Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Happy early birthday mail

Good evening y'all and thought I would take a moment while I was watching some of the summer Olympics to post quickly some amazing mail I got today. My birthday is the end of this month, August 27 and it's my last birthday being in my thirties. Hard to believe next year I will be turning 40 I remember what feels like not long ago, in my twenties talking about turning 40 and it sounded so far off. It also sounded so old to me then but with the big 4-0 around the corner I can honestly say I don't feel old at all. I still feel the same as I did when I turned 25 and 30. I remember the milestone birthdays like 16, 18 and 21 well, I was still in my crazy party years and had tons of friends. Up until a few years ago I would celebrate the entire month of my birthday. Planning girl's nights with all of my friends and then the weekend of my birthday always having a huge party in the VIP section of a club or bar either where I worked, friends worked or someone I knew owned or worked. Sadly most of my closest friends have moved out of state over the passed five years. Then when I became sick before I was diagnosed in 2014 I stopped going out and pretty much drinking, slowly the calls stopped coming from the few friends I had left here. I guess people don't like you as much when you aren't the life of the party anymore. 
Today I was so excited looking forward to my Pam & Gela package, they are having a huge warehouse sale on their website and I was sent a link to shop early. I was so excited but didn't have much cash since I had just paid for my kids back to school uniforms, supplies and then both of them are cheering so had all those expenses. I had called my hubby and told him about the sale, I was over the moon when he came home and gave me a gift card for $200 for me to use. Can you believe I didn't even spent the entire $200 lol. I made my first order and only spent around $160. That's great considering before summer I got two new Pam & Gela graphic tanks from their summer line and spent 260 for two tops. I got myself a romper or jumper, a lace up black dress, lace up sweats, and two groan of tees in my first order. Then to my surprise my mom came home the next day and had a gift card so I could order more if I wanted to. I still had a small amount (close to $40) on my card my hubby gave me and with my mom's card I could have ordered a bunch more but instead decided to purchase only two more tips and use the rest for my daughter to get her backpack for school. 

All these items were purchased from the warehouse sale and under $170. Amazing isn't it, I love to save money and get a great deal makes me happy almost like I won something.  Considering the sweat pants alone retailed for that before the sale. That's one thing I can say about Pam & Gela is that they have some sick sales. I always wait for their sales and rarely buy anything retail, this summer I broke down cause I wanted to have some current styles when they were newly released and I had been working so hard I felt I deserved it. 

I also got a package today from Chaser Brand another one of my favorite graphic top lines. I have a few designer brands that I love and then I of course have a bunch of smaller owned and run shops that I love to buy from, support as well. 

I love this tee, it's by Chaser Brand and says Be kind to or I'll kill you, paired it here in a flat lay with my favorite Silver a jeans cropped jeans. I will have a post this week featuring the newest style by Silver Jeans, I can't wait to try them they say they reduce muffin top, something u don't really get cause I always make sure my jeans fit good and correctly so I don't have it but sometimes lower cut or mid cut jeans you can't avoid it. Being a jeans and tee kind of girl, cause it's a style that will never fade, I am always excited when my favorite Jean brand releases new styles. 

The fur Hyde I use to take some of my flat-lays I have had several people ask my about, it came from Target. I got it after the holidays two years ago on sale. It's just a small fur piece I use on my ottoman in my living room to match some accent pillows and add texture to my living room. When I decorate I love texture and patterns to make the room feel cozy.  I always try to find items around my house to use since I'm usually stepped for time when preparing photos and posts. I tend to post on a whim like tonight lol. 

Make sure to head over and check out the warehouse sale at if you love their brand and the graphic tees I'm always posting you will be crazy over this amazing sale. Also check out for some more amazing graphic tops. I'm off to bed, have a great night and happy Hump day. Peace, love and light always xoxo 

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