Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rocker Chic and Boho Chic Affordable Fall Outfit Trends

Fall Boho Chic Trend

 I am always on Pinterest looking for outfit ideas and inspiration, I will find a few outfit ideas I love and then I try to find similar items to style the same look for less. I have a couple I am working on and excited to have found many pieces that are similar to the photo. Can't wait to share with my fellow bargain shoppers and bohemian style lovers.  I always like to add my own twist and style to these outfits, whether with a different style top, shoes or accessories.  We all have our own individual style and it is always fun to rock your own style with some of the newest trends.  


Pinterest photo of the outfit I love, I adore this look for fall using a slip style dress with lace or crochet accents, paired with oversized sweaters or flannels, tall socks and boots.  Then add lots of funky, cool boho chic accessories and you have a killer gypsy inspired look for fall or winter.  

First up the dress under the sweater, this was an easy find. She is wearing the Free People voile lace trapeze dress.  Below is a link to this dress, it is available in many colors and the options are really endless.  If you look on the Free People website they have a section where they show you outfit ideas using this cute dress.  I am so excited to receive mine now that I have seen so many ways to wear it.  I love that it can be worn basically every season.  In the spring and summer as a dress of course, then in the fall with leggings, tall socks, and boots.  Winter layered with sweaters, flannels and accessorized with chunky scarves.  I really am happy I found these and for an amazing price (below).

 Of course being the bargain shopper that I am I had to find less expensive alternatives, I have seen many cami style slip dresses, or dress extenders that are popular online right now for wearing under tunics and sweaters.  Most have a lace or crochet bottom, but I wanted that same look and feel.  After some searching,  I came across the above dress. They come in many colors.  Be sure to check the size chart and measure, Asian sizes can tend to run small.  This one, if measurements are on point, which I hope they are because usually when ordering from China or overseas I go with a XL, only a few times the item arrived huge usually they run really small.  I went with their size chart after measuring myself and ordered a large.  It should fit loose and have plenty of room.  Either way usually these international eBay sellers are really good about sending you out a replacement free of charge, usually just charging the postage. I ordered a white and mocha.

VoileWhiteLaceTrapezeDress Ebay $8.99

My dress came here is a photo of how it looks, just like the original style. My only advice always when ordering from China or Korea order a size or two larger, especially this dress you want it over sized to wear under sweaters. I went with a large and XL the XL is perfect for wearing with sweaters the Large is shorter and needs leggings or shorts under it. My Free People $20 crochet back sweater comes this week but found this cream and beige sweater at Walmart for under $10 in photos. They have lots of colors. Went with a XL to wear off the shoulder and tie side for similar look to above style. 

How did I do for styling the look for less? Let me know what you think. I know a lot of people have this same look pinned on their Pinterest page and loved it, I got the dress for $8.99 and the sweater for under $10. Still have another color similar dress with lace bottom featured below on it's way and the same Free People crochet back sweater but in blue, gray and white tones for another styled look. Can't wait for them to arrive to share. 

The above link is for the seller I purchased mine from, but if you search lace trapeze dress many sellers and options will pop up.  I am sure if you look on Amazon also you can find many sellers also.  I didn't have time to check Amazon only eBay.

The oversized sweater is also from Free People it is out of stock but can be found below for comparison

Still working on options for the sweater, found a few sellers on eBay selling same sweater pre worn for anywhere from $30-50 auction bid prices, but not in the cream only in a Blush pink color.  Hoping I will have some more options later today. Going to look for some other sites and brands that may have something that looks similar to the Free People sweater.  You can basically use any oversized sweater, and I think a thinner material would work nicely.  Excited I found a lace back cream/beige top in a small, but oversized and runs large so was reassured it will fit me no problem with plenty of room for the look I want.  It was up for buy it now at $26 or make an offer, I figured why not and offered the seller $20 since the sale was about to end with no buyers excited my offer was approved.  I wanted this sweater for several ideas to style it with but love that I have the items I really was drawn to on Pinterest now to put together a great fall look.  I have boots and sock already, along with lots of great boho chic and chunky fun jewelry to really dress up my look.  

Love these socks and actually own them from last fall, they are the Fiddler socks by Free People.

Image result for free people fiddler socks
Sadly these are no longer in stock so had to search some again.
Found one pair of Charcoal but a little over priced. Must be since they are sold out.
I came across these peach socks on eBay
Then of course a large variety of tall cute lace trim and some with a fold over ruffle look, in many colors.  Don't want to bore you with the details so be sure to search eBay for Ruffle detailed tall boot socks, or over the knee ruffle top socks…

Have to get my girls going for some things we have planned but will be back later to finish up this post and add more finds for recreating this look.  Remember you should always add your own touches, that why I like that usually the items aren't available I like to pick out my own pieces to make the look mine.

Starting with the slip dress underneath.  Found a few styles that were similar but really like the below style and may even like it in black with a gray sweater, socks and black boots.

