Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Blonde, red and burgundy Pravana Ombre hair

Friday I have an appointment to do my hair and considering changing my color already. I don't know if I will do it this appointment or just start the process because I have longer over processed hair from dying it different colors, stripping, bleaching to remove color and then heat styling, I like to take my time lightening it. We use Olaplex every color or process then my dye is all Pravana. 

I currently have my natural blonde shade with some highlights then it melts down from a light reddish pink, to red then burgundy. My stylist created the burgundy shade using Pravana purple and wild orchid. She paints the color on then blends the top red to the bottom burgundy with the brush. Since my hair was a rose gold orange shade before coloring she didn't strip the color she hair applied it right on top since the red is darker and doesn't need to be on a white or light base. She uses Olaplex when she bleached or lightened my hair then during the color, after the color and I use it at home a week after my color. 

I use a conditioning cleanser similar to wen products by Matrix Biolage. I only wash my hair once a week unless needed.  I  get deep conditioning treatments once a month, use the Redken Frizz Dismiss deep conditioner at home, and leave in smoothing serum. I love Miracle 10 spray leave in conditioner and use a serum for heat styling by Redken. My flat iron is by Hai elite and I love it, I use a curling wand I found at Walmart with different attachment ends by Remington. I have a wonderful blow drier because it does matter what styling tools you use when drying, flat ironing and curling your hair. My blow dryer is made by Solano and is the turbo ultra lite. For brushing and detangling I use the wet brush, a wide tooth plastic comb, and my round styling brushes for blow drying, I use several,  I have a large ceramic based, medium ion barrel and smaller conair brand. 

Some older colors I have had, if you go back in my blog posts you will see photos along with on my Pinterest and Instagram pages of all the colors I have been the last 5-7 years. I have been so many colors and styles over the years, I love to take photos to look back it is fun to see all the looks and colors.  One of my favorites was back 15 years ago when I did platinum blonde with black high and lowlights with black underneath. It became very popular a few years later so I went a reddish brown and cool blonde then started with the fun colors I loved as a teen.  My first crazy color was at 15 when I used koolaid to dye my ends purple.  I have always had a love for fun hair colors and funky styles.  I am a daring and creative person at heart which you can see in my hair color since I don't really wear makeup.  

Camouflage tank is from Walmart.

My prescription lenses are framed by Burberry.

For photos I only penciled in some color to my eyebrows and added some lipstick so I didn't look washed out, not wearing any other makeup.  

I will post photos after Friday but for now just wanted to share my red since I haven't had many photos of it since I colored it and being unsure if I will have it much longer wanted to document it. Have a great end of the week and look forward to sharing more fashion posts and some designer features coming soon. Have my shoot this weekend and lots of amazing styles to feature. Xoxo 

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  1. Gorgeous hair, I love all the different colors you have tried. I wish I was more daring I have tried some red streaks in my brown hair but nothing as noticeable as your amazing color. I love it and want to try to do something similar with my hair. Will I have to bleach it to use dark red or will it cover my brown hair?