Sunday, August 21, 2016

Amazing summer break

Tonight I sit here typing this post both sad but happy. I always am sad when summer comes to end because my girls go back to school and reality is back, the early alarms, crazy routines, hectic schedules and missing my daughters. I love summer time because I get to have my girls home with me so we can have fun adventures and get to spend every day bonding. Sure they have their cheer practices and other activities they both are involved in or I have to do different protects for work, but we get to basically enjoy endless hours of time together. Once school returns I feel like they spend more time at school then with me, I basically leave them in the early morning hours not to see them again till after 3 then they have their practices so we maybe spend a few hours together before its time for bed then back to the daily grind again. 

Today we spent the morning and early afternoon at the beach, it was amazing. Water was crystal clear and flat. Perfect end to the perfect summer break. 

I am happy because both my girls make me so proud with all the amazing things they have achieved, I'm so blessed to have some super smart kids both being gifted or high achievers taken advanced classes or honor AP courses. It's inane my oldest is going to be a junior this year which means only two years left till I'm writing this end of summer post after dropping her off at college. It is so hard being a mom and having to eventually realize that we have to let them go to become who they are meant to be. I want to sometimes just freeze time and keep them here in the safety of my home cuddled up watching our latest favorite Netflix series lol, but I know I have to let them grow, chase their dreams and achieve their goals. 

Butterfly World photo, one of our families favorite spots to visit. We have a monarch cocoon ready to open any day. We even have started our own butterfly garden over the summer planting seeds that have grown, new plants and old orchids. Can't wait to share some photos. 

I now sit here reflecting on another amazing summer filled with new memories and amazing adventures. We truly had an awesome summer again with another amazing summer road trip, long weekend adventures to the Keys and days floating in the ocean talking, reminiscing and dreaming of the future. I have this feeling that things are about to change for the better. Huge changes are on the horizon and I'm not just talking about my oldest going off to college. We have some big changes with my career coming up, my hubby's job, and moving. We really are about to start an amazing adventure over the next couple of years that in the end will lead to being where my heart has been for over six years. I can't wait to share more in the months and year to come. For now I'm going to leave you with some of my favorite ootd shots from the last week of summer, along with some other fun summer photos of our amazing summer antics and adventures. We always love to explore and are a wanderlust family at heart for sure. I can't wait to share many new adventures in the future along with some really amazing and exciting announcements in the weeks to come. 

Heading to bed since my alarm will begin going off again at 5:30 am, but I will say one last thing, it's officially the start of my birthday week. Going to have some fun stuff to share this week along with some spontaneous giveaways. Didn't get the response on the Rafflecopter hosted contest I started a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my 20k followers but I do have all the entries from those who did enter and decided I was going to share some of the many prizes I had set aside with everyone. If you already entered my contest you will be receiving an email from me once I confirm your entries then sending out prizes to everyone. Anyone who wants to win some fun prizes to celebrate my birthday week from some of my fave shops and designers keep an eye out here and in my social media for more chances to win. Figured since it's my birthday and I know I love opening presents I want to surprise all my amazing followers who took the time to enter with their own present. 

As always peace, love and light to all. Hope all the teachers and kids going back to school tomorrow, or in the weeks to come have a great first day and week of school. Cheers to another amazing school year and to an awesome upcoming holiday season, may it be Dliteful, full of surprises, love and of course peace xoxo 

My arm-stack from the beach today. Wanderer bracelets an amazing brand I joined up with as an ambassador this summer and have been honored to be a part of promoting this amazing brand. Use my code MELISSA20 for 20% off and all sales help secure jobs for local Bali artisans. Excited to bring you more amazing product releases, a bigger discount and more from this amazing brand for fall. 

Chill out mom it's just the end of summer break, we have a long weekend coming for Labor Day and the holidays are right around the corner. My girls think I'm so emotional and they are right lol, love those kids so much they are my everything, I absorb and cherish every moment. I'm so blessed to be able to spend all the time I get with them and couldn't imagine it any other way. I would go back and make all the same career and school sacrifices I made to be able to stay home with both as babies because in the end I was still able to chase my dreams and achieve my goals just took a little longer but being a mom has always been first. 

The tank is by Chaser brand, shorts are Silver Jeans Co boyfriend shorts in light wash and my compass gold Necklace is from 

One of my favorite of many amazing birthday presents that have arrived and have many more to share this week. I have been a long time fan of Spell Designs also known as Spell and the Gypsies Collective and Spell of Byron Bay. Since my first kimono a couple years back I have been scooping up whatever I can find, over the summer they launched a US site and I celebrated by ordering some amazing graphic tops for my collection along with making many purchases for my birthday with gift cards and cash I was given for that reason. This skirt is amazing. I also got a few other skirts, couple of dresses, some tops both graphic and floral print, intimate apparel, a kimono, purse, jewelry and more. I have a lot of amazing gypsy bohemian posts and outfits coming soon. The top is older and from Free People. Alex and Ani Bracelets which I can bet the new fall bracelets may be part of my presents this week, I added a few new styles and designs to my wish list earlier in the week. My mom always gets me one or two along with other family and friends. They make amazing gifts and this girl can never have enough. Love to stack, mix n match my arm candy. 

Speaking of Alex and Ani this was my butterfly world influence arm stack Monday. Love their wings of change charm, UNICEF butterfly, feather charm and quill bracelet, peridot in honor of my birth month, and other fun pieces I adore. 

Another Spell Designs skirt and top, paired with Alex and Ani bracelets and an amazing turquoise and silver squash style necklace with amazing feather details I came across on eBay of course. This skirt is one of my faves and can't wait to share the blue mid dress this week. Yeeeee:). 

If you saw my Pam & Gela post the week before last I also stocked up on some pieces I had been wishing for from their awesome huge warehouse clearance sale. It's still going on now and just ordered a few more pieces along with some new fall styles, one more birthday splurge my hubby insisted on. The choker is by another fave Ettika and watch out this week for my new purple locks, my current color is going to be touched up and revamped for fall I can't wait to share it with you all Friday. 

Finally ending my photos with one last beach shot from this amazing ocean and beach today. Feeling so blessed and ready for whatever is coming for fall. I have some amazing new brands and brands/designers I have been honored to work with for some time now, their newest fall styles and looks all coming in the weeks ahead. I promise you will love all the new trends and my faves if you like my style or taste. Have an awesome night, sweet dreams xoxo 

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