Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Over a Decade old Denim going strong

Silver Jeans Co

I have been an ambassador for Silver Jeans Co since last summer, June 2015

I have posted a lot of posts about my favorite brand of jeans, Silver Jeans Co.  Jeans are something a woman can never have to many of, there are many styles, cuts, washes, and colors to choose from.  I became an ambassador for Silver Jeans a while back, and was thrilled when I was offered this position since I have been wearing their jeans for over half my life, two decades. In some more recent posts of my favorite styles I had spoken about a pair of jeans I bought over 10-15 years ago and still own. I promised to do a post on them just to show you how amazing the quality of these jeans are. I wanted to make sure to show how these jeans have held up after over a decade of wear and tear.  Keep in mind the first pair I purchased over 10 years ago were worn almost nightly and through some mosh pits at concerts.  They have seen lots of wear and tear, somehow still looking amazing.  Every year when I clean out my closet they are examined and tried on, always making the cut.  Honestly they were my all time favorite jeans when I first got them, so much so that I went back that same weekend and got another pair.  I was worried that since they were ripped the holes would get stretched out and eventually I would need another pair but luckily they held up.  I ended up getting another pair a size down after losing some weight and then capris in the same style.

The older Silver Jeans have the stitched label.  I can tell my older styles from my more current ones by the change in labels only.  I can honestly say that the quality has not gone down like you will see sometimes with other brands.  When I was in high school I had a favorite brand that was sold at high end stores like Dillard's and Nordstrom but now are sold at Target, the quality and fit changed drastically before they ended up disappearing for a couple of years then later turning up in Target.  Silver jeans have always stayed true to their quality and the fit has gotten even better over the years.  They offer options in inseam for taller ladies and shorter gals, and plus sizes for the curvier ladies.  

Above is a glance at some of my older collection of Silvers that are all over a decade or right around a decade old.  There are some Suki Surplus, Aiko capris, Tuesday low boot cuts and Tuesday capris.

You can still purchase the Tuesday low cut boot jeans in a similar style on their website, link below.  I have tried them and compared them, they still have the same amazing fit with the addition of a little stretch to hug in all the right places without losing their shape, and now they have even more selections of washes and cuts.  

Close up of the waist and tag, showing the Tuesday bootcut.  I love the button off to the side and stitching is always on point with Silver Jeans.

Here you can see this pair the holes are still like new and not blown out, my original first pair I will say the holes have gotten larger but once I got a second then third pair of the same style I designated my first pair for concerts. 

Side by side my first two pairs of Tuesday low boot cut jeans purchased when my oldest daughter was only 3, she will be 17 in November.

Top two pairs are the Tuesday low boot cut, then the others are a mix of cropped capri jeans in the Aiko, Suki and Tuesday styles.  Again you can see the change in the back waist band labels over the early 2000's.

They appear a little darker in the above photo, we are having a lot of rain this week so it has been hard to get some good lighting tried to take advantage of a peak of sun.

Tuesday Capri Jeans and trust me these were a score for me that summer since I loved the boot cut jeans, they had the same amazing fit but in a cropped summer look.

Close up of the tag on my Suki Surplus capris from around the same time, probably within a year to three years from when I got the first pair above.  I have been wearing Silver Jeans for over 20 years after I found the Tuesday boot cut style above is when I began my true love affair with Silver Jeans and they have only gotten better.

Visit for all the amazing styles and make sure to stock up on some of your favorite spring and summer styles on sale now. Peace love and light always xoxo 

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  1. Love this. Silver jeans Rock

  2. Silver jeans are my favorite. You're an amazing blogger and love your style. I have purchased a bunch of the tee shirts you have shared and always check your blog or social media when I'm looking for new tee shirts and cool jewelry. Thank you