Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Recovering post

Home recovering from a procedure and wanted to post some of my Instagram shots from the passed week. Promise to have some new stuff for y'all real soon. 

We rise by lifting others, tank my @thelightblonde on IG. Jeans by @silverjeansco and sweater by @hollister. My lovely citrine necklace is made by the talented @adamrabbitjewelry. Can't wait to receive my $10 mystery necklace I ordered from her. She has some amazing pieces make sure to check out her Etsy shop. 

Always be kind and support everyone, there is always room for everyone to succeed no need to compete or bring others down. 

Dress by Loft, love this light weight chambray dress paired with this amazing Kimono I got off eBay. Wearing my silver Alex and Ani bangles. 

My top is old and was from Kohl's Apt9 love the white with blue stitching, skirt is a new favorite and has been on repeat already a few times. I got it from Forever21 and love the 70's feel. It has a button down front, a line cut, and side pockets. The heavier solid denim makes it look even more vintage. Love love this skirt. Paired it with some lovely blue gems like my agate slice necklace by Fawning in Love on etsy, you can check out her Instagram page @Fawninginlove. I had a regular agate necklace but saw this gold feather one and wanted so badly. I had left a comment on an older photo and the amazing designer notified me when she made a new one that was similar to the one I loved, I had to scoop it up right then. Matches amazing with some other gorgeous handmade agate slice pieces I own. 

Blue was my mood this day, love my blue Pura Vida string bracelet remember to use my promo code Melissasep10 when ordering to receive 25% off your order. Paired this with some gorgeous blue agate sliced pieces made by @Adamrabbitjewlery. Then the gold bracelets are by Alex and Ani. 

More of my @AdamRabbitjewlery on Etsy collection. I have some amazing and unique hand made pieces by this lovely lady. The tank was designed by her man and love, was a great addition to my graphic tee and tank collection. 

Love my coral, orange and blonde ombré. Pravana color and Olaplex treatments have made my hair look amazing. Really enjoying this color. Now wondering what's next? For now I love this color combo so going to touch up and keep till winter. Think this will be a great fall color. Red maybe my next color, haven't done a red in a while and since I am in the same color family may need to give it a try before going to my next colors. 


Mermaid at heart always, love the ocean and love the beach. Even if you move me to the mountains a piece of my heart will always be at the beach. This sundress was a purchase from Target in spring and love this simple graphic tank dress. 

My favorite new denim skirt on repeat here from Forever21 and the necklaces are all from Forever21 as well.  The long black cord necklace has feather, bohemian and crystal charms, then have a gold feather and a opalite style stone necklace that came in a three piece set from Forever21. It also came with a brown gold dipped style agate looking necklace but don't have that piece on here. The black cropped tee is from Anthropology, and my gorgeous black fringe tote is from Bohemian Vibe Boutique. 

A gorgeous brown leather cuff I got in Disney, it has my girls names engraved on it and a silver heart charm. I paid $10 for this and love it. My new favorite piece for fall. Looking for a brown leather feather necklace which I found a few on Instagram and going to order this week. 

My collection of Pura Vida Bracelets arrived last week or the week before, love all the amazing colors. Be sure to use my exclusive promo code Melissasep10 when placing an order from a puraVida to receive a discount. Ty for your support and I appreciate everyone who has used my codes for these bracelets along with Exalted Heights and Sand Cloud. Thanks to all of you and my friends I have been able to get a few items for my collection. I love helping to spread the word of items I love and that are supporting amazing causes. 

Have some lovely new items I have received for fall from Maurice's  Forever21 and some of my favorite Etsy, EBay and Instagram shops that I can't wait to share. Should have a bunch of mail coming this week as a recover from my procedure and get ready for fall. Have a lovely week and thank you for passing by xoxo. ✌️❤️

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  1. That vintage style jean skirt is amazing! Going to the forever 21 website now, I have seen several shorter styles on other blogs and sites but have to have this mid length one for sure! You are super cute love your style and tee shirts. Cute style and I am sure you are an amazing stylist, would love to have you help me shop for new pieces for my closet. Or it would be fun to just borrow some of your pieces to dress up my own Lol! That tank is adorbs, you have amazing jewlery also. Jealous. I need to get on etsy and start looking for some new accessories. Thanks for inspiring me. Happy Hump Day.