Sunday, January 17, 2016

Silver Jeans, tees, lightened hair and pink manicure

Happy Sunday Funday, excited to say I finally was able to take some photos for the blog. Next weekend is my scheduled styled shoot but tested out setting up my tripod and using my remote with my Nikon D610, it was a success. I don't know why I waited so long especially since I have such an amazing camera and gear. I haven't been feeling amazing with the cooler weather my aches stand out more and seem to get worse. I mostly wanted to test doing this so instead of trying to squeeze every look I want to shoot for the month into one weekend collaborating with a makeup artist, photographer and coinciding with getting my hair done. This worked great and now I know I can easily set up a shoot anywhere, anytime.

Enough about that, I will have the photos later this week once I have some time to go through and edit my favorites for the blog. For now I have my recap from the end of the week. 

Thursday was a rainy day but had an important doctors appointment. Luckily my hubby is on a Thursday and Friday off schedule this month so he was able to come with me. Didn't get the best news ever but wasn't awful either. Being sore j wanted to dress comfy so went with my army green long sleeve top from Fashion Junkee paired with some old Silver Jeans and my camouflage Tom inspired sneakers I got last spring when we went to Jacksonville for Rockville. It rained the first day and my converse were still soaked when we woke up for day two so we went to Walmart to grab some sandals but I found these. Didn't want to get flip flops because I knew it would be mud pits and didn't want to be splattering mud up my back side all day lol. These were under $5 and best move I spent because they are so comfy. It was my last day with my dark red hair also because Friday I had my hair appointment to start the lightening process. I wore my Pandora feather charm my hubby got me to match the ring he got me back over the summer. 

I also paired some of my favorite Alex and Ani bracelets. My birthstone, initial, spiked green bracelet, pineapple, Buddha and feather charms. I try to grab ones that go with my necklace I pick out or match with my clothes and he green from my birthstone went well with the army green and camo I was wearing. 

A quote I found on Pinterest while waiting at the doctor's office. This is so true. I don't like hate at all, it's a strong word and a strong feeling that we shouldn't allow ourselves to ever feel. Sure there are a lot of things or people I don't care for or like but I don't hate anyone. Even people who have done horrible things to me. I find it's easier to not hold onto feelings of anger or remorse. 

Decided to throw on my Wifey tee from ILY Couture and some Pam & Gela tie dye grey stuffed sweats when we got home to relax. 

These pants are the ones mentioned above by Pam & Gela, they are so comfy. I went with a large and they are big have learned a lot of their items run big but I remember Juicy was the same way years ago when I wore the brand often. I use to wear a P or XS then, yes I was smaller but not a lot smaller then I am now. I have found I am a medium or small in the Pam & Gela pieces. Some of their tees or tanks are fitted but most are looser or oversized fit. 

Was excited to receive my newest pair of Silver Jeans. For sure my favorite ambassador program, they are and have been my favorite jeans ever for over a decade. These are a light grey, and are the Suki mid ankle jeans in distressed look. They fit amazing, have some patches under most of the holes to keep them reinforced, but then some are regular holes that you can see the skin underneath. Love this look. My tee is by The Light Blonde, another package I was so excited to receive. I am planning to use the tees from Ali's website for my upcoming feature. I was so happy when she emailed me back to tell me she liked my blog and social media, that she would be happy to collaborate and have me feature her online boutique, and amazing tees with such positive messages. Excited to share them all styled after my shoot this weekend. Have some cute looks in store and ideas or inspiration for styling graphics tees. Tees use to be paired with jeans or shorts but not anymore. I know I wear graphic tops with everything and to all style events.

Livin On A Prayer, such a good 80's jam and such inspiring words for a classic graphic tee. I can't get enough of graphic tees and tanks, I own hundreds now and you can see some of my collection on Instagram under the hashtag #MelissasTees. Again wearing my Pandora feather pendant and more Alex and Ani bangles. 

Close up from the front of my new Suki Mid ankle slim fit, grey distressed jeans. 

