Saturday, August 6, 2016

Silver Saturday Shorts

All of you who follow me on social media and my blog know I have been an ambassador for my fave brand, Silver Jeans Co for over a year now. I have been wearing Silver jeans for two decades and was honored when I was approached about becoming an ambassador. This is one of those brands that you have been a loyal wearer and supporter of for half your life so of course you are proud to be able to help promote their brand. 

I love so many things about their jeans, not just the texture and styles of their denim, but the cut, fit, look, feel and they have so many options. My first favorite style was the Tuesday low cut boot style jeans. I loved the distressing and style of the jeans. I still own three pairs that are over 10 years old. They are still one of my favorite pairs. Of course since then I have found many other styles and fits that love. For summer I have been only wearing my Silver Jeans shorts pretty much. I have the boyfriend shorts, and they are amazing. 

They of course are distressed because I love torn or ripped jeans, and the length is perfect. 

You can even fold them up more if you like shorter length shorts but I personally like to wear 3-5" length inseam shorts. I'm not really into the daisy Dukes anymore, but I'm almost 40. In my 20's I was rocking the 2-3" inseam or totally cut off style. I love that Silver Jeans Co offers a frayed bottom cut off short that is on the longer side. I have posted them in my prior posts this summer. 

Of course another great reason to love Silver Jeans is the fit and I must say that the stitching along with pocket size and placement really does compliment all body types or shapes. I feel like their pockets accentuate your back side and really make your rear look amazing. No mom tush here. 

I own a few pairs of this style and then two colors or denim tones, I have the medium to darker wash and then the light wash. 

They look amazing with all my graphic tee and tanks for summer. I get compliments all the time and trust me it has become a mission finding a great fitting pair of jean shorts with shorter lengths being the trend and low cut styles being popular. I personally like a mid fit and love the boyfriend style because they have a looser fit through your hips and thighs. 

Silver Jeans Co light washed boyfriend jeans. 

Always the best details and stitching on all their pieces. 

I love the attention to detail from the labels, stitching, pockets, distressing, here you can see the fabric patch under the hole with a light blue and white floral pattern.

These can also be folded up more for a shorter length and fit just like my darker version. 

Head on over to and take a look at all the amazing styles, washes, and other fashion pieces, you will soon be addicted to this amazing brand like me. Trust me I'm going to be 40 next year and have been rocking this brand for over half my life, I did not start wearing them cause of my ambassador deal with the brand, I was a long time Silver Jeans wearer before I even knew of or heard of ambassador programs. 

I will give you my own personal word that whether you are short, mid height, tall, thin, pear shaped, plus size or whatever size you will find an amazing pair of jeans or shorts that will become your go to jeans, before long you will see why I have a pair of jeans that I have owned for over ten years. The quality is superb, the styles are timeless and will always be on trend, and they are always on point with the latest looks or styles so you won't have to worry if one of your favorite pairs does temporarily go out of style they will have something just as great available with the same quality and fit you love. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.
Happy shopping and can't wait to share some new fall styles and if you scroll back you will see more selections of Silver Jeans from shorts, boyfriends, skinny jeans, flares, boot cuts, whatever your style whatever your taste they have it all. Peace love and light to all. Xoxo 


  1. Hey just wanted to let you know last summer I saw your post on Silver jeans and ordered a pair for myself because you made them sound so awesome. I was impressed with the shipping time, and the quality of the jeans. The denim is amazing and really love the little stretch they have. I ordered the boyfriend jeans you had posted about and wore them every day for a week, I was so in love with them I quickly ordered a few sale pairs and then since they are the only brand I purchase. When summer was getting close I decided to check out their shorts and like you mentioned above I don't like all the really short shorts that are available now so I was excited to see the boyfriend shorts, I ordered the dark wash pair you have above and have worn them most of the summer. Took advantage of a sale at Maurices not long again to grab a couple more pairs and one new style. They are amazing. Love the thick button and stitching on the pockets. I need to order the light ones you have here with the floral patch, they look just like my dark pair and really need another pair. You are an amazing ambassador for the brand and I enjoy all your tee shirts you wear they are adorbs! Thank you for sharing last summer and introducing me to my favorite jeans. If you are reading this and have never heard of or owned a pair of Silver jeans like myself prior to last summer then order a pair you will never wear another brand again. Continue to blog and rock your looks, love them all. Sincerely, Alexia

    1. Alexia,

      Wow I'm so touched by your post, I think it is so cool that you found my post about my boyfriend jeans by Silver Jeans Co and liked what I had posted enough to try the brand out for yourself. It makes me even more happy that you loved them as much as I do and now they are your go to brand! I love Silver Jeans Co and have for so long that I honestly have to say over 90% of my denim is by them. I also adore their denim the stretch is amazing just the right amount to make them fit good in all the right places without being to stretchy and loosing their shape or size. I love the silver jeans boyfriend shorts they have been my summer obsession, I wear them all the time. It's funny how you said when you first for your boyfriend jeans last summer you wore them every day because every time I get a new style of jeans or shorts I'm the same way lol. Then I usually am on their site hunting for other colors or washes of the same style or cut so I have multiple choices lol. It's all so awesome and thank you for the kind comment. It means so much to me. Being an ambassador for Silver Jeans Co has been a dream come true for me and that they were wanting to work with me back before I had the following I have now on social media and before my blog really did go to the next level made me feel so honored. I have more respect and am so thankful to them for all they have done. They really are an amazing brand from their amazing quality and designs, to the fabulous customer service and everything about their brand/company. Yay, again I'm so excited to have been able to help you discover this brand and that is why I love to blog, and share what I love on social media. Have an amazing summer✌🏼️ peace love and light always, xoxo