Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Current contest*Updated with winners!

Hello readers and friends, don't forget to enter my contest over on IG, @cr8tivemamarazzi. I am giving away five bottles of Julep polish, Hartleigh, a holo glitter Valentine's day topcoat. Amazing over pink or red polish. It looks good on top of many colors and is perfect for this weekend. I have extended my cut off date to tomorrow night at 11:59 pm. Want to give more people a chance to enter since my profile was set to private still. Thought I had taken it off but somehow it was back on private and I didn't even know. Sorry about that. All you have to do is head over to Instagram and follow me, repost the photo below and tag #cr8tiveheart. Then visit my blog and leave a comment, I originally wanted everyone to follow but was told that from mobile devices there is no option to follow my blog. I will be working on figuring out a way for everyone to follow.

I also wanted to let you all know that I am editing my posts one by one all day today between meetings and picking up kids so that I have links like I use to have. I use to do all my blog posts from my laptop but over the passed two years it became so much easier to post from my iPhone. Only thing is I don't have all the options for adding links and making it easier for readers to go directly to a page from my blog. I have already added one on my last post for BigBoldFierce but my laptop battery died, I didnt charge it overnight. I will be doing this to a lot of my recent posts along with adding a few shops I love to the sidebars so you can find them easily.  Hoping over the weekend to do a lot of updates but bare with me, I have Valentine's day party at my daughter's school and will be volunteering all day tomorrow till Friday then of course valentine's day is Saturday. I do promise to I will have the page updated as soon as I can with links to products, pages and more. Thank you again for all your support, my heart can not express how much it means to me to see how many visitors I am getting daily again. It is so exciting to see my blog growing again and I promise I will be putting a lot more time into fixing up the page to make it easier and more user friendly for everyone. 

Here is the photo for the contest and go over now to my IG and help me out, tag a friend you may think would be interested in winning the polish and samples or even maybe like my blog. Always looking for new readers and friends to follow along. Thank you again for all your support and kindess. 



Contest officially ended and the winners were contacted, they have all claimed their prizes and everything is set to be shipped next week on Tuesday, forgot Monday is a holiday. The lucky winners are: First place: Stephanie J in NC, Second Place: Elizabeth V in CA and they both won the polish and sample of Crack hair serum along with nail art decals by Joby Nail Art, another Julep polish, and some nail art goodies. Third place went to Britt I in UT, and she got the polish and hair serum along with some earrings and the last two lucky winners are Jennifer Z in NC and Katie F in IN. Thank you all so much for your support. This wasn't my first and for sure won't be my last giveaway. In the works for exclusive offers, discounts and promos. Have the BigBoldFierce promo code, going to be featuring Betty Bangs Bikinis on a upcoming post, LeMotto tee shirts a line I featured recently and will have a promo code also. Then working on a contest with possibly a couple shirts from a couple of my favorite shops, or brands. Keep an eye out. I appreciate the support, I can say proudly my blog has been doing amazing and my views are up to some of the highest numbers in months. Hoping to get back where I was a year ago. All the support is greatly aooreciated and please if you have a blog leave me a link so I can visit. I love to support others. Remember to support small businesses and those hard working peeps that are working hard to bring you amazing products. Peace and love to all. Xoxo, 

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