Monday, September 28, 2015

Tex-Mex, Cold Beer & Live Music...

Flannel, Tee, Jeans & Boots

Who doesn't love a weekend music festival or concert. I know I love all types of live music, mix in some Tex-Mex, cold beer and on a Saturday a little college football, that is a perfect day for me. This weekend had a little country concert festival with some amazing chili and food trucks with so many choices of food. Dressing for this event was a breeze with my awesome graphic tee by A Rosy Outlook. One of my favorite Etsy shop finds and loving their sister store Boho Circus. Did a recent blog feature on these two stores last month. These family owned gems have some of the coolest graphic tees from bohemian, gypsy style to Texas themed apparel. They also sell home decor, goods and accessories. 


My favorite part of fall fashion is layering and boots.  I love to layer pieces and accessories, then who doesn't love the chance to break out their boots.  Where I live it is usually in the 90's year round but we do get the occasional temperature drop and as soon as we do I break out the layers, scarves and boots.


I picked up this flannel at Target the other day.  It is made by Merona and has a checkered almost buffalo plaid print on the inside and when you fold over the sleeves.  Link to purchase is below.



My jeans are from American Eagle, I got them at their outlet store a while back and they are from their blue label line.  I know they are skinny jeans and found a pair similar.

The boots were from Target last year, I got them on clearance at the end of the season for $12-15.  You can find similar pairs at Target this year.

My flannel is from Target by Merona.

My tee shirt is by A Rosy Outlook.  You can get it in a tee or tank.

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Here's to music festival and carnival season approaching.  Enjoying live music, cold beers, football and some good ole Tex-Mex.  Have a fabulous week everyone.  



  1. What's up girl! When did you delete your facebook page? I went to leave you a message and you were gone, thought maybe you deleted me but realized you are just gone. Decided to check out your blog and love this. Never been into blogs but super cute. You know I love this tee being a Texas gal. Your hair looks gorgeous, miss coloring your hair and miss you. Say Hi to the family and make sure to call me soon. Love you and great job with the blog. Everything looks great.

  2. What a kick butt tee! Love it, so country and Texas. Hitting the site now. Love it with those jeans and a plaid button down. You rocked this look for sure.

    1. ✌️Awesome I am so glad you enjoyed my tee and outfit choice. I love their shirts and really love these jeans so comfy. Ty for commenting and hope you enjoy your tee/tank. A rosy outlook rocks for sure. They are so kind and check out their other store Boho Circus. Great shops. Happy fall ❤️🍂