Wednesday, January 27, 2016

KDS DreamCatchers

Hello my friends and I am so excited to announce that I have been chosen to become an ambassador for KDS Dreamcatchers.  I have been admiring their Etsy shop and Instagram page after discovering them from Sand Cloud.  Those gorgeous tie dye towels that I have shown you before were created by the creative and talented KDS Dreamcatchers.  They not only sell dreamcatchers but also have mini dream catchers for your car, mobile versions of the dreamcatcher for babies nurseries, clothing and more.  When it comes to tie dye this is the best I have seen, not only are the colors vibrant and bright but the company is also green, for every purchase you make 1 tree is planted in a National Forest and 1 tee shirt is recycled.  Not only will you be supporting a small business by purchasing from their Etsy shop but you are also joining the movement in making our planet a greener place.  This is just one of the many reasons I am so excited about being an ambassador for this amazing brand.

Below are some photos of some of my favorites from their Etsy shop.  You can follow the link below to their shop and use the code Wanderlust15 to get 15% off your order at checkout.  I also will add a link in my favorite shops and the photo of the dreamcatcher in my side bar will also direct you to their store.  Also please be sure to follow them on Instagram @KDSDreamcatchers to see new items and what cool things they are creating and how they are dedicated to making the planet greener.

Starfish center Dreamcatcher 

White Center and Tie dye bottom Dreamcatcher 

Car Dreamcatchers perfect for hanging off your review mirror

Mobile for a babies room which is a great idea I think, colorful and unique

This is just a few photos you need to visit their shop or Instagram page so you can see all the amazing products and bright vibrant colors.  You will quickly be like me and love every item.  I can't even decide which one I want lol, for sure I am ordering one for my car and then I want one for over my bed.   Happy shopping and make sure you leave me a comment below if your order, I would love to know which one you loved or how you all like your products.  Have a wonderful evening and thank you for all your support always, XoXo

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  1. These are gorgeous dream catchers I love the tie dye strands and the crochet center. Thank you for sharing the site and the code to receive discount on purchase. Excited to order one for my car.