Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Late Fashion Post

Hello everyone and so sorry for my absence I have been so busy with work, then my kids got sick, and I have been having health issues myself so things have been chaotic to say the least. I have a little post to put together with some home decor items and then wanted to go over some of my outfits from last week on social media. Let's start with the fashion first then we can move onto the great home decor finds from Target and Homegoods I came across last week or over the weekend. Target was having a great bedding sale online and if you spent over $100 you saved $25 so I actually returned my in store purchase to order some items online for my bedroom then saw they had some items I had purchased on sale so returned them and even got a couple extra items since I saved so much. Saving is for sure my middle name. 

Loving denim on denim, last week I shared a pair of Black Orchid jeans with multiple denim patches and wanted to get that look with what I had in my closet. I found these old Loft jeans with distressed look, that have darker patches to cover the holes and paired that with a chambray top from Walmart last winter. Of course I had to add one of my many graphic tees from my collection, this one I got at Marshall's awhile back for under $10. 

Necklaces are from my favorite Etsy shop Fawninginlove, the shorter is a triangle opalite and then longer is a blue and gold tone tusk style horn. Love her jewelry it is all high quality, amazing customer service and her packaging is totally adorable. Shoes are my strappy grey ankle boots from Shop Sophie May. 

Next up is a flat lay of an outfit I wore for my first collaborated styled shoot for the blog. I am so excited to have some of the first images and once editing is complete I will have some shots for you just in time for Valentine's Day:). Lots of fun stuff going on with my blog. This graphic tee is from the Light Blonde and you can find her on Instagram @thelightblonde. She has this tee in white with black or a limited addition Valentine's Day tee with white and red. This was another limited edition that is burgundy and cream. I took some inspiration shots of looks for the shoot and had paired it with this burgundy tone textured pencil skirt from Forever 21 and some nude faux leather lace up sandals from GoJane that I got for under $20. 

Forever 21 wide leg, gaucho style jumper in chambray paired with lace up nude shoes, a kimono with feather pattern and pompom trim then finished off with my gorgeous Fawninginlove blue and gold tone bohemian horn. I also have the turquoise she sent me and love them both. 

The Blue agate necklace with feather is also by Fawninginlove on Etsy and the bracelets are all Lacey Ryan. You can find some of her collection at Maurice's or she has her own site you can find a link for in my favorite shops on side bar. 

Here I am wearing a white gauze style top with lace insert and tie tassel sleeves by Free People, was an eBay score for under $20. I also found this Spell and the Gypsy maxi skirt in brown and a pink tone for under $40. I paired it with my arrowhead necklace from Simply Quinn's. You can find her link and the promo code to save on your purchase in my favorite shops in side bar:). 

I think I may have shared these in a prior post, just in case I didn't the above items are from Tara Lynn's Boutique. Again her link to her shop is in my favorite shops and if you use my link you can save on your purchase. She was kind enough to send me this gorgeous tapestry red fabric skirt, Love each other graphic tee and grid pattern tunic. These will be in my upcoming post with styled photos from my blog shoot. Just a quick note if you go back to before the summer I have been discussing doing these shoots for some time. I was going to have my daughter or husband take the photos for me or use my DSLR with remote but it always ended up being more of a hassle when I usually snap my photos on the way out the door literally, that is why half are taken in my driveway. I finally decided after talking with many people I work with and a friend who is a makeup artist that I would do collaborations with local photographers looking to build their portfolio and hair stylist or makeup artists that way we can all build our portfolios up to help each other. My first several dates we set were rained out and I had picked outdoor locations. I did compromise and do some indoor shots but didn't care for them, being a photographer myself I like natural light photography and love outdoor photos. Nature is a huge part of my life we love to hike, travel to the mountains and explore the local nature all the time. Where I live there are amazing photo spots from the beaches, Everglades, downtown, historic district, Wynwood which is the art district and has the most amazing hand painted and graffiti murals. There are even some of my locations that I love like Tree Tops park which right by my house, and I have been shooting there for years, we even had our family photos taken there back in 2003. Anyway moving along I finally was able to get some photos done and I am working now on scheduling my next styled, collaborated shoot in a couple of weeks with my friend Vanessa that happens to be an amazing and extremely talented makeup artist. 

Be sure to check out this amazing shop on Instagram @TaraLynnsBoutique and follow her page for all the latest new styles. She is always getting new trends and designs in stock. Customer service is amazing and every time you purchase you are supporting a small business owned by a mother with a love for fashion. I love supporting smaller owned shops and businesses. 

Pam & Gela, check out my link for 20% in Favorite shops located on the right side bar of the desktop version of my blog.  You must view full site to see side bar content.

Hands down this has to be one of my favorite graphic tees to date from Pam & Gela. I ordered this off Nordstrom's site on clearance, they did send me the tee with the security tag but a quick trip while working picking up samples into one of the stores and they removed it for me. Paired it with my ripped, high waisted  black jeans. 

I love this graphic on this tee because it has a shiny wet like look and will look good paired with jeans or with leather leggings. I even have a cute leather skirt from Pam & Gela that it is perfect with. You can layer a flannel or leather jacket and it has that rocker vibe I love. 

We have had a lot of rainy weather due to cool fronts moving down across the state so I decided to pair my off the shoulder Pam & Gela sweatshirt I scored on eBay with some Vigoss tomboy, distressed jeans and my matte black Hunter boots. Purse is by Bohemian Vibe Boutique I have been carrying this bag a lot since purchasing over the summer during their Christmas in July sale when I got it for 50% off. Was a great bargain at $30 and wish I could find another for been this one has taken its final beating lol. 

