Sunday, January 24, 2016

Gigi Inspired Winter Look for Less

Happy Sunday, I hope everyone is keeping warm this cold winter weekend. Even here in South Florida we are experiencing cold weather. Last night the temperature dropped into the 40's and is remaining in the upper 50's today which is rare for us. I know all over the country everyone is experiencing very cold weather and many are seeing snow.  I was going through my emails this am and saw this photo of Gigi Hadid and her outfit was so appropriate for the weather, I love everything about it. She has such a great style, she can throw together pieces and not even realize she is making a statement. I love this oversized denim top with skinny multi denim patched jeans, suede sneakers, long coat and bucket handbag. I just purchased a purse two weeks ago on eBay that looks just like the bag she is carrying and found some amazing styles for less online that share, that was the first thing that caught my eye then I loved the way she paired her jeans with the oversized denim top and chevron fur long coat. I love denim on denim looks and with these jeans it makes it easier since they have several variations of denim colors.  Below are so photos that inspired me for this post and of course links for everyone to find similar items for all budgets.  The bag I got is sold out but I found a few similar and for even less then I paid for mine.  Enjoy and stay warm XoXo

When I saw her jeans I was instantly thinking about the Silver jeans I got last month that are distressed with the darker patches. They are a little more distressed but I think if like me you own something like this already you won't have to purchase another pair you could make this work for sure.   I will include a link for them below also.

Here is some more inspiration to make this look your own with similar styles.

I looked high and low for her jeans, think I found by Black Orchid link below where to shop.

I couldn't find the link for this jacket on ShopStyle so here you go:

This one also was not available for my ShopStyle link below so going to include it here

Oversized or Boyfriend Fit
Chambray Button Down Top

Some looks I found that I posted links below, really you can find so many affordable pieces that are similar to her items so that you can create your own look inspired by Gigi.  I did my best to put together some of my favorites and tried to hit a couple different price levels for those who want to shop for low budget, mid and higher.  I sometimes don't mind buying inexpensive tops and bags but prefer to splurge on my jeans, or maybe since it isn't really ever cold here I might want to save on the jacket so I can buy a higher end handbag, it is all your own personal preference really. =)

Tom Ford White bucket bag, this would be my dream come true bag lol.

More affordable and good quality option by Sole Society, link is below in where to shop.

Where to shop:


  1. Been waiting for you to post this so I can find those jeans, love them. Ordering the Free People or Charlotte Russe style since they aren't super expensive. Great post and love this look. I see why you picked it for inspiration. It is snowing here and was in 18 when I woke up. I could use this jacket to stay warm, luckily we have our fireplace. Have a good weekend and thanks for sharing.

    1. Sorry I had posted my collage shot on Instagram then somehow it disappeared and then had issues with my phone. Finally got my photos uploaded then had to get together the links for where to shop. I am happy you enjoyed my post. I love Gigi's style such a gorgeous girl with amazing taste, she always looks so well put together but yet simple. Love that. I have on some Loft jeans that have the darker patches and my chambray top today inspired by her look. I don't own a faux fur jacket or I would have taken pictures to recreate the look, maybe I will use my vest or another jacket if I have any cream colors to snap a photo we will see lol. Stay warm and thank you for passing by XoXo