Sunday, January 3, 2016

2015 Fashion Favorites and 2016 Spring trends

2015 was a fun year for fashion, we had feathers, flares, fur and fringe.  Bohemian and 70's style was all the rage.  I personally have to say I loved it all but I am a huge fan of 70's and boho fashion styles.  I have always loved flare or bell bottom style jeans, I like a bit of a higher waist in jeans, versus the low cut that had been in style for many years.  I don't like a dramatic high waist but a mid waist is a lot easier so you don't have to be constantly pulling up your pants or worrying about bending over.  I adore fringe everything, from vests, jackets, tops, skirts, shoes and bags.  I have been a huge fan of boho chic and tribal elements for many years so to have feathers become so popular was awesome for me, it gave me a chance to stock up on jewelry and clothing with one of my own personal favorite symbols for years to come.  I can remember a few years back having to custom order items with a feather and now you can find them on just about everything.  I personally have never been big into fur, sure I have had a faux fur rug or throw blanket but fashion wise I have never owned much on the faux fur front.  I have a few jackets with some faux fur collars, and then a pair of faux fur lined uggs from 8 years ago, but I did love the looks that many of the designers came out with and hot bloggers were wearing.  I did get a few pieces that were close in resemblance to the fur items like my shag vest and my 8 year old has the Target faux fur brown vest, which she loves.  I think it was a great fashion accessory for sure and only really just don't care for it myself but I live in the hot climate maybe if it got colder here I would appreciate the warmth of faux fur more but for me in South Florida to wear a faux fur heavy vest or jacket just isn't practical, but I will never say it didn't like stylish and chic.

I loved all the amazing trends and styles of 2015 and I am really excited to see what 2016 has in store.  I have my fingers crossed that the 70's vibe sticks around a little longer. I am absolutely loving Alice & Olivia's pre spring line. With high waisted A line skirts, vintage style bell bottom jeans, gaucho pants and the list could go on and on.  I would love to see some gorgeous boho chic spring dresses and skirts, with some chic flats, strappy platform sandals and d'Orsay shoes are still a fave of mine.  I would want to see some length on the shorts not a fan of daisy dukes, and love the mid waist. Layers with off the shoulder tops and tanks, maxi skirts with a lot of flow and loving slits. Full a line silhouettes are a must have whether it is a dress or mid length to mini skirts. That's just a few of my favorite fashion looks I am hoping for for spring. Be sure to check out Alice and Olivia's new spring collection they just debuted to see what I am talking about. I couldn't even resist it, I wish I had enough cash to buy half the collection for my own wardrobe, for now I am going to have to hit the Internet for similar looks that will work with my budget. Already I have purchased several gorgeous a line skirts from Forever 21 that have a similar look for under $30 and can't wait to style them with some new designers I am collaborating with for the new year as far as my graphic tee obsession goes. I have teamed up with s couple amazing smaller designers to bring you some amazing graphics and positive messages. My first collaborated blog shot will be in a couple weeks and will be featuring the photos in early Feb for you to see some of the changes I am working on for the blog. I am so excited to share and can't wait for an amazing year.

Hope everyone has had a great start to 2016 and I will post a few of my favorites below along with some comparable pieces as well. Xoxo

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  1. Let me just start off by saying Happy New Year! Love the selections you made above, Alice and Olivia is nailing the fashion for spring obsessed with that white skirt and the wide leg pants. Excited to order a pair of the Forever21 jeans you posted they are almost exact and so much more affordable. I love you for sharing more affordable options for the latest hot trends I swear you have kept me looking stylish for months and on budget. You rock, Xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Happy new year to you, hope your holiday was awesome. Thank you so much. I also ordered the jeans and then the striped pair. Love them. I got a bunch of skirts and I got a few tops. I literally spent all my gift cards in the week after Christmas online looking for some comparable styles to some of the new trends I have seen at work. We have style boards and I love to see what's new or what catches my eye. I will have a lot of really cool new stuff coming in the next few weeks from some amazing designers and new stores. I am happy to say I have already secured many designers and boutiques to collaborate with for 2016. It's exciting when some reach out to you and want to work with you I am so flattered and really feel honored. I am happy to hear you have found some styles you love and that are affordable. Being a mom of two one being a teen who also wants all the new trends I am always looking for inexpensive ways to keep us all looking good without breaking the bank. Soon I will be really pinching pennies since we plan to move and will be getting a new car as well. It never ends always need something but I am a budget and bargain maniac lol. Can't wait to share all my new styles and looks for 2016 along with many other new goodies thanks for the kind words and commenting XOXO