candle pins which are decor for candles to dress them up. 

Check out my photos: 

This is my dressing area which my hubby tore out the 1970's Formica counter and made this tile counter for me, I added a old mirror I had from kirklands and some jewelry organizers I had, a old book shelf from my daughree's room and now have a organized space for all my stuff. I have always used it for jewelry and perfume but just started using for my most carried bags. I still have two shelves in my closet one on each side above shoes with other bags I don't carry as often then some in dust bags on the very top shelf of my closet stored, but this is for my most carried right now. 

I installed three hooks on the wall and have my KM camera bag and two or three bags I carry more often then the others cause they are black or brown on the side. I love color and have many colored bags then too shelf is for wallets, clutches and wristlets. I have always loved bags. My first obsession with fashion was jeans and tees but my hubby got me a Coach bag 17 years ago and forget it lol. I always carried small bags or just a wallet or day planner with money storage area but he got me a small purse and loved it. I have since gotten into larger bags and always love a good wristlet or clutch when I just need a couple bucks and a ID. 

My closet is still a work in progress but have my boots I wear most on bottom and goes up to my heels I wear the most with my more expensive and fancier heels at the top. On the sides I have a shelf that is the same as straight ahead in each side and have sandals or flats below and work up to more heels. 

Again more heels and shoes, my sneakers are under the bottom later of tees and aend then ave boots or heels under the dresses and on sides of the straight in shelf. I actually have boots in boxes under my bed and nail polish in shoe boxes under my dresser lol. 

I didn't get all my purses out of the closet hubby was kind enough to let me have one more shelf from the side we share and then I made on shelf on my side for bags. Then I have a shelf of sweatpants and one of sweatshirts and cardigans, one of jean and cotton shiorts, tees and tanks. I also have a hanging area for tanks, tees, blouses, long sleeves and sweaters, jackets, jeans and pants, capris, skirts, and dresses. I wish now my dress or long area was larger cause j don't have enough room and have dresses hung with my skirts now also. 

That is the update on my cleaning and organizing. I how to finish next week and then add a rug along with some small steals like hooks for my scarf rack and belt hanger. Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for some cool knots of it all done. I already have a few items I have posted on my IG for sale and eBay. Mostly dresses and purses but more to come. 

Now onto the other many projects I have going on. My bedroom is on hold while I finish cleaning, but found some amazing feather candle sconces for the wall above my bed and love these animal heads in white or silver along with some etsy finds.

Found this at homegopds along with a couple others that are smaller and wonder if they would go good with my room decor. I like them and am drawn to them. Not my normal taste hut want a cool bohemian Indian eccentric style room. 

I finally ordered the headboard for my little ones room and went with target online for my order. They had 15% off plus additional 10% off then have the red card so another 5% savings and free shipping so cost me 230 ish. Got the pewter gray was back and forth with skate or pewter but the darker shade won't get as dirty. They called me and it will arrive next week. Super excited. Here is a photo below, it's the Roma tufted wingback headbaord in pewter gray. 

Photo from 

Then here is a reminder of the room now with new target shabby chic pink bedding and her back headbaord which will go to Paige my older daughter for her room update. 

I also got the valance for her window from target again the shabby chic line. Can't wait to hang t but think I may change the green walls to gray in her room. A really light almost white gray. There is no green left except in some of the wall art and with the gray skirt and how headboard I think it will look classy with the mirrored night stand then looking for a new dresser mirrored also. 

One last shot of the room 

This week sold Paige's bed on craigslist got $200 for it which wasn't bad and what I wanted. Listed for $350 because people will always try to talk you down so you must always start higher for room for them to haggle. I paid $899 for the entire set on sale new at rooms to go back when we moved into this house. 

$200 for the bed, $250 for the dresse and mirror maybe $300 because it's in great condition then $75-100 for the nightstand which is pretty beaten up. On the top. 

I love mirrored pieces, want all my furniture in my room and kids room mirrored but my oldest doesnt like it lol. I am on the hunt for a dresser and mirror for my little ones room, she has a nightstand already I got on super deal for $60 

Also want a tall lingerie chest and wanted a wide three drawer chest for my older daughter to Use as night stand but she said no to mirrors lol. 

Sorry for typos don't have my glasses on and  posting from my iPhone so I am relying in auto correct which is never good lol. I will go back over and proof tomorrow. Ty for reading and hope you enjoy my progress. Can't wait to sell the test of what I have to get rid of so hubby leaves me alone about clutter lol, and then paint this weekend and next week. Garage sale was rescheduled for next weekend the last weekend when I had planned for it. Fingers crossed I am ready. Or it all sells on Craigslist lol. The guy who bought the bed took some art work and frames also. Have two ladies coming tomorrow to look at the girly bathroom decor and bedding from the kids rooms so I laid it all out along with some of my nicer pieces I have to sell so the see it all. Always hope they buy more then what they planned. 

Have a great week and happy the weekend is almost here. Yay xoxo

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