Sunday, August 14, 2016

Where I wander, from Bali with love...

Melissa20 for 20% off your purchase and help support local Bali Artisans

I'm sure a lot of you know I have become a brand ambassador for Wanderer Bracelets. I came across this amazing brand awhile back and saw they were located in Florida. I loved their amazing designs and loved the story of how all their products are hand carved from Bali. I love how they support local Bali artisans and how each purchase made helps secure jobs for local artisans in the Bali area. I also love that the charms on the bracelets are hand carved on a sustainable material, which is water buffalo bone. I have had a lot people ask me if its ivory, and of course not this company is actually about fighting the ivory trade by using this sustainable material that has a similar look. 

This passed week they released for preorder their newest design, the Volkswagen bus. Being a hippie at heart and having a passion for all bohochic and gypsy inspired styles this one is one of my new favorites. I love the beach so their many beach designs like the shell, star fish, sand dollar and mermaid tail of course are perfect, then I adore the feather, lotus flower and pineapple designs. They have their custom coordinates bracelet where you type in the address or location of somewhere that has special meaning to you then it will pull up the custom coordinates on the map for you and print it out on your bracelet. I went with the address of the Edge which was located in Ft. Lauderdale Florida downtown and over 22 years ago I met my husband there. 

Custom coordinates bracelet by Wanderer bracelets. Use my code MELISSA20 to save 20% off your order. 

Anchor wrap and mermaid tail bracelets. 

From bottom to top: feather, shell, mermaid tail and custom coordinates bracelets. Love the variety of designs, styles and colors, they have the anchor and hook wrap bracelets, then all their other bracelets are available in your choice of the tassel closure or button closure. My hubby likes the button closure and I prefer the tassel back has a very chic look. 

My girls also love to wear the bracelets. We all love the different styles and designs it's really fun to mix n match.

There is nothing like the bond between a mother and her daughters. Family is #1 and they are my world. I have to say I have an amazing support system with my best friend and soul mate as my husband then my girls are my heart and soul. Everything I do is with them in mind first. 

My youngest is wearing from bottom to top: black anchor wrap, Shaka, mermaid tail in wisteria, and infinity bracelets. They are all fully adjustable and will fit tiny arms to larger arms for the guys. 

This passed week was the early release of the new VW Bus design, you can order them now on the site. I'm also wearing from bottom to top, big wave, anchor wrap and custom coordinates. The top one is the new release and so excited about this design. 

I wear them to the beach with me and they are perfection. Here I have the shell, custom coordinates and mermaid tail. Some of my personal favorites. Still working on checking off all the designs I had on my wish list only a few more styles left to get. You can start your collection today using my code MELISSA20for 20% off and don't forget they make great gifts for everyone. 

Hand made in a hut in Bali and each bracelet you purchase helps secure jobs for local Bali artisans. They have an amazing video on their website of how the bracelets are made if you like to see the details like myself. 

My newest addition is the star fish in wisteria matches my mermaid tail. Also wearing the VW Bus in black, shell, and mermaid tail. They all look so nice together or worn individually with some of your other favorite bracelets. That's what I love about arm candy is you can create some amazing arm stacks and cool looks using different designs, textures, colors, and even throwing in some metals. 

One last arm stack before I sign off. Hope you enjoy the Wanderer Bracelet collection as much as me, again make sure to check out their site and don't forget if you decide to place an order to use my code MELISSA20 I will include a link below to take you directly to the site. Thank you for stopping by and have an amazing end of summer. Peace, love and light always xoxo 

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