Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wanderlust Map Sign


For a couple of months I have been looking all over for the perfect unique pieces to design my entry art wall. I had a red entry wall for many years with a mirror and some art on each side, when we changed our living room and dining room I decided I needed to change my accent wall to a shade of blue. I picked out a medium turquoise or teal blue shade, then started looking for unique pieces to display our families love for travel, adventure and wanderlust. 

I had been looking for a map that I could then glue a sign or wooden letters that would read Wanderlust but was having no luck and was so busy over the summer I never had the time to look for everything or when I did couldn't find what I wanted. One day one of the shops I follow on Instagram has posted a wooden slice with the word Wanderlust in a gorgeous cursive font with blue lettering on her page. I went to the shops page that she had ordered from and fell in love with their cute and awesome designs. I sent them a custom request asking if they could use a map on the wood slice then paint the word Wanderlust in a blue ombré. My living room is all shades of blue and dining room is a lighter aqua blue, Jamaican aqua by Benjamin Moore. I instantly was responded to by the owner of the shop and then waited for them to order some maps. I was so excited when they sent me the photos of the finished project. It was everything I had envisioned for a long time and more. 

I love the color of slice of wood and then the map matches perfectly. They mounted the map perfectly and the word really looks amazing on top of the map. I couldn't have wished for or made anything better myself. It is for sure a hit I know since I shared it on my social media I have received several emails and direct messages from people wanting to purchase my sign. I'm excited everyone loves it, it makes me happy to know my idea I had envisioned for so long was brought to light by an amazing designer and shop that specializes in custom handmade wooden signs. You can order something similar or design your own custom sign by visiting
and you can follow them @earthandash on social media. If you decide to contact them to place an order, request my same sign or request a custom sign of your own please be sure to mention Melissa  @cr8tivewanderlust recommended you or that you saw my sign. 

Hope this helps answer all the questions and emails I have received. Today I'm doing my best to answer everyone back and to send you a link to the Etsy shop. Be sure to check out Earth and Ash Etsy shop they have so many adorable and unique handmade wooden signs, I love the Happy Camper sign with the VW style bus, and all their other amazing designs. Hope to order more soon. Etsy truly is an amazing place to find so many smaller shops owned by some really creative people that design some of the coolest things. Anytime I am looking for a unique piece of jewelry, new graphic tees or tops and some different designs for my home I always like to check out Etsy. Instagram is also another great place to find some amazing and talented designers or artists that make amazing handmade creations. 

Have a fabulous hump day, Peace love and light always, xoxo 

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