Side and pocket view. They really are an amazing fit and the color is gorgeous. Not like any other pair of grey jeans o own. They are so light and have that nice washed look to them. These are for sure my new favorites. A must have for spring and the warmer weather coming soon for those in the colder climates right now. 

A few selfies from the weekend with no makeup, and my hair after attempting to lighten less than two month old dark burgundy red hair. It looks lighter and it's really pretty. Can't wait to get it all light so I can reveal my next color idea. I never have changed my color this fast. Usually I wear it for six months to a year but red isn't my favorite shade on me. It was really pretty and I got tons of compliments on the color but really want to go lighter. Been wanting to for a while and was there with the orange after the blue craziness but for the holidays wanted to try red. It was fun the Pravana colors are always a lot of fun because they are so bright and vivid but I am so excited for my next color combo that I am eager to get it light enough. It has to basically be white to do what I want to do. It will be a pastel lighter color combo for sure. Stay tuned.

Sunday Funday outfit was this Inc International Concepts metallic star 3/4 sleeve sweatshirt paired with you guessed it, my new favorite grey jeans by Silver Jeans. 

Can't get enough of these jeans. They are so comfy and cute. 

My pink sparkly manicure I got done today. Broke a few nails so went short. Even have a cut in my knuckles from packing away Christmas decorations. I did good I had long nails for a few months, since October and my nails grow fast so by next appointment they will be long again. 

Nails after my manicure, I use the gel polish now because it lasts on me the regular polish works on my toes but my nails tend to chip within a day or two without the gel. My toes I painted myself this time and they are Zoya Storm which is a light black glitter based polish. It has a grey tone which I love. The pink polish I picked is so pretty and girly, I love it. 

I will add shopping links below for items that are still available. Was super excited to score a Pam & Gela Sophie white tee with black lip graphic from Nordstrom's. Was surfing eBay and on the bottom they showed the tee on sale for $50.98 clicked the link and they only had mediums so I ordered it. Good timing because when I went back to share with a friend they were sold out in a few minutes, great price for sure. Have some amazing deals coming this week like always, and check out my prior post featuring a shop I found late last night. They have some amazing trends for bags, shoes and clothes. 

Off to relax, spent the day at the nail salon with my girls and then my Aunt's house to exchange Christmas presents finally. Sad she got news she will be most likely leaving for Alaska do to her job. She works as a traveling nurse and has been lucky to be here close to us for a while now, her contract ends in March and they wanted her to go to Miami or Alaska. She told us she would rather be in Alaska then fight the traffic from her current home to Miami daily. Sad to see her go since we reconnected last year during the holidays and have grown very close again. Hoping that because the doctors aren't happy at her hospital to see the girls leave that they will reconsider the contract so she can stay. If not I will finally get to see Alaska. That's one good thing. Lol. Everyone enjoy the evening. XoXo 

Where to shop: 

If I can't find I do my best to find similar styles, and items that are not on Shop Style I added links below the photos above to make it easier for you to know which link is for which items.  Enjoy and happy shopping 


  1. I have seen your hair on Pinterest before and I love it! Gorgeous color and looks beautiful. Happy I finally found your blog. Where do you get your hair done? How long have you been using Olapkex? I just used it for the first time ever and love it. My hair is also red but with black, love the Pravana colors. Your purple ombre was what first inspired me to color my hair and how I heard about Pravana always used manic panic. I now get my color done at a salon thanks to you and it is so amazing. I get a lot of compliments about it. Thanks so much.

  2. Again great variety of tee shirts and I forgot to mention in a comment I left before, I love your hair color. Really fun and goes with your style. I need to figure out what my style is, I am all over the place. I buy dresses, skirts and lots of accessories but end up wearing the same stuff all the time. Usually jeans, a tee and some sandals or a pair of converse. I feel like when I try to dress up or try a new look I am not comfortable and don't look right. I guess some people just are good at putting together outfits while others aren't so much. For me I think it a comfort thing, I am comfortable in my jeans. I wear scrubs to work so I don't ever really dress up and been married for six years so we don't go out often unless a special occasion. Reading your blog and following you on Instagram is inspiring for sure.