Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Instagram outfits of the day..

My weekly update with a few photos from this passed week, I have considered linking my Instagram to my blog for some time but since I post a lot of personal family photos mixed with my fashion or outfit of the day finds, deals, home decor, photography shots and more I decided it would be easier to grab some of my favorite shots from each week and just do a post. That way you don't have to see my entire feed of photos. One day I would like to have a IG set up for my photography, business and then fashion but way to much work. For now I will do my best to share my favorites here. 

I know I get a lot of people always asking me why I will be such a deal or bargain hunter for some items, but then splurge on other times. The best advice I can give anyone who loves to shop and enjoys fashion, set a budget for yourself weekly, monthly what ever is easier for you. Decide what you can afford to spend on yourself. I set my budget monthly, after all the bills and family expenses are met I will save a little extra in my account then see what I have available at the end of the month. I don't like to charge stuff because I dislike being in debt. Some months I am only able to save a little and other months I may work a design job, or make several cakes maybe I save a ton of money bargain shopping through the month. Other times I may have spent more on the kids stuff or something unexpected came up and I don't have as much as I would like. I never really need anything most of the time anything I buy is a luxury or something I wanted for awhile. I am always looking online and I tend to spend one day a week out browsing some of my favorite stores whether alone while my girls are at school, sometimes  for inspiration for a project or job. Other days I meet my friend for lunch then we will window shop. Somedays my mom and I go out to check out some stores on her day off to spend some mother daughter bonding time. No matter what I never go overboard or buy stuff I can not afford. I have very expensive taste for clothes and home decor but I am the first to hit outlets, Craigslist, eBay or lots of other low priced options looking for similar items. I always like to see what I can find for less and then decide what I will splurge on. 

Handbags are always an investment for me usually I can find them at outlets or on eBay slightly used for less. I love Marshall's and TJ Maxx, they always have lots of high end options for half the price of the high end store. I am never ashamed to buy a pre owned bag as long as I know it's authentic and in good condition. Shoes I never buy used or pre owned.  I have bought them off eBay but always like for them to be new, in the biox or with tags. Jeans and other items I always look for on sale, I love high end designer jeans but I have learned I can buy them for a fraction of the price if I look around. I will splurge on a unique piece and on some of my shirts since they are unique, they can make my wardrobe more personalized to my specific taste or style. I love accesories and always find them for cheap. A lot of my jewelry is off eBay and yes even some of the high end designer pieces have been eBay finds. I have a lot of real pieces I received as gifts from my family or hubby. When I buy myself something I almost always will find a style I like and hit eBay to look first. I have found some amazing deals looking on eBay first.

I am the same with decorating my home. I am always going to DCOTA design center and then love West Elm, Z Galleries, Pottery Barn, Anthro, and many amazing high end home decor stores. I walk the stores often and take photos then look around before I invest. I almost always can find something on Craigslist or online for less.  HomeGoods and other stores similar are always amazing for finding similar high end pieces for half the price. I do on occasion find a item I can't find online or similar and will save up for, sometimes I get lucky and as I am saving the items will go on sale and get marked down. That's a favorite time for me lol and I will always post photos ASAP. There is nothing I love more then saving up for something and then seeing it marked down 40% to even as much as 80%. Z Gallerie almost always marks down items at the end of a season if they still have stock up to 70% off. I struggle sometimes but try my best to wait it out with hopes they will still have stock. I have even called around stores out of state and found items, paid over the phone and had them shipped to me. I got my bedding one time this way. Saved $250 on just shams and sheets then $175 on the duvet. Nothing makes me more excited then saving major money. 

Below are some of my outfits from the last couple weeks on IG. Enjoy and check me out on IG if you enjoy photos of decor, fashion and nature. I love to share photos and am always inspired by others. My IG name is @cr8tivemamarazzi. 

BigBoldFierce Wild Nostalgia baseball tee. I know I have posted a lot of this brands tees so only going to post a couple, you can go back to a few previous posts to see more styles. Had my mixer the other night and posted several styles and then have a couple posts with some of my other tees I own. Have a lot in my collection from this artist love her work. 

Paisley jogging style pants with a loose fit open back, crochet trim top. Bottoms are from Love Culture and top was a Marshall's find. 

Cute bow detail, button down cardigan from Kohl's and a cute white, black striped basic tee. The cardigan is adorable and has a see through back, these are older items in my closet from a few years ago. 

My lace trim pink sweater I found at Marshall's. Necklace is LC Lauren Conrad from Kohl's and is gold with pearls. 

