Monday, January 25, 2016

Spring Bucket Bags

Another purse post for everyone, I have covered cross-body, quilted, saddlebags, small or mini totes and cross-body,  now I am going to show you some bucket bags. My favorite is the Tom Ford and Prada bucket bags but honestly all the good designers have amazing bucket bags this season. I don't have the money for a high end since I got my Christmas splurge bag from hubby, he got me a Chloe black studded saddle style cross-body bag for my Christmas gift. Valentine's Day is almost here but he already gave me the Alex and Ani love struck arrow bracelet and the heart wrap in rose gold, along with a key, crown and crystal heart charm for the necklace he gave me for Christmas. I have a wallet and watch on my wish list, (not an Apple Watch btw) I want a new Rose Gold watch. Have a few I love which you will see in my Valentine's Day gift ideas post later this week. 

I have started purchasing designer inspired bags, not knock off fake bags but bags that are designed to look like high end bags without the name of the high end designer, and of course made of faux leather and suede. I have found some amazing Chloe look a likes from several shops as you have seen in prior posts and some being from Forever21, Jessica Buurman, and LuLu's. 

These are the high end beauties, if only I had hit the Powerball when it was high. Hey a girl can dream right? Instead I am paying medical bills, medications and physical therapy payments ugh. But right now getting my illness into remission is most important. Family and health always come first. So let's take a look at some designer bucket bags. 

Do you have a favorite? I left the Tom Ford bag out since its in my previous post with the Gigi Hadid outfit inspiration. 
I love the fringe Prada, Chloe and Rebecca Minkoff bags myself. Now here we have some great bags that look a lot like the above for way less. 

My faves here are the fringed out black and brown Forever21 bags, I love fringe. Then the two from Lulu's are cute also, love the Pom Pom trim on the black and then the brown looks a lot like the Tom Ford style bag. These are all under $45 and as low as $23. You can't go wrong. 
Below I am going to give you a large selection of bucket bags from styles, designers, stores, colors and prices. Enjoy and would love to know which is your favorites or what one you may own or have to buy. 

Have a dliteful week and lots of good stuff coming this week;). XoXo

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  1. Prada fringe is everything! What a gorgeous bag.