AdjustableDrawstringLaceTrimDress $6.58

Available in white and black.  Not exact but pretty close for a similar look.  Its always best to put your own twist on the outfit and that is what makes styling and fashion so fun, is seeing a style you love then making your own look with pieces you own or similar pieces that you love.  Always make sure to be you and make your own statement.

FreePeopleGraySweater eBay Auction

Right now you can get it for $10.50 but will most likely go up,  It is a size XS but you have so many options on ebay and I am sure Amazon probably has some, as well as other fashion sites.  Doesn't have to be Free People, try Forever 21 and H&M they have some amazing oversized trendy sweaters for amazing prices.

LaceUpOverTheKneeBoots $53.99

More outfit and accessory details coming, working on finding more boots, socks, awesome bohemian jewelry pieces, and other options for these looks for less.

Fall Rocker Chic Trend

CultofIndividualityMotoSkinnyJeans $168

Current/ElliotMotoSkinnyAnkleJeans$268 on sale $79

Next up love these Moto skinny jeans for fall.  I have seen some really cute outfit ideas and was on the hunt for some affordable pairs.  
 I found several on eBay that I love, so went ahead and ordered a pair to see if I like the fit before I commit to ordering multiple colors.  I can't wait to style these with boots, sweaters, trapeze style tops, and long sleeve tees. 


BlackMotoSkinnyJeans $34.99

 BlackMottoSkinnyJeans $34.99

LightAcidWashMotoSkinnyJeans $29.99


StripedHankerchiefHemTop $22.98

I will be adding more styles of moto jeans, styles of tops, accessories and links of course to where you can find everything.  Make sure to check back later today or Monday for more outfit ideas, inspiration and links.  Thank you for passing by...

Xoxo ✌️❤️

Just a quick side note, I am in no way trying to sell anything, I am only adding links to the pieces I like to make it easier for readers to find the items and order if they want to. I use to always have links on most of my posts but since I had to use my cell phone to post for a while since my laptop was broken I could not add links and had to hand type web addresses. I had a lot of readers ask me to bring back the links so I have. Then a comment about the ads was made, the ads were always on the site just when I was using the mobile only app the desktop ones were disabled. Just recently they started using mobile ads also. I have removed the amount of ads and only have two areas for the ad campaign through google. I enjoy having the ads to shops and sites for readers, I try to make sure they use ads for places I shop and wear clothes from. Again the changes to my blog are small and I have not changed at all. I still dress the same and enjoy sharing my love for decor, fashion and bargain shopping. Hope everyone enjoys it and if anything please feel free to comment or message me. Ty so much to everyone for your continual support, means so much to me ✌️❤️ or message me. Ty so much to everyone for your continual support, means so much to me 


  1. Hello I wanted to quickly leave a comment to say thank you for posting the free people style trapeze dress link on eBay. I have wanted one of these dresses since I first saw them a while back. I could not even think about spending that amount of money on a thin little dress that is basically a slip. I just ordered three colors from the link you posted. I also live in Florida and can not wear the thick layers that everyone wears during the fall, I can wear these dresses with a light sweater and boots for a fall look. I have been following your blog for over a year and really enjoy all of your posts. I saw the comment left yesterday and don't blame you for feeling hurt. I don't understand why someone would write something like that with out ill intent. It was written with all these compliments but then turned around to only be rude, seemed fishy. I don't blame you for removing it after responding. Be yourself and don't let anyone else change that. I think the new things you have done with the blog are great. The ads were here when I first started following you and I don't see where anything has changed other then that. Your style is the same and your approach is the same. My main reason for loving your blog is that you keep it real and that your style is actually wearable, something that everyone can relate to or actually would wear. Keep up what you are doing and make sure to not let that bother you. You are a beautiful person, kind and I think that you take the time to write these posts and share all the information you do is super cool. I guess you have to have thick skin to be a blogger. Have a great Monday and week.

    1. Vanessa thank you for your kind comment and words. Needed that and love positivity. Every day is different and some days are more of struggle than others. I don't like to ever focus on negativity and like to always remain positive. You can not please everyone and honestly I do this blog for fun and to share things I love or enjoy. If it makes someone happy or if someone like yourself finds a product they love or have been looking for then I have done my job. I like to be kind and I love good vibes/energy. I have had to deal with negativity over the passed year through social media, I just don't have time for bad vibes or energy. I am all about keeping it real and being myself. I don't know how to be anything else or any other way. I don't have a mean bone in my body unless someone messes with my kids or family life then forget it lol. I was hurt but I let it go I need to be focused on good things and staying positive. I have grown up so much the passed few years and maybe I have changed, I have grown. I love myself and know myself better than I ever have. I am truly happy with my life and who I am. I really am loving life and enjoying every moment I can. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and for being supportive. These dresses are fabulous and just like you said I also have wanted one for awhile. I have some similar styles in prints but I am happy to have found these and at an amazing price. Fingers crossed the seller is good along with the product. You never know ordering over seas because they use photos from other sites sometimes and the item arrives nothing like you thought but then a lot of time you can not even tell the difference. Let's hope for the positive outlook. Have a great week also, huge hugs and kisses to you xoxo 😘✌️❤️