Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stop waiting for Friday, Hella Kind apparel

I am always looking for cute shirts and I am always looking for anything against bullying, social media hate and stalking. I have been a victim of stalking, harassment and being lied about online for sometime now. I have let it go but I won't ever forget the years of hurt that this person inflicted on me and for no reason. You still have those who just don't like you or think bad things when they don't even know you, and this is why sometimes social media can be bad. I know I don't like my own daughter being on social media. I don't allow her to have a FB or interact much online. People can be so mean and cruel.  I say no matter what anyone thinks or has to say just be yourself, always.

I found this page on Instagram a few weeks ago and had to order some tee shirts. I was loving every design I saw and before long had seven shirts and tanks in my cart lol. I decided to order my two favorites first to check the sizing and to see what style tee I liked. They have many options from sweatshirts, unisex tees, ladies fitted tees, off the shoulder cropped style, muscle tanks and more. They also have some super cute sayings on them.   You can find them at Hellakind and at SWFFApparel

My first tee without a doubt was the Hellakind hashtag tee because ten dollars from every tee is donated to a anti bullying charity, which I was super excited about. Made me want to order the seven tees and for sure knew I would be posting this brand on my blog. The hellakind tee I got is a unisex black with a beige almost heather look to it. I got a medium because I wanted it loose and fits amazing. They also sent out a sticker and a card with the info on joining the movement. 

You can find them on Instagram @hellakind and be sure to hashtag your tee once you get one #hellakind. Website is www.hellakind.com. Link is above just click on the hellakind prompt. 

Next up was torn because I loved so many styles but like I always tell myself to make sure to keep my budget in mind. I decided to go with the ladies tee that had a oversized flowy look.  It has a shorter length then the unisex tee and has the flowy loose fit with an almost off the shoulder cut. I love it and will be ordering more this style along with a muscle tank for sure this week. I will say once the item was shipped it arrived in two days. It does say to allow 7-14 days for processing because I believe the tees are made to order since they have so many options for each design. 

I am a huge music lover, music is a huge part of my life and has been since I was a child. I love rock and metal music, to me it is my therapy. I love going to concerts and local rock shows there is just something about the loud music that allows me to release so much energy. When I am stressed, sad, mad or just need some time for me music is on and world is off. This tee was for sure the second tee for me. 

This tee is a little different color wise but the graphic is white and the hellakind one is more of a beige tone. The fit of this tee is by far one of my favorite styles. Was worried the length would be too short but  it's perfect. I wore it with leggings which are skin tight and this tee covers everything just right. Not to long and not to short. You can find them on iG @stopwaitingforfriday and the link above or in my favorite shops on sidebar of blog.

 Hope you enjoy the new tee shirts I added to my huge collection. Have a lot of super cute stuff heading my way. Had a lucky week last week, won a Fuji instax camera in blue, a huge JCrew gift card for $500, pacsun $200 card for items for reviewing for the blog, a pair of converse of my choice for the blog, some amazing gladiator sandals to review, a fashionjunkeedotcom $50 gift certificate, $100 from Maurice's, and got some super cute eBay finds. I have not used all my gift cards yet. I did select a few items from JCrew and Pacsun but saving most of them waiting for more spring and summer styles. I can't wait to share my bohemian baby doll tunic, and many other items that have arrived or will be arriving this week. 

Have a fabulous week and please feel free to shoot me an email or leave me a comment below sharing your blog or some of your favorite tees. Also if you have a boutique and want to get some exposure I am always representing many small businesses on my IG, Pinterest, FB and blog. I know you may look at my little blog and think no one sees this but I check my stats daily, I get over 1000 hits a day. I have a lot of people who email me and love the girl next door vibe I represent along with a carefree style for moms and thirty something ladies everywhere. I am not afraid to be who I am and wear what I love, color my hair crazy and rock my ripped jeans. I think beauty is in all of us, it isn't about how skinny you are, how beautiful your face is or how much money you have. It's about inside, who you are and what you show people. I love everyone even those who want to hurt me with lies or hate, I believe you get back what you put out, I always seem to have a lot of good energy around me and find a lot of amazing deals, meet a lot of amazing connections, win awesome prizes and have people reach out to me often to express their gratitude for my support. I believe in giving back and always being supportive of everyone. Listen ladies there is room for everyone of us to succeed whether it be in a career, passion, something you do for fun whatever it is. There is no need to hate on your competition because there is NO COMPETITION! Not here anyways. I am being myself and doing what I love. Can't stop won't stop! I have always believed I can and I have. Peace and kindness to all. I am for sure Hellakind! 



  1. Melissa,

    Hey there pretty lady, have loved reading your blog. You are such creative and talented women. Thank you for helping plan another amazing event for my shop and for helping me with making selections for my spring and summer collections. You are for sure a trendy and fashion forward woman. Can't wait to host this event and see all the new products we have put together. Keep up your hard work and best of luck.

  2. Cute tee shirts and love that they donate money to charity. Thank you for sharing

    1. They are super cute and they have many other styles I wanted but had to wait. I also love the fact that for every hellakind tee you purchase they donate $10 to a anti bullying charity, I have been a victim of online and social media bullying and stalking so that is dear to my heart. Ty for your comment and have a great weekend. Hope you stop by again. Xoxo

  3. Hellakind is awesome great post

  4. Again awesome tee shirt collection. I have really had a blast going through your recent posts with new trends for spring along with your ootd posts and amazing tee shirts. I also love graphic tee and tanks. Usually I buy mine from the mall stores or target but you have some really cool ones and I now have a few new shops bookmarked for future purchase.