This military jacket is over five years old from American Eagle, was a Christmas gift from my hubby. It has a fur detachable collar and amazing fit. Gathered in the back to accent the waist line. Paired with a striped tee and then a necklace I made myself. Love to make lots of things and enjoy doing diy projects with my girls. 

BigBoldFierce Nirvana tank, love this and another of my collection of unique tees and tanks. Here I have the tank paired with a solid white tank and some jogging sweats in a heather gray color from Target. Loving the fitted jogging style sweats now, found  these in several colors and patterns for $19.99 from Target. 

Love to layer and when the weather gets cool here I am excited to get dressed. Living where it is warm all the time I am use to tanks, sundresses, shorts and sandals. Love to wear layers and boots, jackets and scarves but not many chances here in Florida. This day I wore my Chambray denim top my mom got me from Walmart for Christmas. Love it so light weight and soft fits amazing. Was under $10 and wish I could have found more colors or darker denim tone. I paired it with my Mulberry Press Co, Good Vibes only tee. I chose leggings from Marshall's in solid black and target clearance boots to finish off my look of the day. 

In the back seat of the car since my oldest is driving now and wanted to snap a selfie. Love this tee and have been meaning to order some more tees from Mulberry Press Co. They have a lot of positive quote tees. 

Another cool day and a chance to layer, here I have my eBay find floral tassel kimono which was $7 and my Kindness is always stylish tee. Can't express how much kindness means to me. This tee is from Mindy Mae's market. If you check the side bar on my blog I have a list of some of my favorite shops and sites with a link you just click that will take you directly to the site. Jeans are American Eagle and have same Havaiana flip flops on that I found at Marshall's. 

Love to take some shots outside in the natural light, working on my selfie outfit shots. Promise I will post more photos of myself in the clothes. 

Hope you enjoyed and let me know what outfits are your favorite. If I left out any details and you need to know where something is from leave me a comment below, I always try to answer all comments within 12-24 hours. 

Thank you for reading and keep checking back. Last week I had a giveaway and today mailed out all the prizes. If you won you will have your item within next 2-3 days so by the end of the week. Hoping to have another giveaway soon. Have a great week and excited have a few new items in route I ordered along with some new shops I have tried that I can't wait to feature. Excited also to be ordering some more Le motto tees and will have a discount code hopefully to offer you all. Don't forget to use my code for BigBoldFierce if you order a tee, delite20 to receive 20% off. 



  1. Hello I recently started to follow you on Instagram after finding your blog and love your cute wardrobe. You have such an amazing tee shirt collection and love to see how you put them together with different pieces. I love to see your photography and enjoy your blog so much. I really think you are amazing with your stand ion kindness and think you are a strong woman. Keep up this amazing blog and doing what you love. Don't let a couple people who don't like you bring you down. I will continue to read and follow your blog along with your IG. Hope to see more of your amazing photography also. You need to show off some of your photos here on your blog.

    1. Thank you Nikki so much for all your kindness, sending love and kisses your way. Makes me so happy when readers take the time to leave me a comment. I am always here and my email is my comtacts, along with you can always direct message me on instagram or facebook also. I am so happy you enjoy my blog and my outifts. xoxo,

  2. Forgot I love your stand on kindness and think you have totally inspired me to buy some of these anazinf shirts to add to my collection. Please make sure to update your shop list as you continue to add new shirts and clothing to your collection because I love every shop I have found from you. Just ordered from Fashion Junkee and getting ready to order the good vibes tee and kindness tee above. Thank you for sharing because bow I have so mbah new cute places to order from.

    1. Kindness is very important to me, I have had one girl try to ruin me online going qs far to lie about me, turn strangers against me amd more, it is a legal matter I refuse to go into much detail about but she turned some girl I never met on IG against me and had many negative things written about me. Even when i had my photography featured they would write rude commenta. Since it is a legal matter my lawyer and I have screen shots of all of it fot over a year since my appearnce, and I don't want to escalate it agqin but if she continues, which for now she has 't been as bad her side kick is actually more of a headache, she doesn't know me but has the balls to slander amd lie about me to anyone who will listen. she is no saint, like they say every sinner has a future and every saint has a passed. I refuse to let anyone bring me down, all they did was push me to work harder towards my goals and dreams, I have had a lot of success the passsed two years, and they think they hurt me, no way! They made me more fierce, stronger and determined girl. You will see in time I have a lot going on and have been acheiving many thinga, I could not be happier in my personal and public life. I am grateful and so blessed. ty again for your support, xoxo

  3. Loving your blog and your collection of tee shirts. Thank you for taking the time to share all the tee shirts and many other cool things.