Friday, August 26, 2016

Rainbow Swirl Tapestry by Sand Cloud


Everyone who follows me knows I'm an ambassador for Sand cloud towels, I have been for almost two years now. I love the brand and am totally obsessed with their towels, bags, and merchandise. I own every style and color along with their tee, water bottle, necklace and my family owns the phone case and other products also. 

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They recently have released many new styles the newest is the Rainbow Swirl wall tapestry. It is amazing and can't wait to have it to show you it in person with my own photos. Above photo was from their IG page.

**Photo belongs to not taken by me.

I grabbed this shot off their website at You can use my code CR8TIVEWANDERLUST25 for 25% off your purchase. 

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A peek at some of my collection. Love the tie dye collection, bohemian mandala design, acid wash, Baja beach blanket and the the towel bag. I also loved the pillow towels but they don't carry them anymore. Wish they would bring those back. I also love the round towel, they just released the Round wanderlust towel that is a rainbow tie dye like the wanderlust towel and XL beach blanket. I own them all and a couple of the regular beach towel. No two are ever a like and I love that have one that is more pastel tones and a couple that are brighter. 

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The Seafoam pocket towel, that had a zipper pocket for storing your keys or items at the beach. 

Be sure to check out their site and remember that every order you place they donate 10% to protecting and saving marine life. Gotta love that. 

Thanks for passing by and have an amazing Friday, hope everyone had a great first week of school. Peace love and light always xoxo

Where to shop:

CR8TIVEWANDERLUST25 for 25% off and 10% off proceeds from each sale donated to saving/protecting marine life.

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  1. I ordered this after seeing your post and it is super cool. Can't believe how big it is and the colors are so groovy, exactly what I wanted for my bedroom. Great share and used your code also.

    1. I just got mine today also and it is beautiful. I'm so happy you discovered my post and were able to use my code to receive the discount. Sand cloud is amazing for sure and if you don't have any towels yet you for sure need to order one they are amazing. Have a great week and thank you for posting such kind words. Peace, love and light always xoxo