Monday, January 11, 2016

Spring must have handbags

Chloe makes some of the best handbags around. I just received my third Chloe bag and its perfection. I wanted something small and cross-body with some sass. My hubby gave it to me as a gift but it didn't arrive till weeks after the holiday but was worth the wait. 

My new purse and wallet arrived Saturday while we were at the beach but was a pleasant surprise to come home to. I have a Chloe larger tote with similar  look. I also have an older Chloe bag with the large padlock and key in black but I got it used off eBay.  That was my original first Chloe,  it was called the paddington bag. 

Paddington bag by Chloe was an eBay purchase many years ago. Loved how the bag looked in photos but never loved how it looked on me, it didn't have a god shape and the lock was very heavy along with the hardware to close the bag so it would hang in the front. Considering selling it now because I only carried for a few months when I first got it, it sits in my closet in a dust bag behind my dresses. 

This was my second bag and first brand new purse, still purchased off eBay. It was the floor model but it didn't matter to me. The leather is so soft and the color is gorgeous. I never was able to get a matching Chloe wallet but I did find a brown Tory Burch zip around wallet that matched nicely. 

Very similar to my bag but suede and in navy blue with gold. My bag looks almost identical to this one but I got leather black with gold. 

Also love this simple black leather saddle style cross-body Chloe. I am blessed my hubby buys me nice gifts and he knows how much I love handbags. I would never splurge like this but he knew I loved this bag and had not purchased any expensive handbags in a while. If it wasn't for my hubby I wouldn't have any purses in this league, I would only have my Michael Kors, and Tory Burch with some other similar price level bags. For many years back 16 years ago I was a Coach girl, then Juicy, and Michael Kors more recently I have loved Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs and of course Chloe, Burberry, LV and I'm sure I missed some other designers I love, it's late.

More not Chloe purses for Spring 

Looking for a similar look without breaking the bank, check out these styles. I ordered the brown saddle bag for myself for festival season and the o ring front bag with chain strap by Forever21 and the both have similar looks to the new Chloe bags but from $19.90 to $25.

Pantone color for spring rose pink and I personally am loving blush pink. It has been my go to neutral nail color for months and loving all the girly dresses in this shade. 

This could be a twin for the Chloe bag. Yes, made by Forever21 I have been saying they are on point and I'm not kidding. 

I went with the brown in the above bag only because I knew my Chloe bag was black. You can't go wrong either way. 

A little side by side comparison of a Chloe Faye bag and one of Forever21's new style bags. Really if you are looking for a trendy bag for the season but don't want to spend a fortune, you can get several at Forever21. I know I have my one bag I carry everyday then I have my bags I change out to match outfits for me they don't have to be top of the line quality just look cute. 

Enjoy shopping and be sure to browse Forever21 I know I ordered a lot of goodies plus have a cart full for payday. XoXo

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  1. ForeverFashionAddictionJanuary 11, 2016 at 1:11 AM

    Another knock out of the park with this post, your posts on the lace up flats, spring styles and purses you really have me hooked. These are so much like the expensive styles I can't even believe it. You are my hero. I have never paid over $120 for a purse and now I won't be spending over $30. I just spent $200 on Forever 21 ordering skirts, dresses, culottes and lace up shoes now need to order some purses to go with all my outfits. Love the rose bag. Great post content.

  2. You have some great bags, then this article is so cool. I have wanted a Faye or Drew Chloe bag and been looking for inspired by bags these are so close. I even love the tassel front black bag. You also did a wonderful write up on the lace up shoe trend. Lots of great choices and under $30. I was amazed. Thanks for putting in the research and making my life easier. Going to be purchasing a couple purses and shoes from your links. I also have to say you were pretty good with your spring style predictions I just read Lauren Conrad's article and she was saying the same stuff. Must be fun to have such a cool job. Will keep an eye on your blog for what else you share for spring.

  3. The forever 21 brown bag is great, I saw your post and placed an order which arrived today. It's perfection even better in person. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent for finding stuff like this and posting. I'm a huge fan of your blog and Instagram account. Look forward to your posts weekly.