Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Nothing is going to stop me

What's stopping you? Nothing is going to stop me. I'm not sorry at all about my new attitude in life, I am not going to allow anyone to stop me from doing what I love. I absolutely am obsessed with the line by the original designers behind the once hot brand Juicy Couture. Sadly the brand hasn't done so well since these ladies left but happily they started a new line and I love it way more than I ever loved Juicy. Pam & Gela is a kick ass brand, I love their bad ass attitudes and their I don't give a f@*k style. They are bold, creative and so inspiring. Since I first laid eyes on their first designs of graphic tees I was in love. I am obsessed with tees and tanks, their line is everything I love about graphic tees and forget it their pants, from sweats and the classic Juicy style velour pants, to distressed sweats and sweaters, amazing little black dresses and animal print pieces I love it all. I wish I could hit that huge Powerball jackpot right now because I would buy up whatever pieces I haven't found on eBay or sale on their site and rock their pieces daily. 

This lip graphic tee is hot paired with leather leggings since soon I won't be able to wear them here in Florida, we have a cool front currently so they worked. I added a pair of over the knee black boots and my leather jacket for my finished look. 

Everything about this tee screams me. I love the darker cuffed sleeve style tee/tank I ordered a large and wish now I had gone with a medium but I have all sizes from P-L in their tops and they all fit me just some are over sized and others fitted. I love them all either way. These leggings I got off eBay for under $8 and they rock. They are high waisted and so soft for a faux leather. They really look great on, I went with a XL because they are Asian sized and usually run smaller but could have honestly ordered a large. They are a little longer but I plan to hem them one of these days to wear with heels for now they work amazing with boots. 

My jewelry is simple today, I haven't taken off my Pandora feather pendant really except to shower. I love it and my bracelets are leather wraps one is from Good Works and is a positive affirmation wrap. They have some amazing bracelets this was my first but have several now. The other was a gift from Pam over at The Ehler's company, passion for fashion on eBay. The link to her eBay store is in my favorite shops and if you mention my blog after bidding or when you purchase item with buy it now she will give you a 20% discount. Be sure to check out her fabulous site she has a ton of amazing artisan made pieces and does a lot to support talented creative people which I love. 

Next up is my Pam & Gela What's stopping you tee. It's on a dark gray style tank with glittery gold writing. Paired it with my Tara Lynn's boutique camouflage pencil skirt and a necklace from Forever21. Bracelets are all Alex and Ani. 

Don't forget my link for 20% off your order from Pam & Gela, just click the below link and you will receive an exclusive code for my friends to receive 20% off.

Wish I didn't crop out my black lace up heels. I got a pair from Forever21 because I am loving the lace up flats I had and really need a pair of heels. I will include a photo below of the heels along with a link below to where you can purchase a pair also.

Can't wait have so many exciting new fashion pieces arriving daily and a few articles on loan for my shoot next weekend. I am going to be photographing finally some non selfie style photos for the blog and my social media accounts, I can't wait to share. Going to do my hair and makeup then have real photos taken so you can see the entire outfit along with my face and hair. I will trying my best to do one shoot a month collabing with local photographers and make up artists, then my talented hair lady as well. When I can't schedule these shoots I will set up my camera on my tripod and take photos so that every month I have some styled photos for my feature articles. 

I have The Light Blonde tees coming up as a Valentine's Day and anti social media bullying feature, Spell and the Gypsy collective and some Free people pieces for a bohemian spring look just in time for festival season and then some Alice and Olivia goodies. I will also be featuring Silver Jeans and some other great graphic tees by some other smaller designers and shops. Excited to have so many collabs set up and happy to see how many designers and shops are excited to work with me. My blog really had grown so much each year and I had my most successful year since 2012 this last year so I am really thankful and proud. 

I will be working on more beauty, hair, makeup and skincare product features. Health and fitness posts like I did awhile back then my normal what's hot now for fashion posts where I find popular trends and show you similar looks for less. I will always have those features since bargain shopping and dressing on a budget are something I am passionate about. 

Enjoy my Pam & Gela tops and before I forget let me share my off the shoulder Love Spent midnight blue sweatshirt with silver foil and black writing paired with the black Betsee joggers also by Pam & Gela. I just won a hot distressed sweatshirt that matches my gray pair I have with cropped ankles and zippers. Trust me you will be seeing a lot of new Pam & Gela stuff in the next couple weeks especially if its cold because I have a few sweaters and sweatshirts I haven't shared yet. Excited to share them and many other styles. 

Happy shopping and bargain hunting my friends. Love to all XoXo. 

A few photos from my weekend.

Walking the boardwalk on Hollywood beach, before dinner.

Amazing food from The Taco Shack. 

Sun going down and Palm Trees along the boardwalk. 

A Florida snowman, or sandman. 

And we end it all without traditional frozen custard, I get mine with orange sherbet on the bottom. Reminds me of my daddy. Hope you had a lovely weekend also. I know I have survived the first two days of the week and it's almost mid week, we have a long weekend again and can't wait... 

Hope the beach warms you up if there is snow in your area. Warm wishes and kisses always 

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