I added a Never-full bag to my collection last week and the grey fur purse clip I got before Christmas from Bealls outlet for $3.99. If you haven't ever heard of the shop TheRealReal check it out. They have designer bags, shoes and clothes that are lightly used, you can also try their payment plan as well if you don't have the money to pay for it all at once, I got a $25 credit for signing up and was approved for the payment plan but ended up just purchasing the bag since it wasn't to expensive. I saw so many amazing bags and shoes, if they don't have a bag or it shows it is sold out you can click to be added to the wait list and they will email you once they get another of that style bag in stock. Love this shop and will be adding a link to my side bar under favorite shops. 

I know everyone who reads fashion blogs or follows bloggers on social media have seen these animal print fold over clutches everywhere lately. I was looking for an inexpensive option because it's something I would only carry with certain outfits and couldn't find any under $40. I decided to make my own. I use to work in interior design and have rolls of upholstery and high end fabrics from previous design projects in my garage. I bought this gorgeous leopard print fabric that has a fur or hyde like texture years ago on clearance to make pillow covers for a client and used some silky rayon material in black to line the inside. I sewed it on the sewing machine just like a pillow, starting inside out then flipping it right side out and stitching in a small zipper on the top. It can be folded wide or long ways for different looks. Didn't cost me a dime and only took me thirty  minutes to make. Love how it turned out and can't wait to get some better photos of it. 

Friyay tank and the Aztec leggings are from Target. I got the tank last week but the leggings are several years old, got them on clearance after Christmas at least three years ago. 

Scooped up some holiday print tanks at Walmart over the weekend for Valentine's Day and St. Paddy's day for $3.88 each. You can never have enough tanks. 

Kept it simple with a MetoWe raglan from Pacsun and some ripped boyfriend jeans by Silver jeans. My necklace is a chocolate and regular diamond butterfly by LeVian I have had for a long time, was a gift from my hubby. Also have a feather pendant he got me by them back probably about six years ago it was a year or two after he got me this one. I also have a cushion cut chocolate diamond they gave me with a purchase I hope to make into a pendant or ring for my daughter for her graduation gift using my princess cut and other stones from my first engagement ring. 

Back in October when I was finally due for my upgrade my hubby got me this rose gold iPhone 6S plus and realize I had never taken any photos of it cause I always use my phone to take all my pics lol so snapped a quick shot with my daughter's phone. She also got the same phone but she has silver or space grey which ever one that has the black front she likes the black versus the white front on the phones. 

My weekend manicure which is hard to see the gorgeous color, it's an army green with some sparkles. Love the color. 

I am someone who either goes with natural or French nails or the other extreme dark vamp colors like black, dark grays and reds but this green was beautiful only wish I could capture it's true color on my phone. 

Got this cute shirt dress with pocket from Target. Love the loose fit and stripes. 

My shoes are lace up black heels I featured a couple of weeks ago that I snagged from Forever21. Love them they are so cute and believe it or not comfy being as high as they are. Only $34 and seen some similar looks for around the same price. I will say because I have purchased several pairs of lace up style shoes from flats to heels that you really want to make sure that you don't scrimp to much trying to get a deal because quality does matter. Not only does it mean more comfort but the laces are important, I purchased a pair online and the laces broke already. They were only $25 but still wore them a handful of times and went to lace them up to have the cheap, thin faux suede just snap. I wasn't even pulling them tight. I was so happy with the price and they looked so cute but from the start the zipper was hard to zip up and then noticed the material had areas you could see where they had glued the piece that holds the laces. You get what you pay for but I will say I got my nude pair above from GoJane they are made by Classified and they are made really nice. Also I have noticed the faux leather is softer then the suede the suede tends to be stiffer and need more breaking in. Just a little tip for everyone. I have a lace up flat black, nude and grey pair then the black heels here and ordered a red pair of lace up heels with a shorter heel off eBay and hoping they aren't cheap cause I got them for under $20. 

More of my Pam & Gela Cali tank, with some Citizens for humanity flare jeans both items I won off eBay and $25 for each item. I also got the Pam & Gela You got a friend sweatshirt style muscle tank off eBay and then the Partners in Crime graphic tee shirt from Nordstrom Rack.  Pam & Gela had a sale where you could save an additional 20% off their already sale priced items so I got some more tees I didn't have, and two dresses. 

Nordstrom and Saks clearance tees arrived the top photo of the Cali tee looks off you can not see the bling which is crazy, the letters are blinged out.  Think this photo you may be able to see them better. That one was an Ebay find but still has the rhinestones weird stuff for sure didn't even notice till someone else asked me, but it has stones.

Pam & Gela Coke style logo, was made for me and my Coke love and P&G love❤️
Arrived today and can't wait to wear it, below are some more of my collection with a few left out that are being washed or in my closet that I over looked. Got this tee from Blue and Cream site.

Link below to get 20% off your first order from Pam & Gela

Some of my Pam & Gela collection. This is just some of my tees you can see more of my collection of tees, sweaters, tops, bottoms and dresses on my Twitter or IG feed. Been collecting for a couple of years and love their line. 


  1. That is one sick tee shirt collection. Amazing. That is one of my faves about your style is your ability to wear simple tees and mix them with skirts or jeans to look amazing. When I wear a tee shirt I look like I am ready to clean house you wear a tee shirt and look like you are ready to rock the house. Keep rocking it.

    1. Wow thank you so much, means a lot to me especially right now going through some rough times with my health but slowly feeling myself again. I am so touched by your kind words and I am sure you look amazing in your tee shirts. For me it's not so much how I look as I how I feel. If I feel confident and like I can rock it then I do so own it girl, rock it like you said. Maybe throw on some heels with your jeans or a statement necklace with your tee shirt then play some music that takes you back to some amazing memories whether from your childhood or teen days then do it. Feeling confident is always key for me. I hope you have a great week and take my advice please because if I can rock it anyone can. Lol. XoXo