Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Hope for humanity apparel mail

I placed a order almost three weeks ago and was so excited today when my package arrived. I always love to order stuff online and wait for it to come. I usually place a few orders every two weeks and win a couple items off eBay, so I get happy when mail arrives. For me it is like getting a present, lol.

I received an email last week because usually they can take up to 12 days to print and ship the tees, my last order didn't take as long but the email explained they had gotten new tags for the tees and it would delay the shipping. I don't mind waiting and I like the courtesy of them taking the time to send a email to explain the delay. Great customer service for sure. 

I really wanted to order a fleece sweater and jogging pants but budget conscious me decided to wait and order tee shirts only. I have a wish list pretty long of items I want from many shops, so I was happy to check these two off.  I posted a blog post a few weeks ago featuring my first shirt from them, it is the first they laugh then they copy tee, I also have  the same style but in a tank I ordered for my daughter. I had a few tops I wanted still so I went ahead and ordered two more off my list. I would still love a logo tee from the company and they have a cute top with be original be you on it. My tee shirt collection continues to grow and like to try different brands, this company had been one of my faves but the shirts are $40 each so I had to save up for my purchase. Luckily my first tee was a gift then the tank I ordered for my daughter as a gift, so this was my first purchase for myself. Usually I pay around $15-30 for a tee and try to watch for promos or deals. These are a splurge for me but worth the money, I love to support small businesses and original creative products.

Hope for humanity is an amazing brand. There motto and messages are amazing. I always stand behind any brand that is about being yourself and letting women know that being yourself, being true and original are all postive things. I like to send a good message to my two little girls, well one isn't so little anymore. It isn't easy being a woman or girl in this world when so many are out to harm you or knock you down. It is always important to stay true to yourself and not let anyone influence that. Do what you love and don't let other people say or do things to damper your passions. I try to take the negativity and any anger or hurt I feel from the things said or done, turn that into drive and fuel to make myself work even harder to show the world that I am able to accomplish anything I set my mind to. 

I have loved their tee that says Confidence and intelligence will never stop being beautiful, and also the worry less dream more tee. I got the women's Eco jersey tee in Eco gray with white writing for the confidence and intelligence tee. I will say that when you receive the tee the white lettering does not seem to stand out a lot on the gray heather style tee but once you have it on it looks good. Then I went with Eco black which is almost a heather black or charcoal gray style tee with white lettering for the worry less dream more tee, it looks amazing. I ordered XL and glad I did, my first tee was a unisex tee and have a medium. Then I ordered my daughter a ladies tank in a large because at Christmas time I wanted to order my daughter one since she was borrowing mine often, at the time they told me that the large black tank was in stock already and didn't have to be custom printed like most of their items and it would be here in time. I got the large cause that was all they had told me they had in that style, when I tried it on it was very fitted on me, but does fit her perfect. The women's sizes are running small because I am usually a medium to large. The XL fits me like a medium or large would in a regular tee. Make sure you order up a size atleast when ordering the ladies or stick with the unisex tees and order true to size. Basically if you like your tee or tank to be fitted then the ladies ones will work just order one size up, if you like a loose fitted tee shirt go with the unisex cut tees. 

I am very happy with my purchase. The tee shirts are very soft and seem to be made very well. I have not washed them yet but my previous tee and tank washed fine inside out and I always hang my tees to dry. Again the brand is amazing and has such a positive message that I think you would be satisfied. Just remember that they custom make them because  you have the choice of style, color and what writing or logo you want, so it does take time for them to print  it then allow a few days for shipping. The black looks amazing with the white writing and like I mentioned the gray doesn't look like the white writing stands out much but once you put it on it looks great. Check out my photos below

Here I have on the gray tee in XL with the white writing and as you can see the lettering looks good. Before I put it on when I was just looking at it out of the package thought it appeared to be very light and didn't seem to stand out, isn't a solid bright white, but on it looks perfect. Since  I didn't get to order their joggers have on a pair I got from target in white with shades of black and gray, heather style. These were $19.99 and super comfy. 

Above are the two tees I got today in the mail, flipped the labels over so you could see the new labels they mentioned in my email when I was notified shipping would be delayed a little longer. They are solid black labels and have their company name on one side facing outward and inside has the size and care instructions for washing and ironing. They are cute and I like  that they have the company name. Good addition. 

Be sure to check out their site and IG page, also you can find them on FB either under HFHApparel or hope for humanity apparel. Some also use the hashtag h4happarel on IG when tagging their tees. I love their ig and fb pages cause they postive daily postive quotes and cute things. The website is 

Everyone have a great evening and remember to always be you. 


 If you are looking for a cute pair of fleece joggers, hit Target and grab a pair of these Mossimo super cute and comfy pants. $19.99 and have solid black, these heather white gray, then burgundy with pattern, army green and black pattern and also saw a gray with a tribal triangle looking pattern. I have black, the green, burgundy and these ones I have on, so comfy. Also have a PJ pair from Mindy Mae's market in black and white stripes, called the comfs and they were $21.99 then Old Navy has some similar ones in their pajama area. Check it out, love sweat pants. Hence my I support messy hair and sweatpants sweatshirt lol. I think I have posted that if not I have a cute black sweatshirt with white writing that says that, got it off eBay from a shop that also has a website, FB and IG page called fashionjunkeedotcom or just fashion junkee. Super cute. If you love graphic tees and amazing stylish pieces they are a great shop to check out. Will have a post soon if I haven't posted yet. Have ordered a few products. Always like to share my finds and new shops I have discovered.

Update wanted to add this tee which I am wearing today, home working on my to do list around the house. Love this tee, cozy and I am for sure worrying less, dreaming more. <3


  1. Thank you for your comments and if you have questions about sizing or orders my best answer would be to go to their website and contact them there, IG is more for showing the product and networking. I have always gotten a response right away when contacting them through their website. Hope thay helps. Thank you for reading,

  2. I have to say after finding your blog searching for graphic tees, I now have found so many anazing new sites. Thank you for taking the time to post all these tee shirts and where to find them.