Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Alex and Ani Football season faves

Get your Fan-Style Game Plan Together by Adding your Favorite NFL Team to your ALEX AND ANI Bangle Stack


I'm excited to announce I have become an affiliate for one of my favorites, Alex and Ani.  You can click on the above link or the two banners on my blog to direct you to their website to order items.  I will bring you special offers and sale information when it becomes available to me.  With football season getting ready to start what better way to show your team spirit or pride then by adding your favorite football team logo to your stack, they also have college teams in some of the logos along with the NFL teams.

NFL team bracelets come in a few different styles some from last year and then the newer collection with the team colors.

College teams just search in their search bar for your team or type in College

I'm super excited to add Alex and Ani to my affiliate links and just want to make sure all my readers now that by using their banners and advertising for them, it is not something I did to get paid or make money, I genuinely love this brand and I post my arm stacks all the time so I thought it would be perfect for me to use affiliate link ads for brands I wear and love versus ads for whatever pops up and that may be something I don't wear or love.  Thank you all for your support and please be sure to click the link to take a look at all the amazing new designs for the upcoming fall and football season, I know I am always adding new bracelets and pieces from Alex and Ani to my collection.  I love making custom arm stacks with some of my faves.  Hope you enjoy them as much as me.  Peace love and light always, xoxo

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