Saturday, January 16, 2016

Weekly Favorite Fashion Trends and Finds for January 16

Hey there, we made it through the week and the weekend has arrived.  I have a few of my favorite trends or styles from this week that I love. Metallic is a favorite of mine and this mini silver skirt by Kylie and Kendall is so cute. It's sold out everywhere you can find marked up ones on eBay for $100 but I went with the Sanctuary mini skirt from BHFO for under $20. Retails for $89 I got mine for $12 bidding on eBay. Love it super cute and looks similar to the other style. I actually like the Sanctuary one a little bit better cause it's longer and being almost 40 I like a little length even on a mini skirt. 

The next skirt is by Alice and Olivia, I have a gorgeous leather black skirt by Pam & Gela I won on eBay under $20 but saw this tennis skirt style pleated leather look and was obsessed. I bid on one on eBay but lost it, was sold for $60 and have seen them going for under $50 depending on the size. It retails for $495 so you better believe I will have my eye out for my size again and will be sure to max bid higher since I always forget to watch when my items end. I lost it by $8. I found this faux leather look a like on eBay for $12. I am going to wait it out for another Alice and Olivia if not I will pass since I have a leather mini skirt already but for sure was an adorable and amazing deal. 

I love this graphic tee, we all know how much I love graphic tees and tanks this one got my attention. Paired with some flare bottom dark blue jeans, cute white and black striped scarf, then some chunky platform sandals. Great everyday casual outfit idea. Everything is from 

Of course when I was drawn to the Forever21 website I had to take some time to scroll through the new arrivals. Lately I have really enjoyed a lot of their new styles. Yes, you have to really check out the items in person because sometimes they look way better online then in person but 60% of the time they are really cute. I wash all my items by hand or on delicate. I have a steam setting on both my washer and dryer with a shelf for a dry clean style cleaning which rocks. Also you cannot dry these items in the dryer, hang dry for sure. I have gotten to where 80% of my clothing is washed using delicate or steam settings sometimes by hand then hung to dry. I find it makes the clothes last longer, prevents shrinking, fading, and more. 

I am loving the Pantone color rose pink and blush pink has been a favorite of mine for my nail polish for sometime. They have some really pretty options with this color some I have posted already in prior posts. They had some shoes and a cute Chloe look a like purse I features and a pretty maxi dress with ruffle top. Here I have an off the shoulder bell sleeve peasant style top I purchased last week in the light pink in store it is sold out online but you can get in green or check you store. The pretty dress caught my eye and love the arrowhead ring. I saw this purse which is a bigger option for those who don't like smaller bags or want something with a shorter strap versus the cross-body style I posted previously. 

As you can tell by a lot of my recent posts and even looks from last spring, I love mid length fit and flare or a line style skirts. Loving this floral print and was looking for cute tops found a few colorful ones that can be paired with the skirt since the print has many colors but really liked this draped back white top. I like the look of an open back top and paired with a classy skirt it is a match made in heaven. If you dare to bare your mid section the top they have it paired with in the photo is a very cute spring or summer look. 

It has been raining here all day and looks Ike the weekend is calling for rain. I am trying to get my shoot together that I have been dying to do for the blog with some looks I recently have been sent or purchased. I am getting desperate for these photos for my blog and social media so if it gets rained out may have my daughter do my makeup and use my camera to take some photos between storms for me. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that next Saturday isn't rained out and I can get my shots because I have some cute looks for spring and Valentine's Day I want to share. No matter what they will be shared but really want some full body shots so you can see the entire look.

Started the process of lightening my hair for summer. Less the two months ago I went a dark burgundy red and red to blonde reverse ombre or melt but then decided I wanted to be a cool light blonde by summer. It will take some time so today started the process with some Olaplex, and Pravana to lift the red, after two tries with the clear Pravana and developer it is red with pink. I am going to wait two to four weeks and go back for another shot then hoping to be able to get close to white. I want to do some pastels so need it light. Then the top I added heavier highlights and once I get the pink and red out will add more highlights to get it as blonde as I can without going all white. I like dimension in my color not all one solid color so trying to keep my natural blonde with some white or cool blue based white tones. Hoping to have it close to the color I want for summer by the end of April. 

Off to bed and excited for the long weekend. Will add links below where to find all the above items. Happy shopping and enjoy your weekend. XoXo

Where to shop:

Some of the Forever21 styles are so new that they are not on Shop style yet but will update Monday, this has happened to me a few times with new arrivals.


  1. Forever 21 has come a long way! Wow. Haven't been in one for five plus years but I can see from all your recent posts I need to make a trip. I wish I could order online but I am all sizes in different styles and brands. Troubles of being wide in the hips with a small waist then large chest. I know you can relate to my pain. I am short, 5'2 and have a hard time finding flare jeans that aren't five inches to long. H&M had some I loved but way to long. Any good flares for short ladies you have found? I really enjoy reading your posts and checking out all the links now need to save up for a shopping spree. Hehe.

    1. Funny you mention length on flare jeans I just tried on some that were on clearance at JCPenney of all places. I had to go pick up some stuff at the mall and parked at the entrance for Penney's and saw the sale. I tried on some by Belle + Sky with the frayed bottoms and the run short. I also loved the H&M style but were long on me and I am 5'8. They must be made for 6' tall ladies. Check out JCPenney and they were 60-70% off. I couldn't find my size but may order online. Thank you for the kind words and yes Forever21 has changed, my teen daughter shops there so I am there often and have watched them change since my twenties. I own a lot of their skirts, tops and some dresses, love them all. Have to wash delicate and hang to dry but I like to do that with most of my clothes anyways. Have a lovely weekend and hope you will be back soon, have a lot of fun stuff in store. XoXo