Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Eclectic Gypsy Boho Chic Bedroom Update

Welcome to my Eclectic Boho Chic Bedroom Design

This is an update from multiple previous posts I have done featuring my design and decor of my bedroom that has been a work in progress for over a year, as well as other posts featuring my home and decor that can date back to the start of my blog. I have been sharing my decor style and photos of my own home for many years. You can scroll back to see older photos and more recent shots.  Thank you. 

All items will be listed that are still available or similar items below in the where to shop section.
My duvet cover and pillows in this photo are all from Target,

I scored this for $8 at Homegoods they told me it didn't work and was messed up over the holiday rush.  I loved it and didn't care if it worked, plus I like the rustic or vintage look.  Got her home and put batteries guess what she works perfectly.  Love it and adds this romantic feel like candles do to the room.

My Wall collage is a handmade Indian Arrowhead from the Cherokee Indians in NC, The feathers I hand dipped and made a garland then these clusters for decorative purposes around the room, the longhorn cattle skull is from White Faux taxidermy, needlepoint hoops are from Wooden.Arrow.Shop on Etsy, the Dreamcatcher and the slice of wood that was burnt carved with a feather are also from Etsy shops.  Let me see the tray and ram skull is also Homegoods, the sage, shell and feathered fan for cleansing the home is from NC and the indians also.  Letters are from Marshall's and TJ Maxx then the antlers I found in NC.

For a while I have been meaning to buy a shadowbox for my left over feathers and while at Homegoods found this one on clearance for $6.  Love how it came out in the end prettier then I imagined.

I purchased these sheets, the center feather pillow and the right medallion pillow, but ended up returning them and ordering online when I saw that Target.com had a promotion if you spend over $100 you save $25 plus free shipping, so I got a pillow for free, love that savings.

The two pillows I got, my room is white and grey but I have blue and coral light pink accents, these sheets are the perfect color that I have been looking for and the accent pillows match so nice.  Couldn't be more excited to use these to add to the texture, colors and eclectic design of my space.

I have wanted one of these for some time from Urban Outfitters and almost ordered them but glad I didn't, I got this last week and it is cream with shades of blue.  I returned it because it was on sale when I went to return the sheets and pillows, ended up getting some cattle skull wall decor and this feather statue for the same cost due to the sale they had.  I also have ordered a handmade one online from Etsy that is gorgeous will post photos soon.

These are photos of the many different duvet covers and pillows I have tried out.

All my furniture is vintage finds on Craigslist or Garage sales that I sanded and refinished myself.

Can't wait to see the light pink sheets and new pillows on my dark grey duvet.  Also I purchased darker grey velvet curtains with sheer white curtains for under neath when I open the darker velvet ones.

Work in progress, and still is a work in progress.  I have a lot of ideas of things I want to do to the room and add.  Little by little it starts to get closer to what I have pictured.

The two TV's in our room is because one is for our security system, safety is important to us as a family.

Hope you enjoyed and will have more up to date photos once my hubby has a few days off after today to hang some lanterns, and things for me, also waiting for my pillows to arrive.  Have a great day.

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  1. Wow wow! What a great design I love everything