Saturday, January 9, 2016

Shoe trends from high end to affordable

Spring shoe trends are starting to be revealed, it is looking like the lace up flats  and heels will be staying for around for the spring season. I found a lot of styles from high end designers costing up to 250-480 and then of course by budget conscious side found the hottest low priced trendy lace flats and heels for 24-36. I have a black and camel pair then recently ordered a red pair and black heels with laces. I personally love the trend. I really love the gladiator sandals all heights from shorter to knee height from the spring and summer of last year, and for me this have a similar look. Below are some of my favorite picks from Nordstroms, Forever21 and a shop I discovered last year in the fall, Fashion Junkee. heels below 

My two favorites from the Asos site 

Above you can see I have also added some lug sole and chunky platform sole sandals which have been coming back intimately for some time. My teen daughter is obsessed with the suede creepers, she also now has the Mary Jane creepers and several pairs of the chunky platform sandals she loves. I will be highlighting all the links to the shoes below in all price ranges then I will include a link to the Fashion Junkee sites shoe section. They have many stylish lace up flats available now and if you are looking for some cute rain boots similar to the Hunter boots they have some cute styles for under $50. Love the colors and even considered getting a couple pairs for my daughter and myself. Slip the Hunter socks on and no one would even know they aren't Hunter boots. Lol. All that matters is they are cute, keep your feet dry and are affordable. 

Hope you enjoy shopping and next week a lot of styles to show hoping I am not sick, I just got over horrible hip and back pain a long with major dizzy spells last week and now have a sinus thing, think I am catching my moms head cold. I am doubling up on zinc and vitamin C then just got some Airborne. I have a hectic few days at work then my shoot for the blog next weekend. Excited and can't wait to share some awesome stuff. Off to be. XOXO 

Below are a ton of selections all price points and tomorrow will add the clickable link for Asos and Fashion Junkee pairs that aren't on my ShopStyle site. Enjoy.

Where to shop: 


  1. You really have shown a wide variety of choices for these popular style shoes. I have been looking for an affordable pair and found several I really like. Thank you for sharing, I will be ordering a red and black pair for my spring and summer outfits. Also had some time to glance over your blog and wanted to say I really enjoy your style. It's refreshing to see a blog with some many styles and options, love the affordable options because being a college student I can't afford what may be my first choice, it's nice to have lower price choices in same styles. I will be back.

    1. Thank you that was my plan to show all price points for the style because I know there are ladies who want the higher end styles but then a lot of ladies like myself and you that like to get the same look without spending the high prices. Trust me I wish I could buy the high end all the time but honestly if I paid a few hundred for a pair of shoes I wouldn't have anything to wear with them lol. I am so happy you enjoyed my blog and style means so much. Make sure to tell your friends to check out my blog and social media accounts. I post lots of affordable styles and looks along with high end affordable finds because I am a bargain hunter always. Thanks again for passing by and for your kind words have a wonderful week, dreading Monday. Lol. XoXo

  2. This article and your newest article on inspired purses is great! Inspired me to purchase several items I have been looking at for a couple of months online. I have to agree with you and say Forever 21 is becoming like Target with being on point with a lot of look alike high end designs. Thank you for taking the time to research items and type up these articles to share. Some people don't realize the time that goes into doing these type of blog articles and posts, I commend you on a job well done. Continue to post such great content and your blog will continue to grow, getting the exposure it deserves.