Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My many shades of hair color

For those who read my blog regularly you know that since I started this blog back  3-4 years ago, I have always had fun colored hair. The artist in me loves to express my personality through my hair. I don't wear make up and I am not much of girly girl, more of a tomboy type, but I love hair color. For me I express my love for art and music through my hair, clothes and jewelry. 

I love heavy metal, rock and absolutely love going to concerts. The louder and crazier the better. I have always dressed in ripped jeans, lots of black, studs, leather and skulls. I was wearing skulls and ripped jeans as a teen. I also was dying my hair lol. I am blonde so it is easier to change the color often. 

I have tried every color and many different dyes, I have done it myself and now have a professional do it because it lasts longer. I use pravana hair dye now and the pigment is so much brighter and holds longer. Two summers ago I went from just dying the underneath layers to doing the ombré all over. I loved it and have been playing with different color combos ever since. I have dyed my entire head and I had the black underneath with black lowlights and white blonde highlights for a couple years in my mid twenties, it got very popular so decided to go to a red and blonde then got pregnant so just went natural. 

After I had my daughter I wanted to go super blonde so I started bleaching my hair myself which lead to boredom with it all being one color, that's when I started dying the fun colors myself again. The store bought dyes don't last and usually wash out a lot the first rinse. I started looking for a colorist and eventually my business baking led me to a party one night that I had a table set up at and I met a lady that was doing the hair for the fashion show for the event, she gave me her card and I eventually went to see her. I had not let anyone color my hair since before I was pregnant and the lady who did color my hair for ten years had moved to Texas. 

I started out just adding lowlights to add some pigment back to my hair along with contrast because It was super white blonde. After a few months I asked her about adding some pink and the rest is history lol. Like I mentioned above I started with just the underneath layer, then led to two layers one pink and one purple. Two summers ago as soon as the school year ended and I knew I didn't have to worry about people thinking, wow look at her, lol I went ahead and did the ombré. I had her dye the underneath purple and then the ends of all my hair a ombré purple. It came out amazing, I had the perfect blend of lilac, purple and then a bright darker purple on the ends. 

I kept that for almost two years adding some orchid, which is a pinkish purple. I loved it and then after this passed summer I decided I wanted to try the blue shades. In the passed I have posted many photos of my hair but got some recent shots of it that look pretty good. With the blue it is harder to see in photos the true colors. The purple was a lot easier some shots it would look more pastel but then some shots it would look really vibrant. 

If you are curious how I continue to lift my hair with out losing it or ruining it, my hair dresser introduced me to Olaplex, they have three products, one you add to the bleach when stripping or lifting the base, to help protect the hair and make the process be able to stay on longer without burning the hair, step 2 goes on after color to seal, protect and make it look amazingly healthy, and step 3 is a take home product you can use to continue to help reverse any prior damage. I highly recommend this product, it can be pricey but worth every cent 

Here are some shots from previous posts:  

Those are the pravana vivids purple ombré. I got this color done in March and it lasted till October. I got more compliments on my hair over the two years I wore the purple and pink then any other color I have done. Will probably go back after this summer. I stopped worrying about what parents at the school or anyone would think, I love it and enjoy it, so I am going to rock it. 

Below are some photos of the blue shades and you will see it either looks super bright or dark. 

This shot above you see more of the purple but this is the blue not the purple, I do have purple in it and even some pink still that didn't come out, plus she blended the underneath with purple, a royal blue and neon blue, then have some pastel and neon on the ends. 

Here you can see more of the blues and some of the purple. I use to wear my hair straight always but the coloring made me start to curl it, braid it and wear it wavy. 

Here it looks more of a dark almost navy blue. 

Funny I posted this photo on my IG and heard rumors I was being accused of touching up my photos. I don't have airbrushing or any editing software on my iPhone lol, barely have room for my photos always deleting photos and apps. I have pic tap go and vsco which you can add a filter or adjust colors etc but I don't touch up my photos and all of them are taken on my phone. This is the lighting, this shot was taken in front of white doors, with one over head light, it appears to be very bright and washed out my face. I laugh when people accuse you of retouching your photos because they don't have photos recent of themself and use old photos always. I promise I am not airbrushing or touching up my photos it lighting. I hardly ever wear makeup either, only for special occasions or if my face is breaking out which happens once every couple months. Also I have been accused of getting Botox lol, yes I have a post on here about my migraines and that I now use prescription Botox for the control of my migraines. It has been a life changer but it does not change my look at all. It is applied to the hairline, two shots between my eyebrows and the rest of the 34 shots all together are in my head, neck and shoulders, not my face. I have joked with the doctor about giving me some extra shots but he does not administer Botox for cosmetic reasons only for medical reasons. I am only 37 and I have always had a younger face, I take care of my skin and only issue I have since having kids is sunspots I get if I don't wear sunscreen daily. I always laugh when people have to act like high school even as grown thirty something women with kids lol. I don't have time, back to my hair, just wanted to clear that up really quick. I am horrible at taking selfies and practice more now that I post more shots of myself on here and my IG. I wish I could touch up or retouch some of my photos lol. 

Here you can see in the above photo some of the color but on the black cardigan it looks almost navy blue. My hair is super long, I am growing it as long as I can, hard because my hair is a lot of work but I am trying not to flat iron it or blow dry it like I use to, and let it just be so it can heal from all the heat styling snd color damage.  I have super strong hair trust me, it has been though a lot lol. 

The above photos are hard to tell the color due to the bright light, light hides a lot of things and can mask a lot of things but it can also change the appearance of colors. 

I took this shot outside on my patio when the sun was going to down some and not as bright, I am in the shade under a covered patio but this is the closest photos since I had it colored months ago in October, of the actual colors. 

As you can see it is fading on the ends but the middle section is still super bright and vivid. I love the neon blue, and pastel blue, of course the purple also. The purple is my favorite of all the shades I have used. 

Some of the blonde hair around my face has had some slight bleeding of the blue, which I worried about because if you are or have ever been a blonde green is not a color we want lol. I don't think anyone wants green hair, lucky for me mine is more of a turquoise or teal shade. 

I will be getting my color done in the weeks to come and decided one more go with the blue, I want to try just the pastel and neon blue. Ty for reading and if you are wanting to do this to your hair I recommend going to the salon. 

Wore my hair curly today have had it in a braid for a week or so probably since I have been cleaning or working around my home. Got lucky and captures some almost true to life color to show you. Finally lol 

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