Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fashion Junkee

Hey there been meaning to write a post for a couple weeks but was hoping to grab some better shots of the knit elbow patch top on. Wanted to post so you can check out this new shop I found. I have a lot of boutiques I have found from Facebook and Instagram then some sellers on etsy and eBay I love. One night I was surfing eBay and stumbled upon this great shop. Didn't realize at the time they had a website and ordered a cute top. When it arrived I ended up having a issue with the placement of the elbow patches, loved the top but the patches were too low and must have been a mess up when being made. I contacted the seller through eBay and let me tell you I was beyond impressed. I have been dealing with shops big and small for many years, I order a large percentage of my stuff online. I have never come across a company that made retuning or exchanging so easy.

I sent a message explaining my issue and immediately was contacted. I let them know how many stripes up the patch started and sent photos of the top. They checked their warehouse and were very honest with my telling me that my size the last ones they had were all the same way, and then told me that I could keep it and get partial refund or return it for full refund, but I loved the look and style of this top. My next email was to tell me that they had a similar top put was knit and the elbow patches were higher up. I ended up liking this top even more. It has a knit sweater look, the cut is amazing and the bottom has a curved black trimmed finished bottom. Way cuter and looks amazing on. I went with it, and then they told me they would send me a return envelope with the replacement top. I didn't have any envelopes but was not expecting when my new top arrived for the envelope to have paid postage also. 

They shipped it so fast and arrived the next day, I opened it and was so happy with the me top. Again I like it even better then the original, looks more expensive. It is a light weight knit, cream and black tunic style top, has a curved bottom with black trim and then suede brown/tan elbow patches. I love the loose fit and light weight material. The original one was a cotton style tunic and the bottom was straight across and it was more fitted. Felt more like a tee shirt, the sleeves were a little tight on the top where the seam was, still a cute top but the patches were placed below the elbow and looked off. 

I immediately placed the original in the envelope and wrote out a thank you card, then sent them a email right away to express my gratitude and to make them aware how impressed I was with my purchase and return process. I left them an amazing review also on eBay. I then noticed they have an online store so made sure to check it out. Of course I found a lot of items I loved. Within a few days was placing my second order for a black light weight sweatshirt with, proud supporter of sweatpants and messy hair. If you know me this is so me lol. 

The day the sweatshirt arrived my hubby saw it and laughed. He told me they must have custom made it for me. I color my hair bright fun colors was blonde with purple ombré for two years. Went from blonde to lilac, lavendar and then medium purple to a bright purple, also had some purple almost fuschia shades called orchid in there, due to this coloring I don't wash my hair a lot because I causes fading and running of the colors. I am currently purple with several shades of blue, and keep my blonde on the top. But messy hair is my slogan lol, I do my hair often and when I leave the house lol but I am a braid, pony tail and bun queen, then I have been cleaning out my closet and no lie have over 30 pairs of sweat pants, fleece joggers, and yoga style pants. That's not including my actual workout clothes that include sweats, yoga style pants or capris along with joggers. Lol. I love Victoria secret pink boyfriend pants, fleece style joggers and comfy pants. They are my home wardrobe lol. Once I saw this on their site couldn't resist. It is a great addition. Super soft and comfy, then love that it is light weight since it doesn't get cold here and when it does not that cold. 

Here I am in the sweatshirt with yoga pants and fuzzy socks not long after I received it, think I wore it the night after it arrived lol. 

Shot of it hanging, I got a large so it would be loose fitting. Perfection 

Striped knit tunic with suede elbow patches 

Closeup of the tunic to see knit material, elbow patch detail and cream, with black color. 

Check out fashionjunkee on FB and IG, fashionjunkeedotcom. Then their website is Tell them Melissa sent you, lol. I am a huge fan now and have a wish list very long. Hope to be able to order more items soon. Hard with all the home stuff I have going on and expenses not expected, but loving some new pieces they got for spring and still have some items from my first visit to the site I saved on my wishlist. Maybe I can win a gift card or come into a little extra cash after my garage sale. 

Enjoy and sorry late post was planning to post this way earlier but wanted to take some better photos, but mentioned it in the last post so wanted to post while I was thinking about it. Looking at the photo of the yoga pants and sweatshirt makes me want to get in that comfy outfit now cause it's passed my bedtime lol. Have a great night and happy almost weekend! Xoxo. 

Right now Fashion Junkee has a Valentine's day promo code, Love15 to receive 10% off your order valid now through 2/14. Be sure to check out the store online. 

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