Monday, August 8, 2016

Igniting my gypsy soul


I love many brands and designers but Spell Designs really knows how to ignite my inner gypsy soul, Stevie Nicks goddess. I was taken to see Stevie when I was 3-4 and I remember her amazing voice, the candles and iron on the stage, her long blonde locks flowing to the music, the tambourine and tassels, long floral and solid skirts twirling to the music. I remember the light up toy my father got me at the souvenir stand and I waved it during the show. 

Fast forward ten years and I was begging my mom for vintage skirts and clothes that had that 70's hippie, gypsy vibe when we went to garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets. I always was drawn to and would be inspired by the fashion, music, decor and more of that era. 

When I had my first apartment I remember so vividly multiple people coming over and describing my decor as being like a Stevie Nicks video. Iron decor, curation and tapestries, then candles galore always lit. I still am the same way, not much in my sense of style or eclectic taste has changed over the almost 4 decades I have been alive. Sure I'm a little more rock n roll now but still a lot classic rock, hippie and bohemian gypsy inspired. 

The Spell Byron Bay or Spell designs online shop was first brought to me years ago when I started this blog and saw another blogger who wore their collections. I dreamed of being able to afford their pieces and own some of their home decor pieces but being a mom of two at the time one was baby I didn't have the money and always have felt selfish spending money on myself. I eventually found many pieces on eBay used or on sale, later I would keep an eye on their Australian site for markdowns and sales saving up to indulge in a few items. 

This summer I spent months prior to saving up for my summer and fall wardrobe working hard at my 9-5 only to have most of the items I loved sell out. I kept an eye out for a few graphic tees and tanks, singlets as Spell designs calls them. I was over the moon to get my hands on two prior to my summer road trip and then while I was away I got an email about the launch of their US site! I was so excited and even set my alarm on my phone and had my bank card in hand the moment it launched. I was so excited to score one of the graphic tees that had been sold out prior to the launch. 

Over the passed couple years I have gotten some skirts, kimonos, tops, a necklace, purse and a few other miscellaneous items but if had an unlimited access to cash, and didn't feel guilty spending hundreds of dollars on myself I would own every piece they make. 

Currently in keeping my fingers crossed some of my favorites don't sell out before my birthday the end of the month. I have a few items in my cart and on my wish list, I'm waiting to finish paying cheer fees, buying everything my girls need for back to school and making sure everything is paid for before I spend any money on myself, and my birthday is a great excuse to indulge. I just took advantage of a huge warehouse sale another of my favorite designers had last week and am hoping to score a few items from the Spell site to be set for fall and winter. Who am I kidding I will be wearing everything much longer lol, but I tend to become attached to certain pieces and can't ever get rid of them even when the style or season is over or out. 

Below are some of my current faves and obsessions from the Spell designs US site. It's all part of their vacation collection. I love the graphic tops, off the shoulder floral and solid tops, long skirts, gorgeous floral dresses. Everything is gorgeous and is so my style in a nutshell or if I had to pick one brand, which I never could but for sure they are tied for number one with another brand I love for this type of clothing. I love I can wear their tops with my Silver jeans and mix their pieces with some of my other favorite graphic shirt lines, like Pam & Gela and some smaller Etsy brands. 

Enjoy my faves and hope they ignite your inner gypsy.... 

This dress is beyond adorable, love the cut and pattern. Would look amazing with my Ettika fringe suede choker and some cute sandals.

Another favorite from the line and love the colors, blues and purples with a touch of pink or my favorite. I would wear this with a slinky white cami and brown leather belt, choker and lots of arm candy. 

Love this outfit from head to toe, hat to boots. Everything is amazing.

This off the shoulder top is gorgeous and would pair it with a solid skirt or jeans. 

My dream is to lounge around during the day in the above outfit while looking out over the mountains in my cabin in NC. We are currently in the market for a cabin in NC and excited to see my long time dream of leaving Florida slowly come true. 

Of course loving this graphic top and skirt. I even love the accessories they used would love to recreate this look with my own spin or touch. 

The above skirt and tank or on the top of my wish list. I am hoping to be able to get this tank and skirt for my birthday. It's all I really want for my birthday. Fingers crossed it doesn't sell out before then. 

Have a fantastic week, Peace and love always. Xoxo 

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All photos belong to Spell Designs and are not mine.

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