Friday, February 6, 2015


Giving away some Julep Valentine's day themed nail polish, along with one surprise item per package. I got five extra holo glitter clear coat bottles of Hartleigh from Julep and want to share with my friends and amazing followers. 

I am going to draw five names from IG and send out 5 packages, each package will include one bottle of the julep polish and then a surprise beauty item. I have sets of False lashes, other nail polishes, lotions, masks for hair, and other beauty products. I am sent items often to sample for my blog, I haven't done any reviews recently but have in the passed and have a few I am working on for this month. One item I am trying is Kiss ever ez lashes, they sent me 5 boxes and my daughter tried one set and I tried a set so have a couple left. Each package comes with two sets of lashes and easy applicator. I also have Dr. Scholl's ball of foot cushion for heels, one of my favorites Crack for your hair, it's an amazing product for damaged or dry hair, I have several samples of that and many other items. 

To enter: Follow my blog, Follow @cr8tivemamarazzi on IG and then there you will find the photo below, repost that photo and tag me along with the hashtag #cr8tiveheart. You can get extra entries by leaving a comment on one of my blog posts, so I know you are commenting to enter the contest just say, I love Julep. 

The contest will end quickly so I can send it out next week, would love to say I could get it to you by Valentine's day but can't make any promises and want to give some time to let the word spread so we can get some entries. The date for the end of contest will be Thursday February 12 at noon. Please comment below that you have entered. Just so I can keep track here and on IG. 

Thank you to everyone for following and all your support. Please help spread the word for me. You can repost on you FB, IG, and your blog. I appreciate all the support.  Hoping to get enough people to enter to make this fun along with gain some new readers and followers. I am a stay at home mom of two girls, one is 15 and the other is 7. I believe in spoiling myself and my girls but always on a budget. I love to decorate, interior design is my first passion, then party and event planning, decor and crafts, art in all forms from painting, sketching, collage art, paper art, sewing, baking and fondant cake art, and more. Baking is something I have always loved along with cooking. I really have a love for photography, film and digital. I collect vintage cameras and photos. I am not a make up kind of girl but I do love beauty products to keep my skin youthful and fresh, love hair color, been every color you could imagine lol. Fashion is a passion, I love tee shirts and tanks, jeans and shoes. I also love heels and fancy ensembles from dresses, pant suits, maxi skirts, spring dresses, you name it. Feel free to scroll through my old blog here that has chaned and transformed from many different styles over the year but has always been about things I love and that are my taste or style. Working hard to finish my home and once I have that together will have more changes to my blog. Hoping to get a domain for my business I am starting and will hopefully be able to continue the blog there. 

Ty again and please feel free to leave a comment below. 

Julep polish I am giving away, then have more items, I will include one other item per bottle of polish for each winner. Will be picking five winners 

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