Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sand Cloud Denim Beach blanket

Hello everyone and happy Thursday. Just wanted to take a moment to share my latest Sand Cloud addition. If you have been following my blog then you know over the summer I became an ambassador for this amazing brand. They donate 10% of proceeds from each sale towards protecting marine life, one of the many reasons I love being a part of this amazing company. The other reasons are the quality, multi use and purposes of their products and outstanding customer service. 

As you know I own many of their towels from the tie dye Wanderlust towel, I love because my promo code for Sand Cloud is Cr8tiveWanderlust25, the bohemian wrap in blue and grey, the coral pillow towel, and the aqua blue zipper pouch towel. I am so thankful to everyone who has signed up to become apart of the team using my link, as well as purchasing towels using my code. Thanks to you I have been able to get all the towels I have except for my first one with credits from being an ambassador. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador please contact me via email at and I will send you all the information to get started on your way to helping raise money for protecting marine life and starting your collection of multi-purpose and high quality beach towels, bags, blankets, and phone cases. 

With my most recent credit which I have held onto for months waiting for the release of new products I ended up deciding to order the large denim blanket. It isn't a new product but I have another credit and enough points to get more credits towards future towels or purchases, I want to order the round tie dye towel but it has been sold out and then still need to add a bag towel to my collection. I got my daughter one for her birthday and Christmas she loves, but need one for myself. I was hoping to be able to borrow hers but no luck lol. 

I ordered this larger blanket style towel and the denim version because I was looking for something large and durable to use when we go to the park, concerts or even the beach for lunches or just sitting on the lawn to relax. From previous times I know the weather can sometimes be nasty and I may end up having to sit in wet grass or even mud, I used my blue bohemian towel at a previous concert, it was easy to wash and dried really fast after the show. I am very happy with my selection it is durable, and very big in size. I love the added zipper pouch for keeping my personal items handy but also safe. 

Make sure to visit their website and check out all the amazing products as well as taking a look at some of my older posts featuring Sand Cloud items. I have used my towels for many things from blankets, towels, for my youngest daughter to nap using the pillow towel, as a sarong or wrap cover up at the beach, as a scarf, shawl and wall decor. It is so much more then just a towel. The material is light weight which means it dries really fast, the patterns and design are very trendy and fashionable, love the fringe detail on the towels, removable and washable pillow on the pillow towels, vibrant colors and more. 

Below is my link along with some of my favorite towels and a photo of my recent addition. Be sure to use my code CR8TIVEWANDERLUST25 for 25% off your purchase and like I mentioned above if you want to join the team email me so I can send you the information you need to sign up. Thank you again to everyone for ordering and joining using my code, I am so appreciative:). Have a wonderful Friday and have some great styles to share for the end of the week along with more spring fashion finds and trends. I will have my swimwear post for 2016 finished by the weekend. Been working on it all week and hope you are ready for the newest trends in swimwear which I was lucky enough to have a sneak peek at the Mercedes Benz fashion week here in Miami a couple of days, plus this is one of the swim suit capitals since we have summer weather basically year round. Thanks for passing by XoXo. 


PROMO code for 25% OFF Sandcloud towels and apparel 

I have the coral color in the pillow towel not grey. Then iris and mandala in the bohemian design, sea foam in the pocket style, wanderlust tie dye, and denim XL blanket towel. My daughter has the tie dye bag. 

Indigo tie dye towel bag. 

Denim XL blanket towel. 


for 25% off your orders and click my link above.


  1. Love your beach bag. Missed out on all the Lilly for Target stuff, this is so cute and love the scarf. Great collection of towels I love the tie-dye one, may have to order for summer.

    1. Thank you so much, I got a few pieces. This bag, some pineapple sandals, a sarong, towel, some pineapple kitchen or serving pieces and a dress. My store was chaos lol. Glad you like my bag and towels, be sure to check out Sand Cloud and use my code Wanderlust25 for 25% off. Also will have a promo code for savings on some amazing tie dyed dream catchers and other items from a great Etsy shop coming this weekend. Keep an eye out because they have some awesome creations and they use recycled tees as well as planting trees to help save the environment. Excited to share this shop with everyone. Have a great weekend and hope you will be back to check out more posts XoXo